[Report] Creatives DAO - January 2023

The team of CreativesDAO Moderators is operating round-the-clock to restructure the DAO and relaunch funding as soon as possible.

The following developments toward this goal have been made over the last few weeks:

  • CreativesDAO and NEAR Foundation has decided to not move forward with collaboration or progression with the 171 Studio team,
  • A website has been launched, featuring the two articles about the DAOs supported by CreativesDAO and its top successes for the ecosystem,
  • A proposal and reporting template for DAOs seeking funding has been made, along with an assessment process for funding proposals.
  • Guidelines and timelines for a smoother process have been established for DAOs and moderators.
  • The CreativesDAO moderators have received favorable feedback regarding the proposals for the restructuring of CreativesDAO.

Several crucial tasks are in progress and scheduled throughout the team. A meeting with the NF legal team has been scheduled for February 3rd to discuss CreativesDAO’s legal wrapper. Feedback from the NF funding team is still pending regarding the new evaluation process for proposals. A recap call will be run to finalize and lock in the date for funding to begin. Additional articles about remarkable DAOs in the Creative Community will be published in the upcoming months.

A close collaboration of moderators with the DAOs that will receive funding is being taken into account, to highlight the genuine value that they will bring to the NEAR. It’s a crucial step as some members of the community who were not affiliated with the DAO have attempted to defame the reputation of the Creatives and even attack members of the community and representatives of diverse cultures. By collaborating closely with these DAOs, the moderators hope to change this perception and provide understanding and acceptance for the Creatives community.

It is necessary to note that the CreativesDAO moderators will only be considering projects of the highest caliber that possess the potential to attract a significant number of active users, prove big and active communities, propose novel technology that is strictly affiliated with creativity, art, music, and other related fields, or collectives that are interested in releasing their projects on NEAR. The team is dedicated to ensuring that the funding will be directed towards projects that will bring the most value to NEAR and Creatives, and the new evaluation process will help to make this happen.

CreativesDAO Moderators single reports:


This is definitely awesome, Great job!!! :clap::clap::clap:


We really appreciate!

Send CFC to FraDAO with corrects links, via telegram


All reports from individual moderators are a show of hard work and determination towards achieving the necessary tools to better grow the Creatives community not only within the Near ecosystem but widely across the web3 space, I must commend @creativesdao-council for not backing down and for believing in the future of Creatives

We look forward to a great year :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Any link to have community members view this or it is still in development?

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About to launch publicly, we’ll post updates soon :slight_smile:


A very good development

Why are there no new drawing contests?
I understand there is no funding, what’s the problem?

Sorry if I asked in the wrong place and direct - from whom to find out?