Creatives DAO 2022 Quarter 1 & Quarter 2 Reports

Creatives DAO Quarter 1 & Quarter 2 Reports

Hello Creatives Community!

In an effort to improve our reporting and transparency we would like to share our Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 reports with you.

As you may notice, Q1 is missing numbers from both January and February. During this time Creatives DAO was transitioning to a council of DAOs with new moderators. Reporting has since then shifted & expanded.

We were able to collect these metrics from our internal monthly reporting and from the 13 DAOs that filled out the DAO inscription forum. It is hard to provide accurate metrics with only 17% of us providing numbers. We hope that the remaining DAOs that have not filled out the forum will do so, so we can fully represent Creatives DAO as well as include you all in the growing Products & Services list below. Nonetheless, these numbers are impactful and do not even begin to portray the vastness of what all our projects cultivate here on NEAR!

We would like to continue improving our reporting moving forward to keep track of our developments and progress while giving more opportunity to the community to take accountability together in how we manage our funds and operations.

→ Every month moving forward you can expect a report sharing all the proposals accepted and rejected and the individual and total amount of funds allocated.

→ Every end of the Quarter (March - Q1, June - Q2, September - Q3, December - Q4) you can expect a report sharing the monthly and quarterly total funds allocated and the number of DAOs supported paired with community metrics that reflect what we collectively achieved through the support from NF.

Q1 Report
Month Amount Allocated DAOs Supported
January Unavailable due to past reporting strategies
February Unavailable due to past reporting strategies
March $124,686 34
Q2 Report
Month Amount Allocated DAOs Supported Active Members NEAR NFT’s Minted Services Offered
April 186,796 50
May 229,864 75
June 222,514 71 800+ 7,500+ 70+

From these numbers we can see:

  • The amount of DAOs within our community has almost doubled, increasing by about 47% in 5 months.
  • The amount of funds allocated to the community has doubled, increasing by 54% at our peak in May.
  • High increase in proposal acceptance from March to May followed by an increase in analysis and regulation from May to July.

From these numbers we can think about:

  • How will we manage our growth in a sustainable way?
  • Should there be a limits/guidelines to the amount of proposals accepted or amount of funds allocated each month?
  • What standards should be held within the community to maintain quality within our ecosystem?
  • What types of reporting systems can we implement that can accurately reflect our collective efforts and value?
  • How many moderators will be necessary to manage the increasing amount of proposals submitted?
  • What changes in our governance system will be appropriate to ensure on-chain voting for proposals are casted with adequate analysis?
  • What platforms or systems can we erect to showcase the variety of products and services offered by our community?

Products & Services Offered: 70+

  • Music

    • Music Production [VanDAO, Garden Collective, BeatDAO, AfroStar Guild, Young Fresh DAO, D-Layer DAO, Changa Records DAO]
    • Music Composition [Garden Collective DAO]
    • Song Writing [VanDAO]
    • DJ [Garden Collective, muti DAO]
    • Sound Branding [FraDAO]
    • Music Platform [DAOrecords]
  • Physical Arts Practice

    • Painting [Garden Collective, muti DAO]
    • Artisan Craft Creation [Family DAO]
    • Interior Decor [Changa Records DAO]
  • Movement Arts

    • Dance Content Creations [Dance DAO]
  • IRL Events

    • Music Entertainment [VanDAO, BeatDAO]
    • Web3 Onboarding [VanDAO, Primordia DAO]
    • DJ [Garden Collective, muti DAO]
    • Sound System Set Up [Garden Collective, muti DAO]
    • Equipment Rental [Garden Collective, muti DAO]
    • Event Management [NxM DAO, Bridgit DAO, Spirityut Guild, VN Artist DAO]
  • Theater

    • Comedy Skit Creation [AfroStar Guild]
    • Stage Directing [Thespians DAO]
    • Stage Practices [Thespians DAO]
    • Stage Drama [Thespians DAO]
    • Costume Design [Thespians DAO]
    • Make Up [Thespians DAO]
    • Props & Set Design [Thespians DAO]
    • Theater Lighting [Thespians DAO]
    • Actor/Actress Development [Thespians DAO]
  • Digital Art

    • Graphic Design [VanDAO, Garden Collective]
    • Visual Art Creation [Marmaj Foundation]
    • Motion Graphics/Animation [DoiDoi DAO, Blaqk Stereo DAO]
    • 2D/3D/UI Design [VN Artists DAO]
  • Photography/Videography

    • Digital Photography [Garden Collective, LENS DAO, CUDO DAO]
    • Photo Editing [LENS DAO, CUDO DAO, Garden Collective]
    • Film Photography [Garden Collective]
    • Translation [Garden Collective, CUDO DAO]
    • Video Production [Near x Art DAO, LENS DAO, CUDO, Criatura&Beri DAO, Afrostar] Guild]
    • Video Editing [LENS DAO, CUDO DAO]
    • Special Effects [LENS DAO]
    • Green Screen/Studio [LENS DAO]
    • Scripts [CUDO DAO]
    • Sound Edition & Operation [CUDO DAO]
  • Written Word

    • Journalism [Garden Collective]
    • Zine/Comic Book Producer [DoiDoi DAO]
    • Writing [VN Artists DAO]
    • Poetry [Garden Collective DAO]
  • Metaverse

    • Metaverse Event Production [VanDAO, muti DAO]
    • Metaverse Venue Rental [VanDAO, muti DAO]
    • Wearables Creation [VanDAO]
    • Event Management [NxM DAO, Young Fresh DAO, muti DAO]
    • Event Entertainment [NxM DAO, Spirityut Guild, muti DAO]
    • Meta-Architecture [FEMINU DAO, Van DAO]
    • Curatorial Services [FEMINU DAO, Incubadora DAO]
  • Education

    • Onboarding [Primordia DAO, Kalakendra DAO, D Layer DAO, muti DAO]
    • Project Development [Primordia DAO, D-Layer DAO]
    • Video Tutorials [Incubadora DAO, Kin DAO, Marmaj Foundation]
    • Seminars/Workshops [Philosophers DAO, Incubadora DAO, FEMINU DAO, Beat DAO]
  • Community

    • Team Management [FEMINU DAO]
    • Community Management [Marmaj Foundation]
  • Marketing

    • Copywriting [Garden Collective, D Layer DAO]
    • Social Media Management [Procd DAO, Octopode DAO, CUDO DAO, D-Layer DAO]
    • Market Research [Procd DAO, D-Layer DAO]
    • Content Creation [Criatura&Beri DAO, Afrostar Guild, BeatDAO]
    • Branding [D-Layer DAO]
    • Twitter Spaces [Hype DAO]
  • Individual Grants/Stipends/Residencies

    • Art Grants [NxM, Young Fresh DAO, Incubadora, DoiDoi DAO, muti DAO]
    • VR Grants [VR DAO]
  • Defi

    • Defi Consultancy [Marmaj Foundation]
    • Defi Project Incubator [Free Horses DAO]