[NDC Funding Request] Creatives Constellation | August 2023

Creatives Constellation Budget for August 2023 to NDC

About the Creatives Constellation

Creatives Constellation aims to empower every collective on NEAR to build a sustainable Web3 model and attract the best creative talent to innovate on-chain.

Treasury management

For more information, with transaction details, please check the Creatives’ Constellation Bookkeeping and see the executed transactions in July.

August’s Budget

See attached spreadsheet for a detailed breakdown Creatives’ Constellation August Funding.

In July, various funding proposals were approved across different categories.


  1. Community Funding: A total of $18,840 was approved for DAOs’ activities & $22,588 was approved for partnership.
  2. Team Grants: An amount of $17,000 was approved for team grants. Each council member will receive $4,000, and an additional $1,000 is allocated for the Trust enforcer. These grants aim to support the efforts and contributions of team members,
  3. Girrafe Agency SMM: A total of $1000 was approved for SMM monthly payout,
  4. CreatesDAO @ IRLEvent: A total of $17,590 is proposed for Creatives DAO booth & activities at 2 upcoming events: NEAR APAC and ETH Milan
  5. Buffer: An amount of $1000 (1% of the total requested amount) was reserved for NEAR to USD conversion on ref.finance.

Total: $78,018

The specific details and beneficiaries of each proposal are outlined below.

DAO Funding


Partnership Funding

Project Amount Attachment
CreativesDAO x GenaDrop: Creatives DAO Public Goods $15.000 [Approved] CreativesDAO x GenaDrop: Creatives DAO Public Goods [CDAO Planet, Drops.Fund, DropFlow.xyz]
El Cafe Cartel onboarding @ NEAR APAC $4.588 [Approved] Coffee Service & Onboarding at NEAR APAC - #24 by Aescobar
CreativesDAO Bounty for BOS HACKS $3.000 [APPROVED] CreativesDAO Bounty for BOS HACKS
Total $22.588

IRL Event

Project Amount Break Down Note
Eth Milan Production and logistics $10.000 - $5000 Community Onboarding
- $2000 Event Space Decor
- $2000 Production (Black box)
- $1000 Buffer
- 1K new wallets (aiming at the best)
- Title sponsorship mentioned in SM Posts
- Potential partnership possibilities
- Onboarding for CDAO planet via CDAO SBT.
- 1 talk
- 1 group discussion
- Art installations from various communities of CDAO.
- Post-event Video reels
Creatives@NEAR APAC $7.590 - $5000 Booth - Elite Plan
- $2000 Event Space Decor & Giveaway stickers + merch
- $250 Fly ticket MNL - SGN (council K)
- $100 Accommodation (council K)
- $240 Business Allowance $60/person/day x 2 days event x 2 persons (William & K)
NEAR APAC Pitch: DocSend
- Creatives Constellation presence @NEARAPAC
- Building relationships with other ecosystem projects
- Partnership possibilities
- Onboarding via CDAO SBT
- Participate in NDC V1 election
Total $17.590

Internal Ops Costs

Line Item Amount Attachment
SMM (Social media manager) $1,000 N/A
Team grants (Trustees & Enforcer) $17,000 Contributions of Creatives’ trustees (Paul’s Reports, William’s Reports, Sahil’s Reports, and K’s Reports) + Enforcer
Buffer $1,000 NEAR to USD conversion on ref.finance

Total requested: $78,018
DAO Address: creativesdao.sputnik-dao.near

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Stay Creatives,
Creatives Constellation Trustees