[REPORT] Creatives DAO Moderator - Paul

Hi, Creatives!

I joined CreativesDAO at the beginning of June. It was a fruitful month for me, as I managed to learn a lot from others @creativesdao-mods in terms of DAO and decentralization essence.
It was also a fruitful month for the CreativesDAO ecosystem itself, as we have focused on further steps to upgrade our community, the results will be presented to you soon!

June’s Report:

  • Creation of the internal documents related to further CreativesDAO guidelines/growth,
  • Bad actor disclosure in CreativesDAO ecosystem,
  • Participation in the review process of a few DAOs,
  • Active participation in the internal CreativesDAO Moderators’ calls (3 per week), Marketing DAO & CreativesDAO call, and active participation in the internal chat,
  • Further contribution to [Approved] Moderators DAO Introduction and Proposal and [Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting with other partners from Creatives’ Moderators.

Amazing and busy month, with a lot of discussions, gained experience, and document creation.
I’m looking forward to contributing even more!

With Regards!

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for CreativesDAO Moderation work.


Hi, Creatives!

July for me was the most challenging month, with a lot of new case studies and discussions. Thanks to @creativesdao-mods for an amazing approach and teamwork!
I’m looking forward to more!

July’s Report:

With Regards!

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.

Stats (Additional attachment)

Detailed Creatives DAO stats made by @adrianseneca:


August was a fruitful month. Thanks to our hard work and dedication, we have managed to audit 66 funding proposals. Detailed stats are available in Creatives DAO August 2022 Report.
As such a large amount of proposals require an appropriative approach, I’ve noticed this month much better and faster workflow management with the decision-making process, since we moved to Trello. Moreover, I’m available every day on Telegram, doing my best in supporting other members.

Special thanks to @creativesdao-mods for brilliant duty and to all community members in CreativesDAO, who are creating fresh projects affiliated with the culture, art, and music!

With love,

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


The month of September in terms of the review process was challenging for everyone due to the fact that 4 out of 5 mods were at the NEARcon, and I was traveling and had limited access to the internet.
Nevertheless, we managed to review 78 proposals, where:
a) 60 were approved ($240 640),
b) 18 were closed ($54 367).

September’s Report

  • One inactive DAO since May, has been removed from the council group. Additional doc/stats are linked to the proposal,
  • Internal preparation of an overview/proposition document about possible changes, upgrades within CreativesDAO proposal evaluation process,
  • Trello coordination,
  • Active voting and evaluation of the proposals,
  • Internal catch up calls.

Looking forward to a call between all Community Mods on duty, and NF representatives on upcoming Tuesday.

With Love,

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


Creatives are in the stage of serious restructuring, as during the previous 8 weeks, the moderators’ team received huge feedback from the community, and contributors from other valued projects on NEAR, which allowed us to establish: a new and transparent evaluation process for the DAOs applying for funding, reporting & proposal format, team structure, funding scheme, and rules in practice.
Currently, we are working on the on-chain voting structure (which will be implemented on the new Creatives’ AstroDAO), a website, and an upcoming partnership (TBA).
Bear with us!


Hours contributed to the tasks presented above: +200

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for the two months of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.