Dear Creatives,

The Creatives DAO has recently completed its funding round for March 2023, and the following report provides an overview of the funding result.

Funding Decision:

The Creatives DAO received a total of 35 proposals, out of which 9 proposals were accepted for funding. The proposals were evaluated based on the CreativesDAO Guidelines and Procedures

The final funding decision for each proposal is available on the DAO’s transparent score sheet. The score sheet also includes detailed comments and feedback from the DAO moderators, which can be accessed through this link:


For proposals that were not accepted for funding, especially those with scores between 7 and under 9 points, we are happy to schedule a call with the DAO councils to provide guidance and help with revisions for the next funding round.

Don’t forget to join our community call on March 20, 2023, where we will listen to the community, plan for AMAs regarding funding, and answer any questions related to the funding decisions. The mods team will also provide updates on the timeline for the next funding round, which will take place in April 2023.


We understand that the process can be challenging, but your patience, perseverance, and collaborative spirit were truly appreciated. We look forward to connecting with those DAOs who did not receive funding in this round to provide support for future submissions.

Besides, we are excited to see the successful outcomes of the approved projects and the impact they will generate for the ecosystem. Please proceed by submitting a poll to Creatives Astro DAO. The poll should include: Name of DAO, Creatives DAO funding [Month], total request amount in USD , Target wallet. After your poll on Astro is approved, follow the instruction from step 3 in this Community Payout process.


No. DAO NAME Decentralization Activities focused on artists support Internal Interaction with NEAR dapps DAO/Community Growth Internal community engagement Average Accumulated Point Status
1 Marmaj Foundation 3 2,5 2,75 2,625 1,75 12,625 Approved
2 mutiDAO 2,75 3 1,875 1,875 3 12,5 Approved
3 DAOrecords 1,5 1,75 3 2,125 1 9,375 Approved
4 Svara DAO 1,75 1,875 1,75 1,75 2 9,125 Approved
5 Dimension DAO 1 2,875 2,5 2,75 0 9,125 Approved
6 Incubadora DAO 3 0,875 3 1,375 0,75 9 Approved
7 Ina DAO 2 1,25 2,75 1 2 9 Approved
8 C1 1,25 1 2 1,75 3 9 Closed
9 fraDAO 2 1,25 2 0,75 3 9 Approved
10 FeminuDAO 1,5 1,5 2,375 0,5 2 7,875 Closed
11 DEDEUKWUSHRYNE DAO 1,25 1,125 0,75 1 3 7,125 Closed
12 Afrostar 2,25 0,875 0,75 1 2 6,875 Closed
13 Indiaverse DAO 1 0,875 0,5 2,75 2 7,125 Closed
14 Blaqk Stereo DAO 0,875 0,75 0,625 1,5 3 6,75 Closed
15 Nomade Label 2,5 1,25 0 1 2 6,75 Closed
16 NEAR X ART 1,25 1,875 1,5 1,25 1 6,875 Closed
17 Filipino Artist Guild 1,5 1,125 1,125 1,125 1,5 6,375 Closed
18 Cudo DAO 1 1,375 1,25 1 1 5,625 Closed
19 Master Minds DAO 0,625 0,875 0,5 0,5 3 5,5 Closed
20 Philosophers DAO 1,5 0,5 2 1,5 0 5,5 Closed
21 Capital Guild 1,5 0,375 0 0,5 3 5,375 Closed
22 Reggae DAO 0,25 0,375 0,5 0,5 3 4,625 Closed
23 Thespians DAO 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 2 4 Closed
24 Apex Trybe 0 0 1,25 0,5 2 3,75 Closed
25 Spirityut Studios 0,375 0,25 0,5 0 2 3,125 Closed
26 NEAR ARTisans DAO 0,375 0,375 0 0 2 2,75 Closed
27 Planet Lukukul 0,125 0,75 0,375 0,375 0,75 2,375 Closed
28 OnboardingDAO 0,75 0 0 0,5 1 2,25 Closed
29 Young Fresh DAO 1,125 0,25 0,375 0,375 0 2,125 Closed
30 NEAR Digital Fashion 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 0 2 Closed
31 NEAR Woman 1 0,25 0,375 0 0 1,625 Closed
32 Zon-Verse DAO 0,875 0,625 0 0 0 1,5 Closed
33 Burlesque DAO 0,375 0,625 0 0,25 0 1,25 Closed
34 NEARFox 0,5 0 0 0 0 0,5 Closed
35 NEAR Sport 0 0 0 0 0 0 Closed

No. DAO NAME Budget (USD) Status
1 Marmaj Foundation 5000 Approved
2 mutiDAO 5000 Approved
3 DAOrecords 5000 Approved
4 Svara DAO 5000 Approved
5 Dimension DAO 1950 Approved
6 Ina DAO 5000 Approved
7 Incubadora DAO 5000 Approved
8 fraDAO 5000 Approved
Total: 36,950

Thank you very much!



Brilliant team work!


Let’s keep building Creatives :+1:t4:


@williamx @creativesdao-council first i must say welldone for all your work. however, i am not comfortable with the score that was given to planet lukukul. our entire proposal is focused on artist support, we interact with the forum and astro dao (considering our number and age), we have grown organically in such a short time and this proposal has the potential to make us grow even more. i would like to understand better what went wrong?


Thank you @reespect, we’re happy to be in touch with the team if the comments on scoresheet didn’t help. Calendar will be shared soon! :blush:


yes i saw the scoresheet and comments what i’m saying is the scores given to planet lukukul doesn’t tally with what we deserve. we didn’t get points in places that are our strengths. i can understand decentralization because we have only 2 council members but not many of the other places. i would love that call because there’s clearly a misunderstanding about what we are doing. where and when will the mods be sharing the meet schedule?

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We’ll be hoping on the community call on March 20th (3 days from now on) to get community discussion on that, with AMAs & potentially following DAO calls


With 5 council members “Apex Trybe Dao” got zero on decentralization
Attended all community calls
While the whole proposal was focused on Artist development and Dapp usage

I really feel we weren’t scored properly
Not even sure our proposal was attended to


Burlesque Dao got 0,375 on decentralisation when we have 2council members and 2moderators, in just 2 month of existence, we got 152 members on telegram, 1.2k followers on Facebook, 680 followers on Instagram, over 300 followers on Twitter, plus 480 organic followers on YouTube yet we got 0,25. Burlesque Dao created a telegram quiz channel have over 30 active members interacting and engaging with daily quiz dropped by moderators yet we got 0. I guess this process isn’t perfect enough. I pray @creativesdao-council to look into decision in approval of proposal in next funding round

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Thanks for ALL dedication and hard work!


Thank you @williamx and the rest of the @creativesdao-council team for all of this hard work and the transparency in this report. I think this opens things up for a healthy discussion and I’m looking forward to revisiting this post. Cheers :beers:


Peace @creativesdao-council and everyone, congratulations to the approved DAOs :mending_heart: can someone explain why C1 got less of $5k that’s proposed pls??


Can you double check here in this proposal? the number was accumulated by the content written here.


Thank you for your work and objective criteria for evaluation. It is a pity that Philosophers DAO’s funding proposal was not approved. I feel it is a little sad, because I had no feedback on the proposal itself. And this would be a way for our community to engage. The lack of funding made everyone to be away, to not trust NEAR, to not give more time to create near products. We felt that this app we were proposing was the way to make the community interact, generate new interest, create a new service, and make our intention of bringing more academics and academic products to the blockchain. We cannot make the community active again without a new approach to the community. Philosophers and academics are people who do not trust easily, so the sudden lack of funding to activities made them distrust even more. They are not going to be active in the community unless there is already something to bring them to activity, as the app we were proposing. I feel that evaluate our proposal in terms of lack of internal and external communication would not help us to grow, but to die as a near dao. And create even less interest for them to participate. And while I feel objective criteria are good, they talk more about how you would like the DAOs to organize and communicate with each other than about the projects themselves. It is ok to follow this path, but I feel that the proposals themselves are not being accounted so much. Thank you for everything.

See you on web3.


Hi Philosopher,

Thanks you for sharing your thoughts.

The funding has been granted based on proposals being inline with NEAR’s strategic goals measured by the metrics system shared months back.

I do understand it takes time and effort to create proposals and it isn’t a positive feeling to see the proposals rejected however funds can only be allocated if there is alignment between NEAR goals and DAOs goals.

We hope to see more Philosopher’s DAO and other communities building together and creating proposals keeping the metrics as their guide to achieve more scores and a likelihood to get funded.

Beginning next week, we will have community calls in creatives telegram where we can discuss how as DAOs/communities, we can align better to get the higher scores.


Thanks Creative DAO mods for all your hard work. I would not want to be in your shoes! I thought creating the proposal was hard, but reading and assessing 35 would be excruciating. I am sorry to the DAOs that did not get funded. Hopefully the next one in April will work for you.


Thank you so much, @Cryptonaut, for your answer and feedback. We appreciate it a lot. It is sad to see our community leaving near ecosystem. Unfortunately, we cannot satisfy your metrics, given our community is not trusting near very much right now, so they do not seem to have the interest of engaging in that way (telegram and blockchain like), and I dont have the courage to tell them to build things, because I dont know if they are getting funded. So our group is acting more like an academic research group, as it was, than a dao with activities. We were 3 main people making our works to grow the dao. I dont know if @jsc2022.near or @adrimobbs will have the time to keep this project going with the approved metrics and without resources. I know I dont have. It is sad, but true. But I appreciate a lot you had taken the time to read the proposal, and all the support given to us during the entire time we had been here. See you on web3. :pray: :sparkling_heart:

Thank for the update. There’s a mistake in the score for Near x art.

We have 4 council members. Our score is suppose to be 2 and not 1.25.

Activities are focused on artists support


30% of our proposal is for council work.

  • Our proposal is focused on onboarding 100% web 2 artists and creation of wallet which we have done in the past with good Prove of work to this. ( Find report here!

  • Internal interaction with Near Dapps


If you read our proposal closely, you will see that we plan to interact with nothing less than 6 unexplored Dapps built on Near.

Moreover, our proposal is focused on educating newbies on how to use Near Dapps and tool to their business and creatuve activities. (Reference: Spoken word bounty, paint & chill with Near, pet & wildlife contest)

I honestly don’t know why we were score 1.875 here. Please kindly address this.

DAO/Community Growth


  • Near x art has a legal wrapper

  • Near x art has over 30 on chain members, 1000+ online and physical memeber.

  • We presented our roadmap for the year.

Internal Community engagement

We attended all the community calls and I have 3 claimed NFT from the community call. @kc_sollano can attest to this. I don’t know why we were score 1 for this instead of 3 See community call NFT below


External world engagement

I understand that the moderators may have made mistake with Near x art score, which is fine.

Near x art hosted the biggest art and cultural event in the web 3 space. ( See report and activity if this is not enough brand awareness for Near then you are definitely right to score us 1

Please, this is not coming out of a place of anger but to make things clear to the @creativesdao-council for an adjustment. We believe mistake can happen. We hope this see correction in our score at least.

Thank you.


Near x art.
cc @DammnThatsCrazy


Thanks for all the hard work & commitment! @creativesdao-council

I was really hoping MastermindsDAO would score some brilliant points in this funding round, based on proposal being inline with NEAR’s strategic goals & clear road map as to Artist support and interaction with Near Dapps. Nevertheless we hope for the best as we keep growing on Near :handshake:


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