[Approved] Near Ukraine Guild | Attendance at Incrypted Conference 2024

Hi community and @marketingdao-council :wave:

I’m excited to share some remarkable news with you. Our team will attend Incrypted Conference 2024, and your assistance is needed to prepare for it.

Near Ukraine Guild - forum presentation :ukraine:

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Fast-growing guild based in Ukraine, aimed at providing high-quality educational content and assistance to grow a strong community of developers/entrepreneurs/enthusiasts within the Near Protocol ecosystem

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Incrypted, Eastern Europe’s largest social media platform with an audience of over 130.000, is hosting the biggest event in the region on June, 23. This event is a great opportunity for us to engage with the Ukrainian crypto community and support its progress and advancement, which is advantageous for the ecosystem.

Please find the presentation below to learn more about Incrypted, their offer, and statistics from previous events :point_down:

Value of Proposal :top:

We are eager to participate in this gathering, and we believe that establishing a Silver partnership ($3.000) will amplify our impact and presence at the event.

  • As a Silver Partner, we will have a dedicated booth ($975) at the Incrypted event venue. This booth will be our central point for showcasing our products and services, engaging with attendees, and conducting live demonstrations. Our team members will be available at the booth throughout the event to interact with participants and answer any questions they might have.
  • Our Silver partnership status will receive significant exposure in event marketing materials, which includes the official website, social media channels, and promotional campaigns.
  • Beyond the commercial benefits, our participation at Incrypted underscores our commitment to actively engage with the Ukrainian crypto community. Through our booth activities and networking interactions, we aim to foster meaningful relationships, drive user adoption, and contribute to the growth and development of the local crypto ecosystem.

To ensure the success of our participation at Incrypted, we are seeking $5.175 to cover expenses such as booth setup and rental, travel and accommodation for our team members, promotional materials, and any other incidental costs associated with our presence at the event.

Total :moneybag:

5.175 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:

KYC’ed wallet for the transfer: denbite.near
after receiving funds will be transferred to the DAO wallet

If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them
Have a good day :raised_hands:

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Thank you for your proposal, How many users are we expecting to be onboarded, apart from brand visibility?

And the event is in June, and we are collecting May submissions; would not it be better to wait and apply for the next round? What is the point of requesting funds now?

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The partnership must be established by the end of April to include Near Ukraine brands in promotions

I don’t have an exact number in my mind as this is the first large conference at which we’re going to set up a booth and participate as sponsors
Organizers say around 2.000 people are expected to attend the event

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Hi @denbite thanks for the proposal - I’m noting that this is a major event, and a good place to have visibility for NEAR. Can you specify how your team plans to encourage/drive engagement for NEAR via your presence here? It would be ideal to have an activation incorporating NEAR projects (e.g. ShardDog). If you can add details about how you plan to onboard new users, generate on-chain activity, retain engagement from the event, I am happy to support.

Hi @denbite i have reviewed your proposal and am happy to support. Please note comments from @so608 regarding onboarding new users, generating on-chain activity, retaining users.

@so608 @cryptocredit
Thank you for considering our request!

During the event, our team plans to set up an interactive booth where attendees can learn more about Near Protocol and its applications in the blockchain space. We’ll have knowledgeable team members on hand to provide demonstrations, answer questions, and showcase the features and benefits of Near Protocol.

Apart from the booth activities, we plan to host a challenge encouraging participants to explore and use Near wallets. We aim to create an engaging contest through the Keypom platform and Fast Auth on BOS that educates the attendees about Near Protocol’s functionalities and incentivizes them to get involved and experience the benefits firsthand.

As we’re right in the middle of the planning phase, I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions on how to make engaging people more efficient during our attendance if you have any

Following up from the MDAO to let you know of this month’s results. Your proposal received approval for May funding.

Thanks for your response to my initial questions. I am happy to support this request for the deliverables outlined in the proposal and look forward to seeing the results.

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hey @so608
I’ve just been told that setting up a stand is going to cost additional money, which wasn’t included in the original proposal

Here’s the example of how it’s going to look like (Silver Booth) - 6 square meters zone with LED floodlights and display, and a large wall behind

Is there a chance we can update the proposal to include those?


The proposal was updated and now includes funds for setting up the booth

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