Minting Music Minting Music is a Nashville based content promotion and events company focused on empowering artists and brands through the use of blockchain technology and Web3 development. Servicing the music and entertainment community by integrating blockchain tools, we look to bring education and practical use-cases to generate new opportunities for musicians and the entertainment industry. HypeDAO This category is for HypeDAO: HypeDAO aims to onboard artists and NFT enthusiasts to DAOs and NEAR by GETTING THEM HYPED! Council: @mxjxn @EV3RETH @digithubpedia @zeitwarp @ZexonNerotaki Arroz Criativo Welcome to Arroz Criativo! We are the Guild of Arroz Estúdios, a non-profit cultural association based in Lisbon, Portugal. We provide work spaces for artists and creatives to collaborate and freely express themselves. Reach out to us if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas for the development of the Guild. Council members: @plantasia @roadworks @raquelareia IncubadoraPT DAO This category is for Incubadora DAO: Incubadora aims to create a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology for predominantly Portuguese-speaking artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. DAO Council Members: @frnvpr @JulianaM @Samiasns @herikalcn @chaveirinha Marma J Foundation Welcome To The Marma J DAO Helpful Links: Guild / DAO / Website / Article DAO Council: @chloe / @bianca The Clan Guild This category is related to The Clan DAO, their activities and annoucements. curaDAO The curaDAO’s purpose is to support and gather around code-driven media projects. DAO Council Members: @yassine @talktoricardo @starpause C1 Guild This category is for C1 Guild: helping creatives to produce, mint, and sell NFTs while setting up micro recording and art studios globally (starting with Canada, Nigeria, and Cameroon). Council: @JCB @Dedeukwu Mintbase The Mintbase Guild and DAO aim to empower projects to set up their own NFT-marketplaces. On Mintbase, minters create their own smart contract or are added to an existing one. Through the Forum the DAO council will be able to vote on which projects to support. NEAR Gaming This category is for the NFT Gaming SputnikDAO, to document its involvement in the 2021 open web hackathon. Virtual Reality This category is for VR-DAO to document its community growth.This group aims to finance, collaborate and support projects related to virtual reality within the community. Council members: @microchipgnu, @sainthiago , @nearestchico and @nico. CleanNFTs This category is for the CleanNFTs Guild: welcoming artists, collectors, curators, writers, and developers interested in advancing the NFT landscape towards sustainable Proof-of-Stake solutions. Council @nvrndr @thebadlament @moonhmz CUDO DAO MotionDAO MotionDAO - a crypto-economy for the global Dance-Tech community Motion Council: @marlonbarriossolano @jeanne @stefmeul Creatives DAO The Creatives Astro DAO’s purpose is to help support the creative Guilds/DAO’s within the NEAR ecosystem. Please submit a payout proposal to the Creatives Astro DAO if you are a “Creative Guild Leader” or if you do not see another relevant creative DAO to submit to . muti DAO This category is for muti Guild and DAO: the muti collective but digital! Funding artists in the digital realm, to create in the physical one. NxM Guild (Near x Music) This category is for NxM Guild & DAO discussions that require more transparency and community input. A great use case for these threads is to link additional documentation / information / verifiable proof needed for NxM AstroDAO payout proposals.
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