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Hi, Community!
I’am glad to be in this position, and in a month i’ve being learning alot with my colleges and by all the communities proposal’s, by reading and reviewing it gaves me alot of new insights of what we are doing together so far.
This Month I joined with @Cryptonaut @kc_sollano @williamx @Paul, the @creativesdao-council
at the beginning of June. It was a fruitful month for me, as I managed to learn a lot from others in terms of DAO and decentralization essence.

June’s Report:

  • Discussing the importance to the human/community aspect to generate value to the ecosystem through Creatives DAO mods actions

  • Reviewing Proposal from DAOs under Creatives foundings

  • Researching data to prove human relevance on ecosystem and brainstorming ethics on Decentralized economic/politics.

  • Opening a channel of communication from Brazilian community on Near and Creatives Mods with @ted.iv and @hevertonharieno


  • Drafting cross-collab projects to be presented to the community after NF grants proposal, evolving commune issues til collective solutions such as:


today i just talk with @larkim also…


  • Taking part of the CreativesDAO chat, sharing ideas about the AntiMetodo and the Near Certified Creative program with @FritzWorm :



And updating myself about Nearusers on this hot topic:

Also check out new my blog, with insights, discoveries and brainstormings:


Hope to reach more connections and statements on july!

all the best

mana blua loves u all


Great one friend. Looking forward to Nomadel and Young fresh Dao collaboration


Remains the question… What we are doing here???

What is on the table?


Hello Communnity - THIS IS JULY REPORT

I’am here for Updating my Report. For do it, i will first Quote @creativesdao-council , cause we are actually working together on this great team:

My first insight around the role of moderator, i thought that i could “help” others from my country, to understand better what we are doing here together on the Metaphysics Agora>

The result of my efforts was actually that its not up to me to teach how to understand better the concepts of Decentralization, because we are all constructing together, and that there is no better answer at this moment.

I trying to support @FritzWorm by communicating his idea of upgrading Creatives DAO V2 to V3, by changing some policies, as a learn-by-doing process, and not as a new rule that will take power from the community members. I did 2 meetings gathering portuguese speakers Mods ( @hevertonharieno and @ted.iv ) and the Interested members of Brazilian comunity to discuss about those changing, the present and the past of Creatives DAO organization.


This discussions were intense, but i do believe that came up a positive outcome, by organizing the Brazilian community on this treads:


After this movement of Br Community, i understood that my mission was completed, and my intentional position was to step-out, and let this continuing flow on the forum, as Decentralized politics must be! I’am glad to give this kickstart, but its not up to Moderators anymore.

It possible to get a better understand by this context:

  1. The Future of Creatives DAO Community Conversation - Creatives / Creatives DAO - NEAR Forum

  2. Moderator’s Experience Through Creatives Transition - Creatives - NEAR Forum

  3. Announcement to PAUSE Transitional Decisions of Creatives DAO - Creatives - NEAR Forum

Thanks all @creativesdao-council to be around those difficult times. Lets face the bearmarket and be creatives Beyong the hypes :slight_smile:

See you in a NEAR future


Great contribution @blusw !


Big hug :vulcan_salute: :100:


[REPORT Update August]

{This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.}

One more month on Moderators role, and many learning and some 삽질 (useless spadework)

I would like to state my first thoughts in portugueses, if it will not border you (i hope not . :wink: )

Neste mês de agosto, foram realizados revisões e 66 daos solicitando propostas para o ecossistema creatives DAO.

Foi muito interessante acompanhar o processo de crescimento desses grupos, embora também muito complexo análise da atribuição de valor nos trabalhos realizados por estes.
Definitivamente sinto falta como membro da Comunidade, maior equinamidade de gênero dentro das lideranças do ecossistema. Desafio relacionado a diversidade cultural, deste nosso coletivo de coletivos, foi não ter a presença de um moderador de origem africana, pois a quantidade de daos que tem se formado na região precisa de maior atenção dentro de suas necessidades locais, justificaria a presença de um moderador africano em nosso time.

Devido as constantes mudanças no ecossistema, que nos impulsiona a reestabelecer as linhas guias fortalecer nossas métricas e reports, alguns projetos foram negados Fundos esse mês, mas não sem que tenha havido uma rigorosa revisão debate interno do corpo de moderadores.

Para mim tem ficado cada vez mais claro o papel de moderador. com tantas mudanças, por um momento se confundiu as atribuições neste cargo com um papel de liderança. Hoje percebo que o desafio buscar a imparcialidade, através de uma escuta que percebe as lideranças dentro da Comunidade, e Por que não também projetar os reflexos de nossos Highlights para outros cantos do ecossistema.

lea arafah 1 de setembro 2022


This August, reviews were held and 66 data requested proposals for the creatives DAO ecosystem.

It was very interesting to follow the growth process of these groups, although it was also very complex to analyze the attribution of value in the work carried out by them.
I definitely miss as a member of the Community, greater gender equity within the ecosystem leadership. The challenge related to cultural diversity, of our collective of collectives, was not having the presence of a moderator of African origin, since the amount of data that has been formed in the region needs greater attention within their local needs, which would justify the presence of a African moderator on our team.

Due to the constant changes in the ecosystem, which drives us to re-establish the guidelines and strengthen our metrics and reports, some projects were denied Funds this month, but not without a rigorous review of the internal debate by the moderators body.

The role of moderator has become increasingly clear to me. with so many changes, for a moment the attributions in this position were confused with a leadership role. Today I realize that the challenge is to seek impartiality, through listening that perceives the leaders within the Community, and why not also project the reflections of our Highlights to other corners of the ecosystem.

Thanks all @creativesdao-council Partners, I would like to keep on upgrading my skill by working with you guys. Lets open a little window for they highlights:



Community basics - nothing to hightlight

And i also have being exercising my community leader ship by leaving the council position of Nomadelabel DAO, as a form to trust in Decentralization, opening a space for new ideias to direct this collective will of reach Autonomy and Creativity on web3 space.

image welcome @estheriorizada

Public speacking

Still, i believe that my local community work are somehow attached to my personal motivation of being a community builder, as a moderator, as a ex-council, always, a community member:

thanks @ritamaria @marianeu @tabear @bagadefente

Last but not least,
i would like to share some reflections:

*Some note on Medium

The role of Creatives on web3. Second thoughts | by Lea Arafah - لياعرفة | Aug, 2022 | Medium

*a Concept that cross my mind of how its “learing-by-doing” works:

삽질 [sabjil]

to remeber my first NFT

I did a proposal to funding request for Creatives dao’s moderators to go to Nearcon II, and also encorage @bagadefente to write his own, with a partnership of documenting the event. Sad for #nearcon :confused:

This was just one of my 삽질 of this month… I hope other sides of ecosystem can also hear the echos of this silent notes as a peace-flag of understanding each others realities, to attribute to proper value for the human afford behind a community building process.

Thanks all friends and partners on this journey
Sister Blua loves you all


Hi Blua!! thank you for this report and also for your insights
I’d like to highlight this passage:

And say that as a community member, I also feel the same. I think that is important for us all to come up with the theme of diversity, not only between genders (and here thinking non-binary, for sure) but also between cultures, as you pointed - we are spread around the world, with different cultures, cosmovisions and history. Think it’s really important to talk about it as a community.

Another input you share here, that I’d like to comment:

Is that possible to be impartial? As we are talking about a multicultural community, how can we deal with different histories in this space? About the guidelines that leads the moderators actions and evaluations - are they clear to everyone? Do they contemplate the multicultural character of this space? And, at least, what is the real leadership? Maybe opened eyes and ears, with much more listening than self opinions? …

To finish my input, I’d like to say that these are just questions I use to make to myself, in the communities I’m in, and also as teacher, and as a woman-being…
Hope that the questions reaches you all not as a critic against, but as a shared reflection from one who is also learning together in this place.

Thank you and all Creative’s Mods for all the job you’ve being doing, the reflections shared and for making this great and inspired movement of transparency

with my best regards


[September REPORT]

Very atypical month this September!!!

We’v got so far NEARCON II, Community Discussions, and the Pause of Funding:

All starts with a short notice trip:


but i made it!
thanks to:
@Cryptonaut @chloe @ted.iv @adrianseneca @williamx @godofnfts @creativesdao-council David_NEAR creatives:marmaj-foundation #nomadelabel-dao


Sharing my point of view on NEARCON HIGHLIGHTS, from
@adrianseneca @starpause @marianeu

NEAR Foundation Year in Review | Marieke Flament - NEAR Foundation | MC: Ayoung Jeon


Why We’re Building on NEAR | Maria Magdalena Neu - Mintbase, Arto Bendiken - Aurora Labs, Ivan Miskovic - SPIN, Herman Stohniiev - Orderly, and Angie Lau - Forkast | MC: David Morrison


How DAOs Get Work Done | Stanley He - CornerstoneDAO, Jordan Gray - AstroDAO, Dani Osorio - MetaWeb Ventures, and Adrian Bello - The Kin DAO & Primordia DAO


There is so much to digest , but a video presentation is in the editing process :slight_smile:
So far, you can watch some glitches on the web 2:



Lets come back to our ecosystem Creatives:

Parallel of Creatives DAO, there is a new form of organization called NDC. There was some Creatives echos around this topic:


And very sad causes of misrespect :frowning:


This discussions was difficult but we must say that express many important sides from our voices.

I have being hosting of community call on Monday’s 16:00 Brst, but also got late on the 12th Sept, cause i was on my way to @arroz-criativo , and then #kc_sollano #Cryptonaut #williamx started before i arrived.

Here are the latest recordings that i collected:


Actual moment:



My colleges Reports:

All the details of my Creative Journey to Lisbon is presented on the Portfolio:

report lisbon september 22.pdf (397.2 KB)

The last part of this document is a pilot project of how to customize your own marketplace, by having a Mintbase smart contract. A problem that i learned how to solve around there, that i wanted to give back for #nomadelabel-dao community!

Thanks all collaborators

Sister Blua Loves you

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.



Obrigada por levar em consideração o tópico do desconforto, não está sendo fácil mas precisamos lutar pela nossa comuna no Nearverse. Grate por tudo Blua :heart:


Blua!! I admire you a lot, for being who you are, and giving your inputs here! not easy, friend! thank you for this report!


GM Near Creatives DAO community.

It has being an honor to be elected by the old Mods as part of the new team of CD[2022 2° semester], along with @Cryptonaut @Paul @kc_sollano @williamx. Was a pleasure to meet them IRL at NEARCON II!

The destination of my journey on this position was more challenging than we all expected: big changes occurred on this period, since June till October were intense 5 months.

I - my position as community guide of the local ecosystem that im part of[nomadelabel, antimetodo, filmes de infiltração…], had the lucky that already been reached to the end, as a strong team of sisters held the roles of concils, that i was targeting to dedicate to focus on Creatives DAO Moderation role. That was a experience of decentralized community that learn by doing, doing wonderful things, with art, technology, sharing knowledge, friendships and hope in a different kind of society.

II - Turns out that my roadmap was broken by many events at occurred in a short period of time.
Many conflicts among the Creatives Ecosystem, a diversity of perspectives on what was the next steps to take that started with many noises of communication, but in the end the paths has joint in a converging direction.

III- Sahil and Pawel Proposal’s started from those two divergent points to configure a new vision of the future of creatives dao.

IV- Unfortunately my concerns among the community wasn’t resonating with the other coworkers, due to cultural/language barriers and also by not sharing the same core values towards the community that we are up to build.

V- I was invited to leave from Mods team at the end of October, because of those ideological, professional and communication reasons that occurred internally. Both parties had left appropriate feedback and agreed to move forward in the group of 4 people. I’d like to express my huge disappointed related to this situation, nevertheless I wish them, truly, successful journey and all the best.

Thanks sisters and brothers

long life #creatives-dao
keep on building beyond the hype!

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $2000 for the month of October on the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


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Thanks for all


@David_NEAR could you please update the info, by removing my name, as i’am no longer Moderator.


all the best

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