[REPORT] Creatives Constellation Trustee - Paul

June Contributions:

Hours contributed in June: 160+

June Updates

  • On the 6th of June, we had a call with Wonderverse’s Project Manager regarding AstroDAO’s further development, as Pagoda would like to migrate it to a different team. We acknowledged that the migration hasn’t really started yet, and both teams are working on OKRs and associated timelines. As AstroDAO doesn’t show the treasury properly in other tokens than $NEAR, we advise using Sputnik BOS. Wonderverse is interested in collaborating with Creatives Constellation as the Creatives community can serve as a good reference point for what is needed in practice while managing their digital assets and movements,

  • The formal Complaint against Marketing DAO council Dacha for breach of community guidelines still remains open for the Creatives Constellation, as the cyberbully hasn’t faced the consequences of his actions yet.

As always, in our role, we are entrusted with a variety of responsibilities and tasks that can be quite demanding. It is not feasible to enumerate every single activity, so I have opted to emphasize the most significant ones that I fulfilled in June.

Special thanks to all the good souls and to my dream team of @creativesdao-council!

Stay Creative,


Thanks for the hard work and supporting creative DAO


My #Regen Contribution In A Nutshell:

Hours: lost count this month, I’m here every day.

P.S. I’ve applied for the Transparency Commission. If you believe that my further contribution will add value to NDC, feel free to leave your vote HERE.

P.S. 2: The case against Dacha for cyberbullying is still valid as he didn’t face any consequences for his unethical attitude (just in case you forgot).


My Regen Contribution In A Nutshell For August:

P.S. I’ve applied for the Transparency Commission. If you believe that my further contribution will add value to NDC, feel free to leave your vote HERE. Elections are starting in one week.


September’s Regen Contribution

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported me during the recent NDC Elections. While I did not secure a spot in the top 7, your unwavering support propelled me to the 14th position with 112 votes, a result that far exceeded my expectations. Congratulations to all the winners!

In the coming days, the CreativesDAO community will have the opportunity to participate in ETH Milan. I am eagerly looking forward to this event as it will mark the first occasion where members of our community come together in person.

As customary, I would like to provide a summary of my contributions to the CreativesDAO during September:

Please note that while this report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of my contributions in September, there may be additional activities or initiatives that I may have inadvertently omitted. :slight_smile:

Stay Creatives and see ya in Milan!


October & November Regen Contribution

A lot of hard work - that’s how I can describe the past two months in CDAO.
October began with preparation for the ETH Milan, where together with the team and the community we were highlighting NEAR and CDAO. If you wish to know more, check the official report below:

In October, I also participated in reviewing the funding proposals, based on our old metric and score system. However, October was the last month we were using that model.
For more, feel free to check the collective spreadsheet below and the official proposal to NDC:

In November, I went to the NEARcon in Lisbon. My time there was focused on gaining necessary feedback about the CreativesDAO, its projects, pros & cons, possible ways to improve, and more! I and the team managed to meet with NF and a few NDC representatives. I must say on behalf of the CDAO team that the time spent there was very beneficial to us, and it gave us a new angle on the NEAR community and its eco. Thanks to that, we can now leverage the gathered feedback to improve the DAO.
The NEAR community is in the transition to V1, which will start in December, therefore, November is the only month that represents NDC V0.5, where we had to implement KPIs prepared by the HoM.

Because of the short notice and deadlines due to the transition period, we received 13 proposals, which we evaluated thoughtfully based on the KPIs received from HoM. We have managed to approve 8 for the total amount of $34830, however, after the HoM’s extensive feedback and supportive approach, we have agreed to reduce that amount to $27080.

Besides the above, we have been working on the V1 Application to NDC. With the V1, The CreativesDAO Charter is going to be revised, with its metric system (in line with HoM), covered areas by CDAO, and even our internal structure. The main purpose of this is to be more aligned with the NEAR eco and its community. Check our work below:

Except for the above, I’m fulfilling the current tasks in the CDAO such as:

  • Managing the bookkeeping spreadsheet for CDAO treasury in order to track our costs, inflows/outflows,
  • Managed the payout process for Creatives’ grantees, which involved preparing reward agreements and submitting transfer-type proposals to the grantees’ DAO addresses in the DAO, and the KYC process with cooperation with NF,
  • Actively participated in meetings with NF,
  • Engaged in internal catch-up calls with the team on a weekly basis,
  • Maintain an active presence (including weekends and days off) in the Creatives streams (and beyond) and promptly address queries from the community.

Looking forward to the NDC V1 and to the completely new chapter for the CreativesDAO. I hope that the transition will occur in a respectful manner with an objective approach.

P.S. Soon I’ll restore the weekly updates for CreativesDAO via NEAR Social! :dark_sunglasses:

Stay Creatives


Thank you for hard work and good efforts, Paul


December Regen Contribution

A the beginning of the month we kickstarted with an open call, looking for new advisors to strengthen the position of CDAO as a funding node in the NEAR eco.
Dive below for more details:

CDAO has opened the December funding round, where $20.410,00 was approved for the community, after careful due diligence and consideration.

December funding proposal was submitted in the V0.5, before the announcement of the V1 interim period. We’re waiting for the official stance of the NDC Trustees regarding December.

CDAO also completed the work on the Charter for the V1. We have revised our scope, mission, and vision. The Charter will stay WIP, as we seek towards constant growth. Also, we will work together with the Advisors to further strengthen the Charter and tailor it better based on the broader community needs.

In December, CDAO paid November’s grants.
Covered the reward agreement, and payment processing to the following:

Moreover, prepared the function call regarding CDAO updates on the NEAR Social feed

Submitted and updated creativesdao.sputnik-dao.near on PotLock

Updated creativesdao.sputnik-dao.near profile on NEAR Social

In the middle of December, we kickstarted our work for the Yearly Report, where we highlighted the total number of proposals received (approved & rejected), reports received, statistics, social scores with on-chain data, fallbacks, and learnings.
Learn more below:

As we were working on the CDAO Yearly Report, I noticed a bigger transparency need for the ETH Milan <> CDAO report. Added all payments affiliated with the event, also, the table has been updated accordingly based on the returns.

CDAO is ready for the NDC V1 interim period, therefore, we submitted our proposal to the HoM on the 18th of December. Currently, the proposal was submitted by @chloe (our sponsor) to the congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near.

As one of our key learnings mentioned in the Yearly Report was leveraging web3 tools for community management, we have started the research in that area. So far, we had a call with Calimero, to implement a custom chat for the Creatives using BOS. Using an example of https://portal.calimero.network/. Besides Calimero, we started to test Popula as well, where I deployed creativesdao.community.popula.near. Both have their pros and cons, however, in 2024 we will be able to conclude what tool will be implemented fully by CDAO based on the custom needs.

Except for the above, I manage the bookkeeping spreadsheet for CDAO treasury to track our costs, inflows/outflows, engage in internal catch-up calls with the team weekly, maintain an active presence (including weekends and days off) in the Creatives streams (and beyond) and promptly address queries from the community.

Stay Creatives


In a nutshell, in January I performed the following tasks:


Thanks For always doing a nice job

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