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Near Wallet: nearprotocolua.near

Mission Statement:

To empower the open community of blockchain/crypto developers/users from Ukraine.

About Near Protocol Ukraine Guild

Ukraine has a strong developer community that doesn’t know about the Near project or thinks it is very complicated to start developing or using. Our mission is to build a strong community of developers/creators/users from Ukraine that will translate/create/build articles/projects/NFTs and all stuff related to Near and explain projects to Ukrainian people!

Vision in 2022

Education & Support:

We will be focusing on spreading hackathons, and great Near projects but the main goal is to support newcomers and projects built by our community.


  • This is a translation of news into Ukrainian
  • Do sessions with the Near team (YouTube with chat questions)(Kinda AMA sessions)
  • Meetups online/offline
  • Make a site with projects of our community, the page with ideas and announcements
  • Open our Net channels: Discord, Twitter, Medium, etc


Our main marketing program is to attract developers from other platforms/languages like JS/Java etc who didn’t touch blockchain or Near at all.


  • Help to onboard new members
  • Guide the community through the ecosystem
  • Promotes education supported by the different educational media already translated in the community: LearnNear Club, Near Academy, Near University, Near Wiki, White paper, etc
  • Invite members to contribute and generate value to the guild and the ecosystem
  • Establish a Legal NEAR Translators Team
  • Regular meetups, AMA, youtube show
  • Monthly reports

Our projects:


Always wonderful to see new communities pop up :ukraine: :tada:


Congrats! A warm welcome to the On-chain communities a.k.a Guilds :cowboy_hat_face:

Positive vibes and may the force be NEAR u fam, from Venezuela I can say that you are idols to us, brave people who resist and always fight for freedom. Big hug and cheers :beers:

@Jloc @jiten123321 @simeon4real



About this, can you elaborate more for us? The project Ops team will love to be helpful. You can contact me or @Kemal @HaiVu @LarryLang and we can assist you as Near Community Representatives, helping you with marketing, funding, etc.

You know that we already have tips on Twitter and Telegram so, are you working on a better dapp regarding it? Are you thinking of going into Discord? Reddit?


@FritzWorm, Hey, what’s up?
Thanks for your interest in NearTips!

Yep, we’re working on a much better solution. Firstly we’ll concentrate on StackOverflow tips and after go to the next socials.
We’re going to MainNet at the start of June with the first version (might be buggy :slight_smile:)

We’re currently developing our roadmap and we’ll contact you soon.


Happy to help the projects of NEAR Ukraine Guild as well! :beers:


Defiantly, we consider we have much better dapp in sense of security, decentralisation, and the greatest point is on user experience.
We are going to make a process of making tip, and taking them back as easy as possible.
Perhaps, we need a separate thread to discuss it.


Glad to see a new community, but I would like to remind you about our community etiquette, will the chat room conform to it?


I would like to remind you that the history of the chat room began with invective towards our chat room (Telegram: Contact @near_protocol), I have also seen certain statements regarding guys from a certain country.

You can make your own chat room and discuss whatever you want. But if it’s part of the global ecosystem let’s stick to NEAR etiquette.


We are here not for holy wars or trolling. We built that chat/channel only for improve Ukrainian community, discover and learn Near ecosystem and build awesome projects. That’s it. You can check next chat history and it is only Near ecosystem/project discussion. We implement all Near ecosystem rules and follow them.


The question is simple, do you follow etiquette or not.
If so, then great.


The answer: yes we follow)


Let’s grow together and follow NEAR’s goals, that’s the only way we can bring people to web3 and give them the freedom to decide. :sunny:


I support your idea and we have already made a post about your Guild in our channels. It would be very cool to bring new audience to NEAR ecosystem.

Lets try to join forces to avoid overlapping of efforts and resources with the existing Russian-speaking community which already has a strong representation in Ukrainian cryptospace:

  • we have taken initial steps to establish the NEAR hub in Kyiv
  • we have 2 persons from Ukraine in community management (only one in Russia btw)
  • long term partnership with the biggest Ukrainian crypto channels like Incrypted, DoubleTop, etc
  • a lot of members from Ukraine. Telegram doesn’t alloy to build reports by the country, this is google analytics from our blog.
    Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 3.15.04 PM

We ourselves were very close to start posting news in Ukrainian but we investigated and decided to save our resources, because all large Ukrainian communities are keep posting in Russian even they have pronounced anti-Russian attitude. In Ukrainian chats of large crypto exchanges, such as Binance, most of the messages are written in Russian even now.

Anyway, let’s collaborate and try not to oppose the 2 communities. Near Russian speaking community wasn’t build around Russia or Russians, it was focused to support all Russian speaking persons all over the world.


Awesome initiative @kiskesis :clap: I fully support this!

As @FritzWorm said, please elaborate for us so we can see where we on the Project Ops team could be helpful.


I think right now we have a situation where the best way to attract Ukrainian developers and users will be to create and share content in Ukrainian.


Look to see NEAR breakdown to different languages :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome onboard :ukraine:
Let’s collaborate in web3 ecosystem


Yes, and Near Ukrainian speaking community can be focused to support all Ukrainian speaking persons all over the world. :slightly_smiling_face:

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