[NDC Funding Request] Creatives Constellation | June 2023

Creatives Constellation Budget for June 2023 to NDC

About the Creatives Constellation

Creatives Constellation aims to empower every collective on NEAR to build a sustainable Web3 model and attract the best creative talent to innovate on-chain.

Treasury management

For more information, with transaction details, please check the Creatives’ Constellation Bookkeeping.

Summary of Creatives treasury for the month of April and May:

  • Paid:

    • Community Funding: $19000 (May)
    • Team Grants: $30000 (April & May)
    • Buffer: $1 + 114 NEAR (May)
    • NEAR Foundation Reimbursement for the Trust creation: $5000 (May)
  • Pending:

  • Rejected:

    • Strategic Partnerships with DAOLens: $1999
      • The company has decided to stop active development on the DAO Manager, and therefore, they will not be able to pick up any custom development, including the functionality discussed with CreativesDAO.

June’s Budget

See attached spreadsheet for a more detailed breakdown - Creatives’ Constellation June Funding.

In June, various funding proposals were approved across different categories. Here is a brief description of each approved proposal:

  1. Community Funding: A total of $21700 was approved for community funding. These funds will be allocated towards supporting community initiatives and projects.
  2. Partnerships Funding: An approved proposal for partnerships funding will receive $10000. This funding will be directed toward fostering partnerships and collaborations with external organizations or entities.
  3. Team Grants: An amount of $17000 was approved for team grants. Each council member will receive $4000, and an additional $1000 is allocated for the Trust Enforcer. These grants aim to support the efforts and contributions of team members.
  4. Google Business Subscription - 1 Year: An amount of $620 was approved for a one-year subscription to Google Business. The subscription is based on a rate of 11.5 EUR per user per month, with a total of 4 users operating under the “@creativesdao.org” domain. This subscription will provide the necessary tools and features for efficient communication and collaboration within the organization.
  5. Creatives BOS Landing Page: An amount of $2000 was approved and will be available as a bounty for devs. The expected outcome of the landing page includes the following core components like general information about Creatives, pointers to Telegram (TG), and funding guidelines, near.social feed with a dedicated filter and hashtags, pointers to relevant blogs, a useful widgets library, and contact information for further inquiries or support. The development of this landing page on the BOS platform will serve as a central hub for Creatives, offering comprehensive information and access to various resources for interested individuals and participants.

These approved funding proposals reflect a commitment to empowering the community, forging strategic partnerships, a bounty for the devs, costs related to Creatives’ internal processes, and acknowledging the contributions of the project’s team members. The specific details and beneficiaries of each proposal are outlined below.

Activities Amount Attachment
Community Funding $21700 [REPORT] CreativesDAO June 2023 Funding Report
Partnerships Funding $10000 [APPROVED] Proof of Vibes X Creatives DAO Partnership
Google Business subscription - 1 Year $620 11.5 EUR/user/month x 4 (operating under creativesdao.org domain)
Creatives BOS Landing Page $2000 Bounty for Devs
Team Grants $17000 Contributions of Creatives’ trustees (Paul’s Reports, William’s Reports, Sahil’s Reports, and K’s Reports) + Enforcer
Buffer $680 NEAR to USD conversion on ref.finance
Total $52000 Unlocked in NEAR tokens

DAO address: creativesdao.sputnik-dao.near

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Stay Creatives,
Creatives Constellation Trustees