[REPORT] Creatives DAO Moderator - Paul

Hi, Creatives!

I joined CreativesDAO at the beginning of June. It was a fruitful month for me, as I managed to learn a lot from others @creativesdao-mods in terms of DAO and decentralization essence.
It was also a fruitful month for the CreativesDAO ecosystem itself, as we have focused on further steps to upgrade our community, the results will be presented to you soon!

June’s Report:

  • Creation of the internal documents related to further CreativesDAO guidelines/growth,
  • Bad actor disclosure in CreativesDAO ecosystem,
  • Participation in the review process of a few DAOs,
  • Active participation in the internal CreativesDAO Moderators’ calls (3 per week), Marketing DAO & CreativesDAO call, and active participation in the internal chat,
  • Further contribution to [Approved] Moderators DAO Introduction and Proposal and [Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting with other partners from Creatives’ Moderators.

Amazing and busy month, with a lot of discussions, gained experience, and document creation.
I’m looking forward to contributing even more!

With Regards!

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for CreativesDAO Moderation work.


Hi, Creatives!

July for me was the most challenging month, with a lot of new case studies and discussions. Thanks to @creativesdao-mods for an amazing approach and teamwork!
I’m looking forward to more!

July’s Report:

With Regards!

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.

Stats (Additional attachment)

Detailed Creatives DAO stats made by @adrianseneca:


August was a fruitful month. Thanks to our hard work and dedication, we have managed to audit 66 funding proposals. Detailed stats are available in Creatives DAO August 2022 Report.
As such a large amount of proposals require an appropriative approach, I’ve noticed this month much better and faster workflow management with the decision-making process, since we moved to Trello. Moreover, I’m available every day on Telegram, doing my best in supporting other members.

Special thanks to @creativesdao-mods for brilliant duty and to all community members in CreativesDAO, who are creating fresh projects affiliated with the culture, art, and music!

With love,

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


The month of September in terms of the review process was challenging for everyone due to the fact that 4 out of 5 mods were at the NEARcon, and I was traveling and had limited access to the internet.
Nevertheless, we managed to review 78 proposals, where:
a) 60 were approved ($240 640),
b) 18 were closed ($54 367).

September’s Report

  • One inactive DAO since May, has been removed from the council group. Additional doc/stats are linked to the proposal,
  • Internal preparation of an overview/proposition document about possible changes, upgrades within CreativesDAO proposal evaluation process,
  • Trello coordination,
  • Active voting and evaluation of the proposals,
  • Internal catch up calls.

Looking forward to a call between all Community Mods on duty, and NF representatives on upcoming Tuesday.

With Love,

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


Creatives are in the stage of serious restructuring, as during the previous 8 weeks, the moderators’ team received huge feedback from the community, and contributors from other valued projects on NEAR, which allowed us to establish: a new and transparent evaluation process for the DAOs applying for funding, reporting & proposal format, team structure, funding scheme, and rules in practice.
Currently, we are working on the on-chain voting structure (which will be implemented on the new Creatives’ AstroDAO), a website, and an upcoming partnership (TBA).
Bear with us!


Hours contributed to the tasks presented above: +200

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for the two months of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.



I would like to wish a happy new year to all readers. May this year bring you love, health, and prosperity!

We are making every effort to restructure and secure funding in a timely manner. Recent developments, including improved communication with NF<>Creatives, have led to progress in this area. The CreativesDAO and NEAR Foundation have decided not to collaborate with the 171 Studio team at this current time, however, we are making progress in other areas. We are set to launch a website in February and are currently awaiting the final version from the web developer. Additionally, our restructuring proposal has received positive feedback from the NF. I and the team are confident that we will be able to secure funding for worthwhile projects in the upcoming weeks.


Hours contributed to the tasks presented above: +200

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for the two months of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


I doubt if a 5-day-old account was created to raise an unhealthy conversation like this. Please understand that the pause of funding was not under the decision of mod team, and the aim is to restructure the funding process to be more align with NF’s core values. There are works that need to be done to move things forward, and they need to be agreed by relevant stakeholders as well.

If you’re a DAO member, you should know what have been done or at least go through our report so that you understand more where we are & what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Never deny someone else’s efforts. I could have ignored this since the report is made for other members of the community as well, but I want you to understand that taking a clone account to blame people doesn’t help our progress at all.

William X


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Let’s try our best to keep the discussion healthy and all constructive feedback/ suggestions are encouraged. All works need a collective effort, we all learn and grow together.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Hi Paul,

Wondering why the new proposal for remuneration is as a comment on a 6+ month post, labelled REPORT.

The standard should be for each new proposal to have a separate gov forum post, clearly labelled [PROPOSAL]. This both helps to track things over time and for appropriate community input.



IMO, it’s better to have all the reports related to the particular role in one place.

Are other grassroots DAOs following these? Unfourtently, I don’t recall any single proposal and single report by the current mods/contributors/council, only one collective report on a monthly basis. Taking this into the consideration, I agree that Creatives should provide an additional collective report, but we should not skip the single ones like I’m presenting here.

Regarding the case of “active” and “brand new community members” spreading false information - I find it strange, that the URLs in my report haven’t been even opened but yet I’m receiving the hate comments. I wonder why every grassroots initiative receives so much venomous hate on various topics on the forum and why we keep receiving false accusations by one-time accounts, without a try to gain a deeper understanding of a topic in the first place.
Hope my comment finds real community members and contributors.

Have a nice Sunday!


This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

The main issue seems to be around visibility.

Creating a new post (whether collective or individual) and labelling it [PROPOSAL] with dates that clearly indicate it is a new payment would make it show up on people’s radar, and the title let’s them know it needs their attention.

I am not implying bad faith, but it is certainly open to interpretation why a proposal for payment would be buried under a 6+ month old REPORT. Nothing from the title would make people look into it as they may assume it is old information and/or does not contain new items to be paid out.

I agree that the forum has had issues for a while with anon accounts that may not have the best intentions. I’ve been consistently attacked myself. Hence why I think it is important to always differentiate between legitimate grievances (perhaps the way information is posted causes confusion, etc.) and ill intentioned posts that focus on personal attacks, etc.


Makes sense, thanks for checking and your feedback.


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February 2023 Report

Creatives have come a long way since the latest funding break. We had to restructure the entire DAO, and thanks to the built relationship between Creatives and NF, we managed to achieve it. From the 1st of March, the team and I will be reviewing the proposals submitted to CreativesDAO, based on the guidelines, with a focus on funding quality projects. To avoid conflict of interests, I’ve stepped down from all DAOs in the creatives ecosystem. The old CreativesDAO on Astro is going to be closed and the remaining funds will be transferred to the new address, once this proposal will be approved. Moreover, in the next months, we will be focusing on building the processes within the Creatives Working Group in order to provide bigger and better support within the Creatives’ community, also in the upcoming days, we’re going to finalize establishing the trust with NF and the legal firm. This report will be used to request a remuneration of $2000 for the one month of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.
The collective report of the whole CreativesDAO will be available within a few days!

TLDR of my February contribution:

  • One meeting with NF and legal firm + second scheduled for the 27th of Feb,
  • Written article on the CreativesDAO website, summarizing the month of February,
  • Revamp the news section in creativesdao.org,
  • Creatives Working Group proposal drafting with the team regarding its structure,
  • Final payout to the web dev for creatives’ website creation,
  • CreativesDAO Guidelines have been introduced to the community,
  • Regular follow-up meetings with @DammnThatsCrazy
  • Internal follow-up calls with the team on the weekly basis (2-4),
  • Weekly community calls on TG,
  • Constant activity in Creatives streams.

Hours contributed: +150


Thank you for the work you and the team have been doing! I know this process has been in the works for some time but I’m glad to be working with you and hopefully we’ll see our hard work pay off soon. :grinning: