[Report][August 2022] Near Protocol Ukraine 🇺🇦 Guild

Hello, Nearphins!
Report for August 2022.

Our new design for T-Shirts! Thanks to @Tolmindev Twitter .

You can find who we are and what we are in our introduction.

So what we have done from our last July Report?

Socials updates

  1. Telegram chat - 356 members
  2. Telegram channel - 201 subscribers

  1. Medium - 27 subscribers/1126 views for 30 days.

  1. Reddit - don’t have enough resources on it.
  2. Twitter - 127 followers

  3. YouTube - 3 subscribers (just started :slight_smile: )

Medium Articles

  1. Stake Wars III FAQ: Не працює, Author - @kiskesis
  2. NEAR Starter — маркетінг-інкубатор з великою експертизою в DeFi, Author - @kiskesis


Stake Wars III Quiz - 20 Near Prize Pool, 15 winners, 50 participants

Meme contest with NearUA

Contest tweet

More than 60 memes in Ukrainian about Near Protocol and ecosystem, 20 Near in prizes and 10 winners.

Meme contest winners

Technical AMA-session with Near Core dev @frol
20+ participants on live, 1:30h of the session, 4 Near prize pool for the questions, the first video on youtube, also youtube channel was created.

Near UA Guild Knowledge Library

Place where we will save all Ukrainian content about Near Protocol and its ecosystem you have a question but can’t find any articles on that theme? Okay, just create an issue in our library and one of our team members will create an article/video/guide with more detailed information. Have you made content in Ukrainian? Create PR and we will add it to our library!

Keep updating it.

More details here or here


With Near Starter - https://twitter.com/NEARStarter_fi/status/1559899658582953984?s=20&t=nv0pUXuu1RuL7oI_lJS7_Q


Next month will be very interesting because of Nearcon, we are planning to visit it :slight_smile: So we will focus on completing Stake Wars III, NearCon events, our youtube channel, Twitter and etc. For the next month the roadmap:

  • Quiz about Near Protocol (another theme)
  • Meme contest (another theme)
  • 4 x articles on medium
  • 1 x Evening Meetup with the chat members
  • 1 x YouTube News Discussion with @frol
  • Some YouTube AMAs with Near Protocol projects, are already planned
  • Keep updating news and creating new marketing things, a lot of fun and NEAR.

So follow us on our socials, and let’s figure out Near Protocol together!