[Docs] The Creatives Constellation Charter

UPDATE 27.04.2023 Based on the post below:

To learn more about Creatives Constellation, including its background, scope, membership, funding, council, reporting, legal, and Appendix, please refer to the full charter. You can access it through the following link: The Creatives Charter.

Useful Templates


  • DAO has time between the 1st (00:00 UTC) and 7th (23:59 UTC) day of the month to submit the proposal,
  • From the 8th to the 15th, the proposals will be reviewed and discussed on the forum if any questions or concerns are to be addressed,
  • The final decision by the moderators will come on the 16th.

How to claim a payout for an approved proposal?

Once your proposal is approved follow the guidelines - [Guide] Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines

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Nice to see progress…but have to assume that -as with Creatives DAO V1 - there is no provision/ facility for individual non-affiliated creatives working within the near ecosystem.
Is that correct…?
Thanks :+1:


Great one. Happy to see we are evolving


Great news! Proud of how much knowledge and understanding these sets of people have shown. Keep creating, great Creatives!!!


This is wonderful… Am happy to know about this progress


Muito bom! :tada::clap::clap::clap::clap: Obrigado por todas as informações e pelo empenho em realizar!


Hello,We never saw any reports from creative consuls. Near is decentralized and transparent, so you need to find honest consuls. Honest consuls will show a transparent report and help creative people in near.Hope my comment gets noticed​:innocent:. Thanks))

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Good upgrade, I really appreciate this platform and the knowledge it has given…nice one


Thanks for the hardwork


I love this. Great work and we have to keep it up :clap:t5:


This is amazing news , we are back on track


Glad to see all the progress Creatives have made. I hope that NF can see the benefit that we as creatives contribute to the ecosystem.
INA DAO has gone through all the documentation provided and we have now have a list of questions.

  1. Where do we make these proposals? Is it on the forum here?
  2. RE Metrics: what if we have only 3 council members, but over 10 community members - there doesn’t seem to be a category for that?
  3. RE Metrics: you say that you get points for attending events, it was clarified that these events were Creative DAO events - what if more than one council member attends the event, do we get a point for each member. Also, it would be very helpful if Creatives provided a list of events so we know when they are. What would be the average amount of events you are hosting per month?
  4. RE Metrics: very confused about “External World Engagement” How do we “help” mods with updates? It would be helpful if you provided the branding we need, where can we get it?
  5. From what we gather, we need to write 2 roadmaps, one long term for the DAO and one for each proposal, is that correct?
  6. Once we apply the first time, do we need to provide background information each time?
  7. Regarding the proposal itself, when you say make a copy for each different project, do you mean for each line item? Previously for example, we would have a bounty, website updates, educational material, gallery rentals and updates - would these all need a separate line? Do we have to make a roadmap for each one, in particular ongoing costs like rentals and updates? Are we supposed to do this for council facilitation as well (as a separate project and needing a roadmap)?
  8. We are being asked to become self-sustainable. The only things we as council members could think of to do this is a) sell a lot of NFTs and b) use DeFi to try to increase our savings. Are there any other things you could suggest to achieve this? Can we ask for $ to invest in DeFi in our proposals?
  9. We have heard that Marketing DAO is only funding large projects. Previously we have only been asking for small amounts to do social media, like creating posters and posting in our SM accounts. If it is true that Marketing DAO won’t fund smaller projects, can we include marketing in our proposal?

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure that more will come up. We would like to apply for the first round of funding, so it would be great to have these answers soon.

Thank you Creatives for all of your hard work!


This is great news!!!
Big shoutout to @creativesdao-council for putting in relentless work
I have a few question,
are events and onboarding still within the scope of the new guildlines?, especially for new DAOs
Thank you!


This is a good news… So happy to see this progress.


Crazy that one of the most prolific artists and OG active contributors isn’t eligible due to the strange DAO of DAOs structure.

What have been the lessons learned from the review and the key changes?

I believe the Creatives DAO needs to publish a post-mortem detailing the issues of the past and how these are going to be mitigated in the future.

I am particularly confused and concerned as to why a ‘Creatives’ DAO on a blockchain protocol has within its scope to fund ‘social impact’ causes - this may be good on the world but the Community Treasury is not a charity and these seldom align with the strategic growth goals of the ecosystem. Sadly, these ‘social impact’ proposals are easier to approve - because it is for a good reason, right? - and harder to challenges - because you wouldn’t oppose that great cause, right? The end result is an incredible grift where a lot of money is disbursed and there is little to no impact to the ecosystem.

Similar concerns go to the scope of Art. I believe it needs to be narrowly defined to be aligned with NEAR. Art as a category is extremely broad and the Community Fund should not become a Jobs Program so that ‘artists’ can earn very generous incomes (often many, many times the average income for their region) without adding any tangible value to the NEAR ecosystem.

Most people I talk to are still baffled at the ~$2m the Creatives DAO disbursed prior to the pause and review to questionable causes with little to no impact on broader ecosystem… I am yet to see how this time things are going to be different.


Yes, that’s correct.

It will be up to the moderator’s review. Based on the current review metrics, the score is between 1 point and 2 points. The moderators can give 1.5 points for the particular scenario you outlined, or 2 points after deeper due diligence, both on-chain, and off-chain, regarding the activity of your community members (e.g. checking if they are active, what they are doing, and if the wallets are not duplicates, etc.).

It’s also good to note that these metrics are not strict, which means that during the review of a project/DAO they serve as a reference point.

It’s only related to the Community Calls (4 per month). As the funding starts in March, we will be checking the attendance list from February’s community calls. Some of you are already holders of NFTs specifically created for this purpose. The maximum score is 18 points in total, and we can’t add additional points for each member, so having one representative from a project/DAO at the call is good enough.
We might have AMAs planned for creatives DAO Twitter space which will be informed a week in advance at least.

We’d like to maintain contact with the team behind the approved proposals for their DAOs to create promotional content for the Creatives (website, social media, etc.). In order to do this, we need to maintain direct contact with the core team and gather as much information and content created by the DAO’s community as possible.

For branding purposes, it’s simply how you deliver Creatives DAO’s image to the broader community. There’s no specific guide on this but it will depend on your own plan/strategy.

We’d like to have the post they might wanna share in advance so it can be shared on various CD social media and official near.social account.

Yes, that’s correct.

For the transparency purpose - yes, it’d be good to do that. Repetitive information can be done by linking to an introduction post, while some information needs to be customized for each proposal. E.g: Impact, Roadmap, DAO’s Milestones for proposal.

Yes, each objective requires its own table (presented example in the ‘Proposal Template’). Roadmaps are necessary and valuable to include, and the same applies to council facilitation.

It’s completely up to the DAO/project to determine how to become self-sustainable. If the team sees an opportunity for growth through using DeFi, they can feel free to try it and include it in their proposal. However, it’s important to note that a clear strategy for entry and information about which DeFi service they would like to use must be included. A detailed report will also be required. As far as I know, NxM, MarmaJ, and BeatDAO are using DeFi for growth purposes and are doing well.

We can’t answer on behalf of MarketingDAO, therefore it’d be good to ask them directly.
Our main focus won’t be on the marketing, therefore proposals related only to that field are going to be rejected, however, you can lock in 10% of the total requested amount for marketing purposes in order to properly market your project in your local place, etc., once you will provide a detailed plan for that.

It will be within the scope, however, it will depend on several factors such as the number of active users a DAO can onboard to NEAR, the value a DAO/project can bring to NEAR and Creatives, the level of activity within the community behind the DAO/project, etc.


Thanks for sharing your concerns.

The funding amount is reduced to more than 5x from the previous ones.

During this time we want to support our existing communities and help onboard more communities for a larger impact.

Our goal is to ensure

  • maintaining existing creative communities
  • onboarding new creative communities

Individual artists can reach out to existing communities for support as transferring funds to individual artists puts communities funding in jeopardy.

I understand your concern, however once we get our funding increased there will be more possibilities of funding individual artists without compromising on existing communities stability.


What if the DAO are really impacting to Near and brings Overawe report and good result.
They would still be funded just 3 times in a year ? How about the other months in the year, they’re to stop activities then


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