[Closed] Near Ukrainians Guild | Content Creation & Social Media budget for Community Growth

Hi community and @marketingdao-council :wave:

Hope you had a happy New Year holiday :christmas_tree:

We’ve spent December aligning our community goals with new KPIs of Near Foundation and now are ready to present the new proposal :boom:

Near Ukraining Guild - forum presentation :ukraine:

About :raised_hands:
Near Ukrainians Guild is a fast-growing guild aimed at providing high-quality educational content and assistance to grow a strong community of Ukrainian developers\entrepreneurs in the Near Protocol ecosystem

Funding :bank:

Our previous proposals :scroll:

Our team :busts_in_silhouette:

Our socials :v:

Proposal :bookmark_tabs:
Generation of a series of valuable content and educational examples which are focused on attracting new people to the ecosystem, as well as assisting current builders and showing ecosystem benefits to start growing here

Target audiences :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

  • Experienced Software Engineers in Web2.0
  • Blockchain enthusiasts
  • IT entrepreneurs
  • Blockchain developers that have been experienced with other networks

Value of Proposal :top:

Content Channel Details Category Expected deliverable USDC per month
Hired designer @Tolmindev * Unique visual appearance that stands out from the crowd Core focus > Content > Visual 10 images 200
Explained is Near - complicated concepts in clear words Medium Write high-quality articles describing complex technical concepts of how Near Protocol works (e.g., Cross-Contract calls, Transaction Gas management, etc) Core focus > Content > Writing 2 articles per month 300
Content about Near Protocol ecosystem Medium Write articles about Near Protocol to attract new people to start building in the ecosystem or learning about it Core focus > Content > Writing 2 articles per month 300
Code examples (Smart Contract / Front-End) Github Create a repository with well-documented code and README that should ease the learning curve for new builders Core focus > Content > Writing 4 repositories per month 800
User Generated Content through bounties Medium / Github / Telegram Create a bounty with simple tasks (translation, write code, article, etc) in our DAO with a deadline of a week for completion and a reward, to attract the existing community to participate in the development Core focus > Bounties 5 bounties per month 300
Social Media Marketing Twitter + Telegram Coordinate an entire marketing team that is responsible for our social fame Core focus > Social Media > Promotion 2-3 daily posts | Infographics | Promotions | 1 Challenge 600

Total :moneybag:
2.500 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:

For now, we’re focused on producing high-quality content than social promotions, because as we all know people love good content which helps them to solve some kind of issues, and its a promotion itself for us :zap:
Also, we’re about to grow our team, so if you want to be part of our guild - DM us :incoming_envelope:

Would be happy to answer questions, if you have any
Have a good day :raised_hands:


@denbite I’d love to learn more about how I could contribute to the guild

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Hey @denbite – thanks for the proposal – can you fill out the form?


Hi, we are open to contributions through our chat

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Hey @so608
I couldn’t open the form you’ve sent
Url seems to be broken

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Can you try this one?


Just filled out the form


Sorry about that! Thanks to @Dacha!


Hey @marketingdao-council :wave:
There’s been silence for a while
I’m tagging you to be sure we didn’t miss anything to fill out or to do, before you look into this proposal

Also, just as a reminder - we’re ready to answer questions if you have any :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, @Dacha @satojandro @Klint @cryptocredit @so608, any updates on the proposal? It is already been a week.

Hello @kiskesis ! We are working with the NF team to find out ways to continue funding regional communities.

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Any updates on this proposal?

We are working with the NF team to find out ways to continue funding regional communities. Please support the initiative [Feedback Requested] Gov. Framework Polling Round 4** - #2 by Dacha


We already voted for this :slight_smile:

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So, any updates?
We have at least half of proposed points for international community :thinking: like creating code samples with documentation and articles and our twitter is global-orientied and etc.
Why we can’t get funding now?

@Dacha @marketingdao-council

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Hello! No any updates at the moment.

As you will be aware there have been considerable delays in processing this proposal, for which i would like to offer apologies.

The DAO council has reviewed your proposal and we have also asked NF to advise on the best way to support you in achieving your goals. As you might be aware, there was a pause in funding for all community DAOs last year and the Marketing DAO was relaunched with a much tighter remit.

Under current guidelines the Marketing DAO are focused on Content and Social Media funding. It is important to understand that regional communities play an important part in achieving NEAR ecosystem goals and we are working with the Foundation to find ways to support your needs.

Thank you for your understanding whilst we address these issues. In the meantime i have moved this proposal to Closed.

@kiskesis please join the working group Regional Communities Working Group

@cryptocredit @Dacha
Thanks guys for the response
Wanted to share with you the proposal isn’t relevant anymore
We got funded by DevGov Gigs Board