[Report] Near Ukraine Guild, August 2023

Hello, Near Protocol community!

If you are not familiar with our community or would like to learn more about us, we have provided an introduction on the forum.

Report for August 2023

We are thrilled to share the progress and contributions we’ve made to the Near Protocol ecosystem over the past month. As an active and dedicated community of Ukrainians, we have been actively engaged in various initiatives, partnerships, and educational efforts to promote the adoption and growth of Near Protocol in our region. Here are the key highlights of our recent activities:


  1. We have continued leveraging an innovative platform named Zealy by hosting two activity sprints this month. This new integration has significantly enhanced our efficiency in welcoming new members and facilitating their seamless integration into our community. Out of almost 250 participants, 30 of them received their NEAR reward. Over 600$ has been distributed as rewards among the most active users.

Throughout the past month, our participants have made more than 1500 transactions by engaging in Zealy activities. Please look at this Google Sheet to find all of them.
To stay updated on our latest activities and rewards, visit our Zealy account and join us on this exciting journey as we continue to foster growth and collaboration within the Near Protocol ecosystem!

  1. We’ve hosted a series of activities and published a few articles to get people acquainted with the NDC election and the candidates themselves.

2.1 NDC Nominations Meme Contest

Out of 26 participants, we chose the top 10 performers, and then it was up to the community to vote for their favorite funny ones.

2.2 Rozmova AMA session

Attended by about 20 people.

2.3 A bunch of articles about the election itself


As part of the Incrypted partnership, published the NDC election announcement on Telegram, which reached over 10K impressions. Additionally, released the complete article discussing the different houses and voting structure.


Followers Impressions
July 957 58.2K
August 992 87.7K
July 605
August 605

P.S. We’ve done cleaning bots/inactive users twice this month

July 394
August 393

P.S. We’ve done cleaning bots/inactive users twice this month

July 101
August 135

Mystery Box update

As per the proposal, we’re diligently building the solution on Near Protocol. However, the NDC election has taken our focus for the past month, so we had to postpone the timeline for development. Either way, we expect the community to be able to engage in the first contests with Mystery Boxes under the hood already in September.

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, our focus remains on fostering the growth of the Near Protocol ecosystem in Ukraine. In the coming months, we plan to expand our developer community, organize more educational events, and forge strategic partnerships with industry-leading projects. We will continue to contribute to Near’s open-source development, create engaging content, and facilitate the adoption of Near Protocol’s groundbreaking technology.

Stay connected with us on our social media channels and be a part of the Near Ukraine Guild movement.

Let’s build a decentralized future, together! :people_hugging: