[Proposal] [The Virtual Tree Reforestation: Planting a Digital Future for Nature] - Funding Proposal for August 2023

Title: “Virtual Tree Reforestation: Planting a Digital Future for Nature” - Funding Proposal for August 2023
“Virtual Tree Reforestation: Planting a Digital Future for Nature”

Concept: Create a platform where individuals can acquire digital trees as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), with each NFT representing a real tree to be planted. Each digital tree serves as a symbol of commitment to reforestation and conservation.

How it Works?

NFTs Representing Trees: Each NFT purchased represents a physical tree that will be planted as part of reforestation efforts.

Environmental Commitment: Owners of digital tree NFTs demonstrate their dedication to reforestation and environmental conservation.

Nature Contribution: A portion of the funds raised through NFT sales will be used to collaborate with reforestation organizations, facilitating the planting of real trees on behalf of the community.

Funds Allocation: Allocate funds to support reforestation and conservation projects in natural areas, ensuring the preservation and growth of ecosystems.

Easy Adoption: Design a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of acquiring NFTs representing trees.

Virtual Community: Establish an online community platform for digital tree NFT owners to engage, share their commitment, and receive updates on reforestation projects.

Creative Promotion: Employ innovative marketing strategies to emphasize how acquiring NFTs represents a pledge to the preservation of nature.

Environmental Education: Provide comprehensive information about the significance of trees, the importance of reforestation, and details about ongoing and future projects


Reforestation Impact: Tangibly contribute to global reforestation efforts through the acquisition of NFTs representing trees.

Environmental Advocacy: Promote awareness and advocacy for environmental conservation through digital ownership of real-world trees.

Community Building: Foster a dedicated community of like-minded individuals committed to reforestation and sustainability.

Near’s Growth: Strengthen Near’s ecosystem by providing a unique and impactful use case, attracting new users and contributors.
This project’s integration with Near amplifies its reach, impact, and potential, contributing to both reforestation and the growth of Near’s vibrant blockchain community.



Platform Development: $800 - $1,000

Development of the website/platform
User interface programming
Integration of the Near blockchain
NFT acquisition functionality development
Implementation of the virtual community
Graphic Design: $300 - $400

Logo design
User interface (UI/UX) design
Creation of graphic elements for NFTs
Marketing and Promotion: $300 - $400

Social media strategies and online advertising
Creation of promotional content
Potential collaboration with influencers or affiliate marketing

Blockchain Integration and Smart Contract Development: $150 - $250

Implementation of smart contracts on the platform
Ensuring the security and functionality of transactions on the Near blockchain

Trees Planting: $1,000 - $1,200

Cost for partnering with reforestation organizations
Planting real trees on behalf of the community

Miscellaneous Expenses: $100 - $200

Platform hosting
Development tools and software
Possible listing fees on NFT marketplaces
Contingency Reserve: $150 - $250


Omg!! What a great proposal!! Looking forward to see how it is and support in everything I can from our ReFi and crypto network!

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Please check our charter and adjust the proposal accordingly.
Also, you have submitted proposal after the deadline, therefore it won’t be reviewed in this round.


Thank you for letting me know Paul.
I will make all the changes you suggest for sure!
Do you know when is the next round?

Hi @thisisfah ! You can read all the process in the links above, every month proposal are received until the 7th and they confirm or close your proposal around the 20th

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thank you so much @Cryptocoatl

It will open on September 1st to 7th

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Thank you so much boss I appreciate

Thank you! I will be working on this and I will submit on September :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is similar to a project we explored the past 15 months for LEGACY - Preserving Memoirs Forever, as part of the Filecoin / FVM ecosystem. Through this we were to match real-world tree planting with a digital twin / virtual forest. (I resigned in June from LEGACY to focus on Goa Music Lab / GLOA).

Digital trees don’t do much on their own, but you could directly liaise with somebody like Planted.Green, who have reforestation partners around the world. I know the founder well, if you want a contact. He is aware of the basics of tokenisation.

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