[Report] Near Ukraine Guild, June 2023

Hello, Near Protocol community!

If you are not familiar with our community or would like to learn more about us, we have provided an introduction on the forum.

Report for June 2023

We are thrilled to share the progress and contributions we’ve made to the Near Protocol ecosystem over the past month. As an active and dedicated community of Ukrainians, we have been actively engaged in various initiatives, partnerships, and educational efforts to promote the adoption and growth of Near Protocol in our region. Here are the key highlights of our recent activities:


  1. We hosted in partnership with HumanGuild the Offline Dev Meetup in Kyiv, on June 15th - bringing together blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and industry professionals under one roof. More details on how it went read here!

    To enhance the overall event experience, we leveraged a decentralized ticketing service to Keypom that is built on the Near Protocol. Out of the 44 attendees, 10 of them claimed their POAP NFTs. We’re happy to continue using Keypom for upcoming events.
    Moreover, to further engage attendees, we organized a quiz demo that challenged participants with Near Protocol-related questions. The response was remarkable, with over 30 attendees actively participating and submitting their answers, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and knowledge sharing.

  2. In line with our mission to reward and appreciate ecosystem members, we recently held an Airdrop to express our gratitude for their continued support and engagement. The airdrop was an opportunity for participants to receive NEAR tokens as an appreciation for their active involvement in the Near Protocol ecosystem.
    As part of our commitment to compliance and ensuring a secure and trusted ecosystem, we required participants to complete the KYC process through IAmHuman.
    Some people haven’t done this, so rewards were received only by verified individuals. It is worth noting that IAmHuman experienced technical difficulties a few weeks ago, which may have prevented some users from completing their KYC process.
    The number of onboarded individuals is increasing, which is a positive sign. It may not be happening as quickly as we had hoped, but we are working hard to make progress.

  3. We have started leveraging an innovative platform, named Zealy, to streamline and automate our entire onboarding workflow. This new integration has significantly enhanced our efficiency in welcoming new members and facilitating their seamless integration into our community. Additionally, Zealy enables us to recognize and reward consistent contributors, further motivating active engagement within our ecosystem.
    To stay updated on our latest activities and rewards, visit our Zealy account and join us on this exciting journey as we continue to foster growth and collaboration within the Near Protocol ecosystem!


Followers Impressions Profile visits
May 465 80.8K 4.9K
June 674 77.4K 10.3K
Followers Views Impressions
May 15 59 96
June 50 130 427
May 516
June 520

P.S. We’ve done cleaning bots/inactive users twice this month

May 291
June 289

P.S. The channel wasn’t actively promoted, so the number of members is quite the same

May 23
June 28

Looking Ahead

As we move forward, our focus remains on fostering the growth of the Near Protocol ecosystem in Ukraine. In the coming months, we plan to expand our developer community, organize more educational events, and forge strategic partnerships with industry-leading projects. We will continue to contribute to Near’s open-source development, create engaging content, and facilitate the adoption of Near Protocol’s groundbreaking technology.

Stay connected with us on our social media channels and be a part of the Near Ukraine Guild movement.

Let’s build a decentralized future, together! :people_hugging: