[Announcement] CREATIVES DAO X FREE ARTISTS Partnership: Extra Support For DAOs

Dear community!

We are excited to announce our partnership with Free Artists, a tool for projects to manage contributions & rewards across their community so you can get your project off-the-ground. Free Artists enables you to build with your community & get the relevant resources (money, skills, and referrals) needed.

As part of this partnership, DAO members of Creatives DAO whose proposals are approved by our funding vertical on NEAR will receive additional support from Free Artists. This includes the funding of up to 20% of the proposal value on Creatives DAO, as well as access to skills, referrals, strategy, and tools to manage resources and compensation across the community.

This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for our community members to connect with a wider audience and find the resources they need to bring their creative projects to fruition. We encourage all Creatives DAO members to take advantage of this partnership and explore the benefits offered by Free Artists.

Here’s an outline of the process:

  1. A report of approved proposals will be announced on the 16th of each month by Creatives DAO.
  2. Creatives DAO moderators will direct the relevant data to Free Artists.
  3. Free Artists will set up private AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with potential recipients to discuss their proposals and provide support as needed.
  4. Further processes and execution of support will be handled by Free Artists DAO crew and CDAO members.

For more information about Free Artists and their incubation program, please visit:


This is a great news for all Creatives and the Community at Large!!!

This is really awesome!!!

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It’s a welcome development. Thanks to you creative DAO MODs and Free artist for this

This looks interesting. Thanks

It will help small creators like me to scale up and build a rewarding structure.

That’s the great news!

As I understood, if any DAOs have something to offer to the Free Artists, they should provide you with this information, right?