[Report][September 2022] Near Protocol Ukraine 🇺🇦 Guild

Hello, Nearphins!
Report for September 2022.

Created LinkTree for our guild

You can find who we are and what we are in our introduction .

So what we have done from our last August Report?

Socials updates

  1. Telegram chat - 434(+22% from 356) members
  2. Telegram channel - 224(+11% from 201) subscribers
  3. Medium - 32 subscribers/259 views for 30 days.

  1. Reddit - don’t have enough resources on it.
  2. Twitter - 196(+54% from 127) followers

  1. YouTube - 11 subscribers/170 views

Medium Articles

  1. Донатимо на ЗСУ стейкінг винагороди Near Protocol [Stake Wars III], Author - @denbite
  2. Нові чемпіони | NEARCON22


AMA session with PembRock team - 22+ participants on live, 1:41h of the session, 10 Near prize pool for the questions, also Video record

  1. T-Shirts contest on Nearcon, all 10 T-Shirts distributed.

  2. Online meet-up with the community

Ukrainian Article contest with PembRock on 35 Near.
3 winners, + 1 for community choice
End of contest: 4 of October

Bounty Program


Proof Of Concept Near Protocol Bounty :unicorn:
@nearuaguild with @frol
What is it? It is a bounty program: the community has the request, and we track that or the person adds the request to our Trello.

The team checks the request and if it is relative and important gives the bounty and describes how the results should look like. :face_with_monocle:

Then any person from the community can start working on that request and add the result to the Trello ticket.

The team validates the results with the community and gives a bounty. 🫡

You can see how the device works right now. We already gave one bounty in 100 Near :money_mouth_face:.

Work result

In the future, it will be the DAO that will decide this.
Interesting concept? Want to get involved?

We are waiting for you :sunglasses:

Highlights of the month

  1. We are going as mainnet validator after Stake Wars III
  2. Bounty program from our guild
  3. Our Nearcon 2022 Hackathon project
  4. Our hackathon team
  5. We got approval on our Marketing-DAO request, but still didn’t get money :smiling_face_with_tear:
  6. Created AstroDAO for our guild
  7. Added to the list of Near Protocol communities
  8. Our first paid promotion in dev telegram chat with 2.2k views


This month was very proactive, we have focused on our Twitter account and see great results, a new AMA on youtube, a bounty program, and a lot of organisation activities like creating DAO, marketing request, and adding our community to the list of communities. From Nearcon we bring a lot of new connections that will help us to do more collaborations and content.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t do some of our planned activities, because we didn’t get money from marketing DAO, yet.

Next month we will have our first English AMA with a very important person from Stake Wars III :slight_smile: and another podcast with Nearcore dev :smiley: Will focus mostly on Twitter again and will wait for our first transaction from Marketing-DAO. Also, we started to participate in Matabuild, so wait for content about it :smiley:

Plans for the next month:

  • Quiz about Near Protocol winners by our article
  • Meme contest (about egg I guess?)
  • 4 x articles on medium
  • 1 x Evening Meetup with the chat members
  • 2 x YouTube podcasts that have already been planned
  • Keep updating news and creating new marketing things, a lot of fun and NEAR.

So follow us on our socials, and let’s figure out Near Protocol together!


Hello @marketingdao-council ,
Please check the report and support the Guild. Near Ukraine Guild has a great potential to grow more. @kiskesis did a great job, and he is making a great contribution to the building community.
Thank you.


@kiskesis, congratulations to you and to NEAR UA Guild Council because you are doing an amazong work. I’d say one of the strongest Guilds coming up in the last quarter!



In Near we don’t have a “Russian” Near community. In Near, we have only a Russian-speaking community :sweat_smile:

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Hm. Is Ukraine Guild a humorous organization?

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Actually yes we create a lot of memes and humorous content, you can check it out here (Ukrainian memes)

About your previous question - in the Near Protocol we don’t have a Russian community. We have only a Russian-speaking community with members from different countries.

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Ok, got your point. How would you describe your feelings of sharing the same NEAR environment with the [let me insist] predominantly Russian community?

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Sorry, but I don’t see in the NEAR environment “predominantly Russian community”

When you dive into it you see that Near community very different. Mostly my environment about startup development, hackathons and ecosystem in the Near Protocol - Ukrainians.

I think you haven’t understood my question (a language thing, I assume.) Will follow-up in TG in Ukrainian if you don’t mind.

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Near UA hub has lots of money to acquire any humongous organization. 33M committed dollars in the year.

Did I say humongous? :slight_smile: