[Closed] RAINDROPSDAO | Funding Proposal | May -June 2023

Hello Team,

I represent RaindropsDAO, a community for artists, Poets, Developers, and authors, onboarding globally
I’d like to share our plan of action for the upcoming event and how we could make it large and impactful

Our previous event was very successful, and here are the report and insights from it.

  1. We had around 300+ college students, web#3 enthusiasts, poets, writers and developers who joined the event
  2. We have educated them about Near, Near Coin, and Near University and their benefits.
  3. We had a a panel discussion on the future of crypto, nfts and how to use NearWallet.
  4. We have onboarded over 100 folks on our Telegram, WhatsApp collectively.
    5)We had interactions and open discussions with students and web3 folks
  5. We shared our experience and invited our guests to share their experience in the web3 space.

PLAN OF ACTION - May -June 2023

Raindrops Art Festival

  1. Open platform for artists, musicians and other creative folks.
  2. on-spot painting competition
  3. on spot art auction
  4. Best art work with be minted on Mintbase
  5. Discussion about the Near Ecosystem.


    1. Mission to Onbaord Web3 Authors to Near Space .
    1. Creating Value to Ecosystem By Hosting an Offline and Online Event
    1. Creating more than 100+ Near Wallets and Also Sending NFTs
    1. Organizing First Metaverse Event for the Near India Community
    1. Influencing People and Developing to join Near University and Near Certified Courses
    1. Connecting 30 Big Influencers and Authors Globally on this Event
    1. 100 Best Selling Authors will be talk on Near and Influence people about the Near Protocol
    1. Creating a New Set of Artwork and Passes for Web3 Community - Artworks / Content
    1. Raindrops Project will give Open access to connect their 300 Authors Community.
    1. Holders of NFTs will get early access to Near Event / Raindrops LiteFestival and Online Seminar Session, Metaverse Meet-up



Total Requested Funding Amount: $2200

INTRODUCTION TO RAINDROPS DAO (a community of artists, poets, writers and creative folks)

Hey @bernarddsa
Your proposal has been submitted after the deadline, and therefore it will not be reviewed in this round. Additionally, it does not comply with our guidelines. Please feel free to review our guidelines below: