Events This category is for general discussion and specific proposals to coordinate NEAR meetups and other community events around the world. Please reach out with any questions: @jlwaugh Hackathons NEAR is putting together a series of Global Hackathons with up to $1M of prizes and rewards. The Global Hackathon Series kicks off on August 27th with MetaBUIDL. Each hackathon will be hybrid with ‘in-person’ events happening around the world. More info here: Gaming DAO Gaming DAO is an organization built on the NEAR blockchain, which represents a decentralized autonomous community focused on the development of the NEAR gaming ecosystem. The main goal of Gaming DAO is to increase the number of games and players in the NEAR ecosystem, with User-Activity-Week (UAW) being the key metric used by Gaming DAO for orientation. Africa DAO Degen DAO Degen DAO’s vision is to bring together experienced enthusiasts and empower them to support the Near, Aurora, and NDC ecosystem in a transparent, decentralized, and responsible manner; to create a system where every member of Degens can actively participate in promoting, generating content, and attracting new users, ensuring accountability and fostering a strong community. NFT DAO The NFT Work Group is a community-driven initiative that aims to provide solutions and standards for the challenges and limitations associated with NFTs on NEAR. Our primary objective is to revitalize and expand the Near NFT ecosystem. Aurora Community DAO Aurora Community DAO’s vision is in line with the NDC’s KPIs, focusing on expanding the user base, increasing transactions, and fostering a vibrant community. The commitment to decentralization and leveraging decentralized technologies also supports the NDC’s broader goals of creating a more equitable and accessible ecosystem. Onboard DAO Onboard DAO’s mission is to simplify user onboarding and enhance wallet integration in the #NEAR ecosystem and lead driving user adoption and technical innovation within the NEAR blockchain. Build DAO Build DAO’s goal is to support projects with open-source infrastructure & web applications, train a growing community of Builders and Projects, and gather feedback to enhance developer experience. Near Research Collective Mission of the NEAR Research Collective (NRC) is to empower and educate within the NEAR ecosystem, to cultivate a new wave of experts in blockchain technology and its applications. This comprehensive course offers an immersive educational experience, combining rigorous academic content with practical, real-world applications. She is Near She is Near DAO’s purpose is to create a decentralized, transparent, and autonomous platform that empowers women to onboard, participate in the decision-making process, build their businesses on #NEAR, and increase representation at all web3-community levels. SMM team This category is for all things Social Media team @ NDC Guilds This category is for discussion about specific Guilds (communities with a unique identity based on related projects and goals) or the general ideas of Guilds. We are both individually and collectively deciding objectives and key results, while creating opportunities to learn, build, and grow. Our mission is to drive meaningful participation, sustainable development, and positive impact by intentionally coordinating various groups of contributors. Globe DAO Near Globe DAO’s vision is the adoption of NEAR with outreach to new audiences as CoA priority through various strategies such as Referral systems for the ecosystem, Activation of the protocol’s daily usage through gamification mechanics, Demonstration of NEAR to non-blockchain communities, Education of the local communities, creators, influencers etc. OKRs Every quarter, the NEAR Core Marketing-Community (a.k.a. MarCom) Team discuss what our objectives and key results (OKRs) will be, and you’re invited to read through and respond to what each team member will be focusing on over the next three months. Community DAO Hello citizens of NEARVerse! Community Fund Community Council is the governing body overseeing the NEAR Community Fund I. CF1 has 5M $NEAR & $1.5M to support the growing NEAR ecosystem of communities, DAOs, Guilds, dOrgs, and beyond.
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