[Report] Near Ukraine Guild, April 2023

Hello, Nearphins!
Report for April 2023 and previous months.

You can find who we are and what we are in our introduction.

So what we have done from our last September Report?

  1. We ran our own validator, so don’t hesitate and stake to nearuaguild.poolv1.near
  2. Welcome to our new team member @Evangel who works on telegram news
  3. Published near validator bot - notifications telegram bot for near validators
  4. Published near social widget - web4 link tree - create your own link tree page and host it on-chain!
  5. Closed a new technical articles bounty with our community member, will translate it to English this month, created bounties in AstroDAO all articles you can find here
  6. Partnerships with Kyiv Ethereum Community, Crypto Home Chat, Ukraine IT Communities

Marketing activities you can find below.

Socials updates

  1. Telegram chat - 522 members (prev 255)
  2. Telegram channel - 263 subscribers (prev 148)
  3. Medium - 7 subscribers (account 35)/89 views for 30 days (just started to relaunch) (now we will count subscribers on our topic, not account)
  4. Twitter - 335 followers (prev 61)
  5. YouTube - 14 subscribers just found a video editor and will upload all our AMAs from last month.
  6. Near Social - 20 followers

Medium Articles

  1. 5 причин будувати на блокчейні Near Protocol зараз | by Near Ukraine Guild 🇺🇦 | Near Protocol UA | Medium
  2. Частина 1. Види Access keys та Accounts в NEAR | by Любомир Бурдай | Near Protocol UA | Medium
  3. Частина 2. Смарт контракти, відмінності між Full Access key та Functional Call в NEAR | by Любомир Бурдай | Near Protocol UA | Medium
  4. Створюємо iOS додаток на блокчейні Near Protocol за 5 хвилин | by Любомир Бурдай | Near Protocol UA | Apr, 2023 | Medium


AMA with Vlad Frolov Near DevHUB - 25 participants, 700+ views on telegram, first AMA after the “winter”.

AMA with PembRock CPO Ivan Skrypachov, around 700 views on telegram 20 participants on the call. 30$ questions contest.

AMA with MetaPool on Twitter and 25 Near contest, 3500 views on Twitter, 30 participants, the resolved issue with Stake Wars III validators as a result and bug bounty.


AMA with ZomLand tomorrow, the results on the next report.

Our proposal for next month and activity, overall we can split our activities in half:

Dev Activities

  • Building new widgets on Near Social, examples, and dapps
  • Bounties for technical articles and onboarding new developers
  • Sponsorship of offline tech meetups in Ukraine

Marketing Activities

  • AMAs with projects and contributors of the Near Protocol ecosystem (both English and Ukrainian)
  • YouTube to edit AMAs and publish them
  • Twitter, airdrops, shitposting, replies
  • Telegram translation and analysis of important Near Protocol news, marketing of ecosystem projects, and our guild contributions(articles, projects, examples)
  • Near Social - activity and all our events/important news
  • Marketing in other crypto/blockchain/NFT telegram channels/chat

So follow us on our socials, and let’s figure out Near Protocol together!


Thanks for your report,

Can you please change the title so that it is more descriptive?

The recommended format is:

“[Report] Project Name, Time Period” (i.e. [Report] Ukraine Regional Community, April 2023)


Oops, it was topic name from another post, haha

Thank you!