Greetings, Creatives!

Congratulations to everyone that is part of the Creatives DAO as the Trust Instrument finally went live!

Creatives’ DAO Trust Instrument goes live - First Ecosystem DAO to get funded by NDC v0

Thank you to all the community members, NDC key players and trustees, The Walkers, NF legal and community team, and to the CDAO councils and enforcers.

Exciting part is just about to start!

For the month of May, the Creatives DAO received a total of 11 proposals, showcasing the diverse range of creative projects within the community. After a rigorous evaluation process aligned with NEAR Strategic Goals and the established guidelines and procedures of the Creatives DAO, 6 proposals were approved for funding.

To delve into the details of each proposal’s funding decision, we invite you to explore the DAO’s transparent score sheet, which provides comprehensive comments and feedback from the diligent DAO moderators. You can access the sheet through the following link:

[Report] May Funding Review - Creatives DAO

Here is the list of approved proposals for May:

Regrettably, some proposals did not meet the required criteria and were not approved for funding. We appreciate the effort put forth by these DAOs and encourage them to learn from the evaluation feedback to refine their future proposals.

Moving forward, the approved DAOs are requested to submit a poll to the Creatives Astro DAO. This poll should include the DAO name, Creatives DAO funding for the month of May, the total requested amount in USD, and the target wallet address. Wait for further instruction as this funding round will be coming from Creatives DAO itself from NDC.

We are excited to witness the successful outcomes of the approved projects and the positive impact they will bring to the NEAR ecosystem. To stay connected and informed, remember to join the Creatives DAO Telegram group, where weekly calls and updates take place.

As per our standard practice, we extend an invitation to schedule a call with the Creatives DAO Open Hours. This collaborative session, facilitated through the provided Calendly link, aims to assess areas that can be improved and explore potential strategies for enhancement.

Moreover, we are thrilled to connect with other DAOs interested in partnering with the Creatives DAO to provide support and refine the submission process. Together, we can nurture a vibrant creative ecosystem.

Wishing you all the best in your creative endeavors!
CD Councils :art:


Great teamwork, as always guys! :tada:


Congratulations to those that got funded


Thank you for the opportunity to get us back on track, we are privileged by you @creativesdao-council


Thank you so much to the creative community and @creativesdao-council for seeing our projects worthy of approval. We promise to be put in major efforts ,be very transparent and execute all our projects very effectively.


Thanks for the offord you have been putting to bring out decentralization ,

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Your work is excellent K and the other Council Creatives. It’s really appreciating for our creativity activity. :clinking_glasses:


Thank you creatives Dao. :pray:t3::heart:


This is good. Near always leading by example on transparency and deliveries.

Well done, we will submit for June specially for Mexico City, as it is booming down here.


the Calendly link is not valid



Hey @osc.near, please try using this. I’ll update to the main post!


Great work team :clap:. I appreciate the contributions to creativity

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it only has Asia time zone, not Global time zone