[Reports] Near UA 🇺🇦 Guild

Hello, Nearphins!
Report for July 2022.

Our new logo! Thanks to @Tolmindev

Author Twitter.

You can find who we are and what we are in our introduction.
This topic is for our monthly-another-time-period-reports.

So what have we done from our first introduction?

So we have reshuffled our team our new team members are:

  1. @denbite - Senior Software Engineer, technical article writer, our new admin.
  2. @Den - Twitter Admin and CM, admin, team member.

Socials updates

  1. Telegram chat - 255 members
  2. Telegram channel - 148 subscribers
  3. Medium - 13 subscribers/500 views for 30 days.
  4. Reddit - just created no stats
  5. Twitter - 61 followers/reposting everything from NEAR Growth Channel Leaders :saluting_face:

Medium Articles

  1. Підсумки онлайн-хакатону “For Ukraine” | by Near Protocol UA 🇺🇦 Guild | Medium, Author - @Den
  2. Створіть свій власний Fungible Token на Near Protocol за 5 хвилин | by Near Protocol UA 🇺🇦 Guild | Jun, 2022 | Medium, Author - @denbite
  3. Як отримувати від 100% річних на стейкінгу з Aurora+? | by Near Protocol UA 🇺🇦 Guild | Jul, 2022 | Medium, Author - @denbite
  4. Stake Wars та валідаторство на Near Protocol | by Near Protocol UA 🇺🇦 Guild | Jul, 2022 | Medium, Author - @denbite
  5. Гайд: Як запустити свою ноду на Near Protocol Stake Wars III | by Near Protocol UA 🇺🇦 Guild | Jul, 2022 | Medium, Author - @kiskesis
  6. PembRock is NEAR: як українці розвивають NEAR-спільноту | by Near Protocol UA 🇺🇦 Guild | Jul, 2022 | Medium, Author - PembRock


Beer Near Talk - recurring online event every 2 weeks, connect, turn on the camera, talk/drink beer/learn something new/find new friends!

On the last, it was 15 people total and 9 people max at the same time. We will work on this event more and create agenda with topics.

Near UA Guild Knowledge Library

Place where we will save all Ukrainian content about Near Protocol and its ecosystem you have a question but you can’t find any articles on that theme? Okay, just create an issue in our library and one of our team members will create an article/video/guide with more detailed information. You have created content in Ukrainian? Create PR and we will add it to our library!

More details here or here

Community Composition

This month we tried to understand our community more and collected some data through our socials like this and other ways. Our community consists of(in descending order): developers, managers(CM, PO, PM, CEO, etc.), speculators, designers, and DevOps.


So for the next month, we will focus on content regarding Stake Wars III, guides for the next challenges, improving the existing guides, more articles on how correctly manage your node, etc, also we have started to work on implementing our community opensource web application and increasing our numbers of followers/members/subscribers, so follow us on our socials and let’s figure out Near Protocol together!


Hello.Does it charity project for you? If no, what the source of funding and how much does it cost to nf monthly?

I’m Ukrainian too. How is possible to drink beer when the war in our country? Would you like to spend the beer money on charity ?

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Hi, yes, currently we don’t have any income from this project. We just wants to build strong Ukrainian community and creates a lot of Ukrainian content with Near Protocol. Hope that we will receive kind of grant or donation from Near Foundation. So it is kinda charity right now.

You can drink tea/water/nothing and just communicate and build network.

We are already working on several volunteering projects and donate enough money to drink a beer once in two weeks 🫡


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Tbh I don’t think that it is discussion for this topic. Also we are not Near UA, we are Near UA Guild :sweat_smile:

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I don’t think that it relates to our guild topic. Also it is false information about killing Belorussian people in your post. Yes, I’m supporting Ukraine army and don’t see any problems with that.