[Report] Near Ukraine Community, January 2024

Hello, Near Protocol community :wave:

Project Name: NEAR Ukraine

Project Intro

Fast-growing guild aimed at providing high-quality educational content to grow a strong community of Ukrainian developers/entrepreneurs in the Near Protocol

If you are unfamiliar with our community or would like to get to know us closer, we have provided an introduction on the forum

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Socials :v:


[Partially Completed]

Approved Proposal Link:

[APPROVED] NEAR Ukraine February 2024

Highlights of the months:

Within this month we’ve done the following:


P.S. the recording is going to be on YouTube later

Next Goals Highlights:

Our goal is to empower developers through education, engagement, and strategic social media. We want to focus on providing resources, workshops, and online courses for skill enhancement no matter your level. Through a blend of interactive challenges, sprints, community events, and educational workshops we aim to engage individuals in daily activities while simultaneously deepening their understanding of the network projects.


Great job, thanks for the clear report. Really helpful! :raised_hands: