Creatives’ DAO Trust Instrument goes live - First Ecosystem DAO to get funded by NDC v0

Creatives’ DAO mods, community members, GWG and countless ecosystem communities and members have participated in shaping what is a historic moment for the NEAR ecosystem as Creative DAO becomes the first of all Grassroots DAOs to go independent and ready to get funded by the NDC v0.

With 80+ communities globally and members in over 25+ nations, it was a huge task to create a community based charter and processes that will ensure core tenets of decentralisation and growth of the NEAR ecosystem.

  • The process began with a community led charter. The first draft was developed by the CDAO councils around 1st March. Along side conversations began with Walkers the legal company who help us set up the trust instrument.

  • The charter draft was presented to the community and members from all verticals and major ecosystem players participated in refining the charter and gave feedback for over 2 weeks.

  • Post collation of feedback and implementation of changes, the final charter was locked on 23rd of April.

  • CDAO councils then started the work on the legal documents along with the support from Near Foundation and an enforcer to ensure the draft is fit to be locked for the trust instrument.

  • Going forward, Creatives DAO will be funded by the NDC initiative.

As we have it has always been an advocate of decentralisation and community led initiatives, we would do everything our capacity to ensure growth of the ecosystem with meaningful projects that can take charge of the governance as envisioned by @illia , the NDC and all the members of NEAR community.

The Creatives DAO Trust Instrument was established under the jurisdiction of Guernsey Law, with four initial councils serving as trustees and one enforcer. This legal document provides a comprehensive framework that governs all aspects of the DAO’s operations that are jointly reflected in the Creatives DAO Charter.

By implementing the Trust Instrument, Creatives DAO proudly becomes the first grassroots constellation on NEAR to independently manage its community treasury, with full protection under the Guernsey legal system. Throughout the operational journey, Shweta Sangtani, the Enforcer of the Trust Deed, offers expert legal counsel to ensure compliance and facilitate a smooth and legally sound functioning of the DAO.

We would especially like to thank a few key players who were a part of helping us and supporting us in this journey:.

@blaze, @sarahkornfeld, @Kazander, @atrox1382, @shreyas, @fiatisabubble, Bianca - NF legal Head, Chris Donovan - Legal Counsel NF Shweta Sangtani - Trust deed Enforcer, Walkers - Legal company.

And I’d like to also thank the Creative DAO Councils
@Paul @williamx and @kc_sollano
who put in tremendous efforts, worked late hours and went out of their current scope of work to make things happen without ever losing slightest of motivation, passion and determination.
Thank you guys!

We as Creatives DAO have redefined our metrics and our functioning in the past few months.

Our 5 high level goals are

  1. Growth of meaningful communities

  2. Partnerships within ecosystem to increase cohesion and support

  3. External partnerships to create awareness outside of NEAR and onboard creatives globally

  4. Develop creative web3 products and services that serve the creative communities

  5. Showcase our communities and represent ourselves inside and outside the ecosystem

Thank you all who made this happen. This is just the start :pray:


Congratulations to the creative dao community, and to all the council members that have put in a lot of work in shaping the community.


Thanks everyone for making this happen. This is a significant milestone that prepares CDAO to adapt itself in the evolution of the NDC. I truly appreciate the support that NF, GWG and other stakeholders have put in to jointly facilitate this. Also, thanks team for the commitment, together, we have shown that collaboration/good building attitude is the key to achieving remarkable results.

:pray: :clinking_glasses:


Congratulations to all creative daos this is a milestone for NDC


Amazing achievement!:muscle:t2:
Big THANK YOU to all those who supported CreativesDAO in this matter :tada:


Definitely Creatives DAO will be Next Big Thing in Near :fire:


Congratulations CDAO :tada::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t4:. Great to see how far things have come, looking forward to seeing how far things continue to grow.


Congratulations to the Creative Dao
amazing work @creativesdao-council and to everyone that contributed to this success
Looking forward to a great future!!!


Congratulations to Creatives DAO; it’s a great thing to achieve this feat even in the presence of storms…

Keep building lads, keep working hard, and more greece to your elbow @creativesdao-council


Hello,read more about NDC enforcer, Shweta Sangtani,

Congrats :tada::tada: to the creative DAO


Thanks for sharing their project.

As per NEAR foundations guidelines we don’t discriminate people based on their caste, creed, race or sexual preference.
What they do in their personal life, is their choice.

Also, we don’t judge if people have passion projects outside of their deliverables to NEAR.

If you want to have a look at the enforcers’ profile, here’s the link.

The reason she is a fit to be an enforcer


This is amazing. Going to be Epic :fire:


This is a major success and a significant milestone for the ecosystem as a whole.

May it be advantageous and benefits the entire community.

Congratulations guys.


From what I can see Shweta is not listed as an enforcer for the NDC. Her scope is limited to CreativesDAO.

I fail to understand how what you’ve highlighted is relevant to the topic. Are you trying to insinuate something?


Amazing work guys​:fire::fire::fire::fire:

This shows we can truly build a community led and managed Near Ecosystem

Looking forward to the magic and growth you guys bring to the ecosystem


Its been a long time with constant progression. Creatives DAO is way ahead and so promising in many ways.


All the best to the Creatives DAO! :hugs: