[Proposal] [Entre Monedas DAO] - Funding Proposal for August 2023

Title: Entre Monedas DAO - Funding Proposal for August 2023

DAO Introduction:
Entre Monedas DAO is a community-driven organization focused on documenting the process and promoting and enhancing the usage of community currencies in Mexico and the world. Our DAO aims to foster economic sustainability and empower local communities through the utilization of digital assets and blockchain technology such as Regenerative Finances.

Team Background:
Our team comprises experienced individuals with a deep understanding of community economics, blockchain technology, and creative outreach. We have successfully orchestrated the integration of traditional community currencies with modern digital platforms, resulting in increased financial inclusivity and empowerment.

Achievement Information:

  • We have established a strong network e content about the benefits of community currencies and web3.
  • We have organized several in-person events, from a big festival Tulum Crypto Fest to multiple beach clean ups, weekly meetings and international events, where we onboarded multiple people to Near and web3. Also including our participation at the Tumin National Fair and the National Assembly, where we engaged with regional representatives from across Mexico from this big network.
  • Our DAO is creating a strong team of tech, art and social integrations.
  • We almost finished the first chapter of the 14 chapters documentary serie

Our DAO’s impact is multi-faceted:

  • Social Impact: We are revitalizing and preserving traditional community currencies while modernizing their use through blockchain technology.
  • Tech Innovation: By integrating blockchain, we are enabling efficient and transparent transactions, driving financial literacy, and promoting economic self-sufficiency.
  • Mass Onboarding: Our efforts to onboard 3,000 Tumin members onto the NEAR wallet will contribute to the growth of blockchain adoption and digital asset awareness.
  • Collaboration: Through our initiatives, we’re fostering collaboration between various DAOs, expanding NEAR’s network and influence.

Utilization of NEAR Technology:
We leverage NEAR’s technology to create secure and user-friendly wallets for community members, facilitate seamless NFT minting on Mintbase, and utilize NEAR tools for enhanced interactions within the Web3 ecosystem.

Our roadmap includes:

  • Month 1-2: Onboarding 3,000 Tumin members to NEAR wallet, minting NFT collection, and developing integrations.
  • Month 3-4: Hosting online and in-person events to promote Tumin NFTs, facilitate discussions, and raise awareness.
  • Month 5-6: Launching collaborative projects with other DAOs, conducting workshops, and expanding our impact.

DAO’s Milestones for Proposal:

  • Onboard 3,000 Tumin members to NEAR wallet.
  • Call all holders of physical Tumin and reate and mint a collection of 1,300,000 Tumin NFTs that is what they have out in the market.
  • Facilitate collaborative projects with other DAOs and
  • Conduct, give and connect creative workshops to those who want to engage more with the blockchain technology.

Project 1: Tumin NFT Onboarding and Engagement
Description: Try to onboard the 3,000 Tumin members to NEAR wallet, mint their Tumins into NFTs, and organize events (online/presencial) to engage and educate the community.

Expected Outcome:

  • 3,000 members onboarded to NEAR wallet.
  • 1,300,000 Tumin NFTs minted.
  • Increased awareness and engagement through events.
  • Onboard more artist and developers into creatives and Near

Activities & Timelines:

  • Contact. the 3k member data base to start onboarding and NEAR wallet setup.
  • Create campaign to get the NFT minting and distribution.
  • Hosting/attending events and workshops in Cdmx, tulum, Queretaro and expand the campaign.


  • Events expenses: $1,000 (a lot of this will go to the Near start of at least .3 of each wallet for them to be able to do transactions)
    I think we can also onboard them to near.social and there is very interesting people. Reaching out to all developers and programmers in the Tumin data base :sparkles:

  • Photography and documentation: $500

  • Validators incentives: $500

  • Community and marketing dynamics in the national campaign: $500

  • Total Budget: $3,000

Alignment with CreativesDAO’s Purpose:
Our proposal aligns with CreativesDAO’s purpose by fostering innovation in the creative sector, promoting blockchain technology, and encouraging collaboration among various creative endeavors.

Longer-Term Goal and Milestones:
Our longer-term goal is to establish Entre Monedas as a hub for community-driven economic empowerment. Milestones include continued community growth, sustained engagement, and broader adoption of community currencies.

Community and Team Roles:
The community will actively participate in NFT minting, engagement events, and workshops. The team will coordinate activities, facilitate collaboration, and ensure project success.

Total Request Number: $3,000 USD
DAO On-Chain Address (Target Wallet): [betweencoins-entremonedas.sputnik-dao.near]

In conclusion, we seek your support to continue our impactful work, connecting traditional community currencies with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Together, we can drive financial inclusivity and empower communities through digital assets and creative engagement.

i have to say that the people in Tumin where a bit esseptic of the NFTs but then 3 days later i was on the national printed version of Milenio, one of the most important newsletter in mexico.

So they are really looking forward to hear more.

We would really appreciate the support :heart:



Hey, @Cryptocoatl Could you please provide more details of your proposal?
Are you applying for community funding or is this a partnership proposal?

Anyway, please read and check our Charter, as your proposal is not following our guidelines in such a form, therefore it can’t be reviewed.



I adapted into the correct form. I’ve been traveling so i wanted to mix the proposal and the report. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
How would a partnership work? I was thinking on a proposal, so we can start working together and see how to go further in time, i see a lot of things, Dapps, devs and artist that could be connecting to this. (im setting the documentary for the Next NFT to the moon with the NASA and SapceX mission on march, so everything that comes in the documentary and around will be in the moon too) :rocket: :sparkles:

May be we can get in a call about how would be the best way to weave.
Have an amazing 8/8 portal! :sparkles:

I’ll be joining creatives workshop from @Bancambios today in mexico city :heart:


AMAZING we want join to your project

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Thanks @Cryptocoatl for assisting to our Workshop about @creativesdao and @NDC_Comms


Thanks for the invite and super lucky i was on the city!

Looking forward to grow our near hub in Mexico!

Super cool community and great workshop yesterday, I do have so much more clear how we can add value to the Creatives DAO and to the NDC as the big communities we have in all Mexico and with that, Latinoamerica too.

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Is this proposal to become the Tumin currency?

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No, not the currency, the proposal is to create an NFT out of the current printed paper tumins. More in the collectionable and validations of those with Pic and number. The digital Tumin as currency has a another proposal but still in the way of deliberation of a few things on it.

So this NFT proposal is to approach all members of Tumin to a very simple form of cypto trough the NFTs and Near wallet (that gives an easy first step into crypto and that you can access very simple and with yourname.near) this collections of Tumin by year, region and number would be validated as a collectible, a simple mint that could have a royalty to the person that validates the physical holding, but that the sell of it will go mostly to a DAO for having a fund for whatever the project would need. Aand I was thinking if it’s possible to validate and send also with the token of the Tumin chain so they can receive that at the same time their NFT is minted from the DAO collection. I don’t know If that would be possible, or that would be a second approach once the council defines a bit better how tokenomics of the digital Tumin would work.

I would love to keep the conversation about how could we develop something for deeper technology interaction… it has a lot of potential

But as we prefer to go step by step this proposal is concrete just to create the collectible of Tumin NFTs that could Perfectly go live on mintbase in a very simple form with few minters and validators from from the Tumin community that will have incentives and education to be able to follow up to the tumistas that would like to join the NFT campaign.

But important to be clear that it won’t be directly related to the “digital Tumin” as that is a big decision that will come from the full council.

This is more a community action in a collectional manner and onboarding​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Paul any News on this proposal??

Hey @Cryptocoatl, your proposal didn’t receive enough points for approval.

Please review our report and attachments here:

What? Why?? I can’t believe Near it’s not giving the importance to this projects

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Thank you for your opinion, and your question @Cryptocoatl. However, everything has been described in detail in the excel sheet attached in the report that I have shared above.

i saw it, and that is why i don’t understand you don’t see the value proposition to onboard such a big community, both, value proposition and community grown are low… that is what i don´t undesrtand… and may be i should go more to NDC What should i do?