Creatives DAO Charter

Hello ,when is the 5th Creative DAO Council’s election?@blaze @creativesdao-council @marketingdao-council @hairen

I don’t trust present councils because they support only Portuguese artists. They were elected by Muti DAO in exchange for positive voting in the future


Nice project initiative for community and creators!


From my perspective:

  • we need to launch the I’m a human app first;
  • CDAO councils should approve the charter
    together with the community, some questions still not discussed;

Hi @Vladislas A reminder for you to not make claims without solid proofs or it will be considered as " Use defamatory remarks or make false statements against others" and that’s against the community guidelines.
We will take appropriate actions if you don’t cooperate. Thank you!


Hi Vladislas,

This is a post to discuss Charter created for Creatives Community to get funded by NDC.

A lot of new communities are gonna join our ecosystem. Sharing defaming and provocative material is not helpful or relevant to the conversation.

It also makes new members perceive Creatives DAO and NEAR protocol in a poor light.

If you really wanna help the community try to go through the charter and ask relevant questions.

Questions that are not a part of the charter and relevant to the conversation will be deleted to keep the communication streamlined.


Hey Dacha,

As per our last internal call I have noted down the points you mentioned.

All data points are being gathered shared by CDAO members and other ecosystem members. We will share a consolidated list of points to be added to the charter soon.

Also, please join the community calls if you’re keen on discussing and helping the Creatives community.

Thanks for your thoughts and critique!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and views to make CDAO charter more refined Philosopher.

We are going to create a list of relevant points and share it for community review soon.

Truly appropriate your effort :pray:


Thank u so much, @Cryptonaut, for your attention and will to review the charter.
I hope my suggestions can help to grow the Creatives and NF.

Please, if u may, share these points here on the forum.
I am not so active on telegram anymore, but I love the forum.



General agree, yet “NEAR Ecosystem” goals are subjective and change at the drop of a hat.

Imo, if proposals are supporting the C DAO and C DAO ecosystem, that is by proxy going to support the NEAR Ecosystem.


Ok…so well…here are my thoughts… as a long established/suffering full-time creative operating exclusively within the NEARverse…(does anyone still use that term ? 2021 ! :upside_down_face:)

As a non-DAO individual creative I’m not supported by creatives dao…although it’s nice to see room in the charter for “individual artists self-organising as a dao” [paraphrase]…but I actually think that there is a larger issue at stake here…which is whether there is a genuine desire within the ecosystem to support creative initiatives…and/or creatives…and what shape that should take…as clearly from a lot of the comments above - and numerous other creatives dao related posts/replies and telegram chats…not everyone is convinced.

IMO… Creatives Dao V2 (or are we on V3 now?..) should be a way to support creative initiatives/creatives who are aligning a project with whatever the established ecosystem goals are. (Noted @chloe above…re the movable feast & goalposts…)

The scoring system - and the execution of it so far by the mods - does seem a solid attempt to address this from what I’ve seen…and I really think that the @creativesdao-council have tried to rebuild the program along these lines…however this latest iteration feels like it is hamstrung by being a segway to link the V1 version of creatives - and the daos/communities that were funded by it - with the brave new world of the NDC…

Whereas I think that we should probably draw a line under the previous iterations of creatives dao and instead reimagine it as a dynamic entity that is in harmony with the rest of the ecosystem under NDC oversight…

For me…this would be a grassroots dao that supported projects based on how they aligned with a specific set of aims and values…and how they deliver on them…rather than other hoop-jumping metrics…and/or requirements to organise in a certain way.

I do believe that the current mods have their eye on the prize…and their hearts in the right place…and the move to NDC voting/funding will obviously be a gamechanger…but now might be the time to remake creatives dao as an entity that draws admiration rather than opprobrium from the rest of the community…

So…yeah…while I am generally supportive of the charter and its aims…I also think this could be an opportunity to aim a bit higher

Let’s look to the future… :eyes:

thnx & gl all


Hi everyone,

Based on the feedback shared by the community, we’ve made some changes to the metric system and the language of the charter where the Objectives are more aligned with the Purpose.

The charter is going to be reviewed every 6 months to ensure alignment within creatives and Near strategic goals as both can change overtime.

This is a basic bare bone structure which allows us to move forward and a step in the direction of being more independent and decentralised.

Request you to have a look and share your final thoughts so we can move forward to launch the trust instrument and fund the Creatives Community from NDC treasury begin April.


Hey Zeitwarp!

Thanks for your thoughts.

@creativesdao-council have partnered with Free artists DAO that would be willing to support individual artists

I’d be happy to put you guys in touch.

Here’s the link for your reference.

We’re trying our best to assist individual artists but our focus as of now is a smooth transition in funding from NF to NDC.
This is a partnership and imo an interim semi solution for individual artists of our community.

A more sustainable solution would be start a working group and create a charter which defines purpose, objectives and processes for better transparency and much stronger chance of individual artists getting funded.

@vandal is starting a working group and I remember us discussing this topics a few months back. Adding this as one of the goals working group and your support and lead on this will be of great help!


Hey Sahil

Thnx for your reply…but the “individual artist” comment wasn’t the main point of my post…(it was just a reference point for my perspective as a current non-beneficiary)

Main point was about an aspiration for C Dao to move forward into NDC in a harmonious fashion…by embracing the future rather than the previous status quo.

I actually think the very existence of C Dao under NDC will depend on this.

I look forward to reading through the adjustments to the charter :+1:

Thnx also for the link to the Free Artists post. Had seen it already…but assumed it didn’t apply as it appeared to be for approved/funded C Dao projects. So…yep…thnx :+1:

I am talking with @vandal re a series of initiatives… including some iteration of a working group :+1:


Hey @The_darrk , sorry for the slow reply but I was away for a few days… The current councils were voted in by the 6 previous moderators which were all from different DAOs (all the info on those councils is in the very top of that post you linked in). I’m the only one of those 6 that is a council for muti, and none of the new moderators are part of muti. Hope that clears things up. Thanks


Hey Sahil

Is there a ‘tracked changes’ version of the revised charter? I’m struggling to see where the changes have been made…italics or a colour might work also…if it’s not possible to show the amendments etc.

Thnx :+1:


Hi, @Cryptonaut. I did not find the new version of the charter. And I would love if you could present a tracked changes version, as suggested by @zeitwarp. If u cant, there is no problem too. I am coming here just to express some worries, but I dont want to get in the middle of a process that is working for all of you. Wish you all lots of love! See you on the blockchain!

Ok, given that there is an apparent feedback deadline approaching…here are some final brief thoughts. as above - it’s not obvious (to me) to see the revisions…so apologies if I’ve not understood the full impact of them.

So…simple question:

If anyone were to be designing a structure to support the creative ecosystem on Near under NDC from the starting point of a blank page…to what degree would it actually resemble the current proposal?..

I think - as @Cryptonaut says above - that the guiding principle of the current model " is a smooth transition in funding from NF to NDC." - and it’s to the credit of the current @creativesdao-council that they are making a solid effort at doing that :+1:

However, I think it’s reasonably self-evident that the legacy characteristics, concerns & M.O. of earlier iterations of Creatives Dao are the prominent factor in the structure of the charter as it stands. My concern is that there may not enough support for this model among the wider ecosystem under NDC…and that a lot of the disharmony that has surrounded creatives (and marketing daos) will not disappear just because they will be operating under the new NDC paradigm…even with I am human rooting out any/all ‘auto-trolling’.

Appreciate a lot of work has been done - and in entirely the right spirit - but I actually think a fresh start might have been the better - more sustainable - long-term option…with an ambition to unite (the majority of) the ecosystem in support of ‘blockchain creativity’ as a worthwhile activity that sits within the aims and values of the broader ecosystem

Said it would be brief :upside_down_face:…so here’s the TL:DR

Should we actually be proposing a structure (based on the present) for the future…rather than giving too much weight to the past?..

Anyway we’ll see…maybe that’s something for a Creatives Working Group to consider…

gl, best wishes, etc :+1:


Thank you for the thoughts @zeitwarp,

I agree in many points you have. I want to share that I personally acknowledge the past, it’s important to consider both the past and the future when designing a structure for the Creatives DAO under NDC as we’re learning. While the current charter may still have some limitations, it’s also a starting point that prepare Creatives DAO better in the transition to the NDC.

The initiative of Creatives Working Group will be a good thing to expect. With that said, I hope this community-empowered structure can receive right contribution with good design from the early stage.


Dear community,

We are delighted to announce that the Creatives DAO Charter is now officially live, following a thorough process of community feedback and input. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who participated in this process and contributed their valuable insights to help shape the final version of the Charter.

  • January 20, 2023: Charter draft (Creatives DAO Moderators)

  • February - March 31, 2023:

    • Charter completion and revision (Creatives DAO Moderators - GWG). After receiving many help from the GWG & rounds of revisions, we get our charter ready to share.
    • March 23, 2023: Charter inputs by NDC legal William
  • April 1 - April 14, 2023: Open call for community review (Creatives DAO Moderators, GWG, Marketing DAO Moderators, Community)

  • April 14 - April 18: We lengthened the process for another 5 days to open for any additional feedback.

Throughout the process, we received numerous suggestions and recommendations from members of the community, which were carefully reviewed and considered by the moderator team. We believe that this collaborative approach has resulted in a Charter that accurately reflects the needs and aspirations of the Creatives DAO in the NEAR Ecosystem.

We are confident that the Charter provides a solid foundation for Creatives DAO to operate effectively and efficiently under the new NDC paradigm. We look forward to working with the community to continue building and supporting creativity on NEAR.

The Charter of the CreativesDAO outlines the structure and operational design of the CreativesDAO for its funding vertical within the NEAR Ecosystem. The CreativesDAO Charter shall undergo periodic review upon significant evolution of the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) structure to ensure unwavering alignment with NEAR ecosystem goals

Thank you!


Cc: @blaze @atrox1382 @Kazander #GWG @sarahkornfeld @marketingdao-council @creativesdao-council #dev-community-groups @fiatisabubble and other community members!


Hey @williamx

Thnx for the reply

Yep…agreed …the past is always good for learning from…however…maybe not so good when it has the effect of denying present reality/opportunity…or future developments/possibilities…

But then I guess that the idea of the past carrying a warning sign is just a major theme / motif of my conceptual artwork :slightly_smiling_face:

At least i’m consistent :upside_down_face:

Keep up all the positive work, viewpoint and aspirations - see u in the NDC :+1: