[Approved] Near Ukraine Guild | Social Media & Content Production funding for Community growth

Hi community and @rc-admins :wave:

We have compiled a list of community engagement activities to continue our active growth in the next 3 months, as requested by RegionalDAO for proposal submission by April 25th

Near Ukraine Guild - forum presentation :ukraine:

About us :raised_hands:
Fast-growing guild based in Ukraine, aimed at providing high-quality educational content and assistance to grow a strong community of developers/entrepreneurs/enthusiasts within the Near Protocol ecosystem

Funding :bank:

Previous proposals :scroll:

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Socials :v:

Contributions :man_technologist:

Proposal :bookmark_tabs:
Creating a collection of informative and educational materials that aim to attract newcomers to the ecosystem, while also supporting existing builders and highlighting the advantages of growing within this community

Our goal is to expand the number of engaged users in the Near Protocol ecosystem who regularly utilize applications like NearSocial, IAmHuman, and so on

We’d expect around 50 people to be onboarded on IAmHuman and twice as many on NearSocial :rocket:

We haven’t posted a lot about these platforms before (especially IAmHuman), but we’re going to do our bests to accomplish these numbers :muscle:

Target audiences :family_man_woman_girl_boy:

  • Experienced Software Engineers in Web2.0
  • Blockchain enthusiasts
  • IT entrepreneurs
  • Blockchain developers that have been experienced with other networks

Value of Proposal :top:

Content Channel Details Category Expected deliverable USDC per month
Social Media Telegram Telegram Assist community members 7 days a week/Provide a summary of the latest news & partnerships/Encourage people through fun & educative activities Core focus > Social Media 2-3 daily news 1400
Social Media Twitter Twitter Tweet a concise summary of the latest ecosystem events, news, and partnerships/Encourage daily to impress as many people as possible/Giveaways/Challenges Core focus > Social Media 1-2 daily tweets 900
AMA Telegram, Twitter, YouTube Hold online AMA sessions with influential people/projects in the ecosystem/The most active people within a session get rewarded/These sessions are usually recorded and shared later on YouTube to enjoy and learn from Core focus > Content > Podcasts 3-4 sessions per month 1500
Content production Medium Create a series of informative articles about the Near Protocol to engage and attract newcomers to the ecosystem/The articles should offer substantial value Core focus > Content > Writing 2-3 articles per month 450
Marketing Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, GitHub Reach out to influential bloggers or projects within the blockchain ecosystem to promote Community through paid advertising/An advertisement is deemed successful if it results in an increase in members Core focus > Social Media > Influencer Marketing 2-4 promotions per month 600

Total :moneybag:
4.850 USDC

Wallet :credit_card:

Our community serves as a gateway for developer traffic to the Near Protocol
We collaborate with various dev communities such as Kyiv Ethereum Club, NodeJS Recipes, CryptoHome community, and many others
Our goal is to expand our marketing activities and we are in need of funding to achieve this

Additionally, we plan to expand our team, so if you're interested in joining our guild, kindly send us a direct message :incoming_envelope:

If you have any questions, I would be delighted to answer them
Have a good day :raised_hands:


Thank you for the work you have done for the community and ecosystem. Please could you onboard users to i-am-human during your activities ?


Thanks for this great proposal. Can you be specific about the numbers the community should expect?

Thanks, thanks


Hello, @IgbozeIsrael and @Bakaka
Regarding specific numbers, we’d expect around 50 people to be onboarded on IAmHuman and twice as many on NearSocial :top:

We haven’t posted a lot about these platforms before (especially IAmHuman), but we’re going to do our bests to accomplish these numbers :muscle:
So let’s see how it goes - perhaps, in the end, the number of onboarded individuals would be bigger than we even expected :sunglasses:



Thank you for your patience throughout the review process.

Happy to support,

-The ecosystem need a regional community of builders/developers who are focused on building solutions in their region utilizing the NP blockchain, this is the type of community that need our support for the long term sustainability by onboarding new builders to the ecosystem.

-Experienced team with a track record of exceptional accomplishment in their community

-An attractive proposition with active social media channels and engagement.

Looking forward to your report.


Доброго вечора! Гарні пропозиції! Я як раз закінчив аналізувати, не бажання своїх друзів знайомитись не тільки з NEAR а й взагалі з технологіями блокчейн та web3…

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Hello, @rc-admins team :wave:
Our proposal got approved, what should we do further to receive funding?

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Hello team! Happy to support your proposal because the RG DAO working group members agree with this.


here comes the poll

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Hello @rc-admins
Any updates on the proposal?