[Report] Creatives Constellation Trustee - William X

Creatives DAO Moderator - William X [JUNE]

Hello Creatives!

This was such a huge pleasure for me to work my first month as a Creatives DAO Mod. June was a month full of learning, meeting & discussions since we’re all evolving day by day to build a better community.


  • First meeting with Creatives DAO mods for introduction, bringing up our vision toward the future of Creatives & getting to know the moderator’s work.

  • Moderators DAO meeting every Monday at 17:30 UTC: This is dedicated to planning the future of Creatives through Updating Legal Status, Creating Domain, NCC & Kicking start NFT Market Place. Refer to the detailed proposal here.

  • Creatives DAO workshops every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC: Dedicated to preparing documents, guidelines, metrics framework & material needed for future grant applications. We believe that those documents will help DAOs in improving their proposals, restructuring DAOs in a truly sense of decentralization & planning their activities in a way that brings even more benefit to the NEAR ecosystem.

  • Creatives DAO discussions every Friday at 13:00 UTC: For discussions regarding grant proposals of Creatives community.

  • Besides meetings, I’ve learned a lot through reading community’s proposals & participating in side-quests regarding DAOs.

  • Created internal documents to contribute to the future of Creatives DAO

June was a productive month and full of new things to learn for me. Feeling glad to be part of @creativesdao-council and working with these amazing people. We’re working hard these last days of June to prepare a more comprehensive guideline for Creatives in July.

I hope this 6-month journey will bring fruitful results for the community!

Thank you very much for being here!
William X


Creatives DAO Moderator - William X [JULY]

Hello Creatives,

Another month has passed, July was another intense month with many changes & updates, I hope that everyone is being kept in the loop and continue to stay “creatives”. This is also the last month that old @creativesdao-council is on duty officially, I really grateful for what you have done and your decision to continue to stay for another month to support new mods & community.


  • Join internal meetings with teams ~2-3 times/week: Proposal reviews, workflow discussion, duty discussion, workshop for some changes in our internal work.

  • Set-up and recommend Trello to apply for Creatives Mod tasks

  • Side-quest regarding DAOs: help in creating cfcs, support with questions from DAOs via both private inbox and Creatives group chat. Most related to the delay in funding process.

  • Created an instruction to help with the new step in receiving community fund, which is sending invoice:

  • Last month I also applied to go to NearCON as part of Creatives DAO Mod, I believe that this is not purely a meeting opp but will be an important chance for us to get together as a team and discuss about the workflow, current situation of Creatives and ways to serve community better and more effectively. I think no matter how many online meetings we conduct, the result of this would worth to expect.

If you’re reading this, following updates maybe useful to keep up with everything about Creatives:

Updates about Creatives DAO moderators, Link to Creatives DAO Q1+Q2 Report, Link to Creatives DAO Report can be found in this topic:

Thank you community for being with us!

William X


Creatives DAO Moderator - William X [AUGUST]

Hello beloved Creatives!

August was a great month with many projects being implemented. We received 66 proposals from DAOs and 49 of them were approved to launch. The community payout process is also getting smoother for DAOs to get their projects done. I am grateful to be a part of this big family and join hands together with other @creativesdao-council in this operation.


  • Internal meetings with proposal reviewing

  • On call with “old-old” creatives DAO mods to reviewing the operation of Creatives

  • Internal meetings with discussions in working flow, onboard moderators & potential changes

  • On call with Near Insider to set up supporting packages for DAOs to boost their marketing activities (this is just a mutual partnership to get special deals to support DAOs, not a Creatives’ program or proposal)

Details: Services for DAOs in the Near ecosystem | Near Insider

  • Optimize Trello table for internal workflow

Thank you very much for reading this moderator update. Please find more information of Creatives DAO August report in details via:

See you @NEARCON!

William X


Creatives DAO Moderator - William X [SEPTEMBER]

Dear Creatives,

This has been a fulfilled month with so many things happened around. The highlight of this month’s activities was NearCON with important conversations & meetups, followed up by attending some side activities. Note that at the time I’m writing this report, there’s an incident happening in this thread: [complain] report on the fake wallets scheme that may affect the tone by personal harassments towards myself & some of the moderators.


  • Internal meetings with reviewing proposals:
  • Internal meetings for report & proposition documents towards possible changes in Creatives

  • NEARCON (10-15/9/2022), where:

    • I met and talked with both previous & current Creatives moderators to understand more insights of Creatives DAO & discuss on action plan accordingly
    • Attended important talks about DAOs, governance & creators in the next year of NEARs
    • Networked with regional hubs & NEAR representatives from different regions. Especially Asia where I base & more available to help or contribute in person.
    • Attended meeting with contact point from NF regarding Creatives DAO, NF’s goals & changes needed to implement.
  • Follow up meeting with Creatives mods to work on proposals for Creatives guidelines.

  • Collect metrics of DAOs on Astro for report

  • Work on draft matrix to evaluate proposals

  • Follow up meeting with NF contact person after NearCON

Final thoughts:

Since became a moderator in June, I have been focusing on changing the assumption that Creatives says yes to every proposal. That’s the reason why I took the reviewing work seriously and usually appear on forum with follow up questions. This can make some of the community members think that I’m holding power to close a proposal, but do note that every decision from moderator side is a collective decision (with voting), and the closure of a proposal doesn’t mean that it’s councils’ decision as well. Which mean, Creatives councils’ (DAOs councils) vote is the final voice, not moderator’s. However the system is far from perfect and we need more defined T&Cs so that no-one get criticized & personal attacked for a decision. (System focus, not personal focus).

We are improving, I believe that changes are needed to accommodate a big growing community (so does the number of proposals & problem to be solved), and glad we’re doing it. Again, I’m grateful to be a part of this community and learn new thing in every phases of its evolution.

William X


Thanks for supporting and good job!


Maybe there can be a moderators’ account in order to make the decisions, maybe a collective moderators’ account, @williamx.


That’s also a good call. By the way, glad that we are discussing on some nice approach here and here. If we come up with a defined matrix of questions or criteria, I think the reviewing work can be done in a fair and transparent way (even with the participation of more people) without needing a common account.


That is a good idea. Thank you! I will read it and give my suggestions.
:slight_smile: :pray:


Creatives DAO Moderator - William X [OCT - NOV]

Xin chào Creatives!

Over the past 2 months, Creatives DAO has gone through the restructuring process, where community funding has been temporarily postponed & many topics were raised to collect community feedbacks & contributions. With those actions, we have been working with the contact person of NF to come up with the final proposal of Creatives, where we hope to smoothening the reviewing process & creating a more healthy funding vertical in the ecosystem.


Work covered:

Hours of contribution: 200+

What’s next?

Mods team will be working for:

  • On-chain voting structure
  • Accessible evaluation process, working table to be shared to the community
  • Dedicated place to present info & stories

With NF, we will:

  • Confirm the funding to Creatives: Scheme of funding/Allocation/Evaluation
  • Facilitate new collaboration (under discussion)

For DAOs under Creatives, I personally understand how hard it is to maintaining activities during this time. I also hope our reports can keep you in the loop together with our discussion on TG. Thank you very much for your understanding and your engagement so far. Stay NEAR, stay Creatives!

William X


Creatives DAO Moderator - William X [DEC '22 - JAN '23]

Xin chào Creatives!

This period marks the conclusion of 2022 and shape new plans for Creatives in 2023. Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are ready to start a year full of energy. In the past two month, the communication has been actively conducted with both NF and Creatives community, which has led to positive outcomes & prepare Creatives to be ready for operating as a NEAR’s grassroot DAO. I personally feel grateful for every DAO members support & engagement.


Work covered:

  • Internal meetings (2-4 weekly) for updating proposals, meeting new Sr Community Mod, bounty for web designer (open call by @Paul), discussing on web building & community’s concerns.

  • Making Creatives DAO Introduction video. Collect materials, contact relevant authors & call for community consent. According to positive feedbacks received until Jan 25, the video will be featured on our website.


  • Revise evaluation metrics (with NF)

  • Creatives DAO Framework V1.0 (on progress)

  • Contact for DAO domain (done) & LLC (on progress). Thanks to @FritzWorm’s effort, Creatives DAO was legal wrapped, this is necessary to move forward with NF’s legal team for next steps.

Hours of contribution: 200+

What’s next?

  • Present the alpha version of Creatives DAO website
  • More articles & communication
  • Creatives DAO official account to live on NEAR Social
  • Updates on funding with NF

Most importantly, we stand by the community. Lots of things has happened over the past months regarding community & personal concerns. Besides being thankful for your alignment, I hope we stay strong & continue building regardless of unwanted defame & attacks. Thanks everyone for reading, hope you all have a great 2023 ahead!

Connect with me on NEAR Social

Stay NEAR, stay Creatives!
William X


Nice report, we understand how some certain people here who doesn’t understand us tried give problem to Creatives DAO, to tarnish our image with lies, negativity, hatred (to say) & false informations about our activities. Well, all those things made us by far stronger than them. But pls as you are working, we need to get back to work too, my question is when is it happening it’s getting late :sweat:


Hi Will,

Wondering why the new proposal for remuneration is as a comment on a 6+ month post, labelled REPORT.

The standard should be for each new proposal to have a separate gov forum post, clearly labelled [PROPOSAL]. This both helps to track things over time and for appropriate community input.

Hello, @williamx

I have a few concerns. But I choose to ask instead that you please clarify what you meant here:


Hey, @AugustKinge! I am not William, but I hope I can shed some light. It means Senior Moderator, and we’ve been to a meeting to meet the new person assigned to this role.


Thanks for your response, @kc_sollano.

I didn’t know there was such a role.

For better clarification, could you tell me if it the role is for Creatives DAO particularly or for the Forum (i.e. the entire Near Community)?


Thanks K & @AugustKinge for the follow up. He’ll be in charge of the community in general. FYI: DamnThatsCrazy New Sr Community Mod Intro Post


Hey! I do love to be helpful my friend! Big hug.


Creatives DAO Council Report - William X [February 2023]

Chao Creatives!

It’s another month with amazing initiatives happened around the ecosystem, and Creatives movement is one of them. February was a productive month for the Creative DAO, with several new initiatives being launched. As a moderator, I stepped down from the council position of NxM and VAD to fully focus on Creatives DAO activities.


Work covered:

  • Meetings (3-5 weekly, both internal & external) for discussion regarding: grant proposal, guidelines, website, legal wrapper & trust instrument, Creatives Support WG & POAP experiment. Weekly update with Senior Community Mod @DammnThatsCrazy

  • Finalize Creatives DAO proposal with NF, introduce new [Guide] CreativesDAO Guidelines and Procedures

  • Discuss the guidelines both on call & record Loom video for reuse purpose.

  • Complete Creatives DAO website, a separate report for this will be collectively published.

  • Resume weekly community calls on Monday 4PM UTC (with amazing participation of the community). Experiment with satori.art to distribute POAP token. Shout out to @kc_sollano for amazing POAP designs.

  • Work on Creatives DAO Support Working Group draft

  • Work with NF CM on the Closing of Sub-Categories on the Creatives DAO Forum

  • Other communication tasks on TG, email (external) & forum

Hours of contribution: 150+

What’s next?

We are working hard to prepare Creatives DAO for the transition of community treasury once it goes live on NDC, this includes requirements on legal status & framework of the DAO. The outcome of these on-going tasks will be reported to the community when they are shaped. The mods are receiving very active support from Foundation regarding this.

DAO internal activities:

  • Creatives DAO will start receiving new proposals from March 1

  • CTA to shape Creatives DAO Support Working Group

  • Community calls happen weekly on Monday 4PM UTC (confirmed via community poll)

  • CTA to shape an active community on Near Social (Have you had an account there? be on Near Social to engage with our amazing community). Connect with me on NEAR Social :wink:

Overall, February was a successful month for the Creative DAO, and I am proud of the work that we accomplished as a community. March will be a busy month with major changes on the ecosystem (and it’s true with Creatives DAO as well). I’m excited to see us go live next month!

Stay NEAR, stay Creatives!
William X


Creatives DAO Council Report - William X [March 2023]

Xin chào!

CreativesDAO had a busy March 2023. The DAO resumed its funding scheme and prepared for the transition to the Community Treasury. In addition, moderators organized weekly community calls and held office hours to provide extra support to DAOs. We also worked with the legal team to develop the Trust Instrument and reviewed CDAO charter with the GWG.

Moderators were fully committed to working in three different work schemes: CDAO internal community & proposals/Legal/Getting the DAO ready for the Community Treasury as part of the NDC.

Work covered:

  • Resuming funding scheme: CreativesDAO resumed its funding scheme in March, and the DAO received 35 proposals. All proposals were carefully reviewed with 9 approved proposals.

  • Opened & hosted Office Hours: We opened office hours to meet DAOs & founders to provide extra support. In March, 18 calls were booked, of which 15 were conducted. CDAO mods office calendar is always up, if you’re interested, please connect via Calendly - Creatives DAO

  • Hosted & assisted weekly community call: Organized 4 weekly community calls, which provided opportunities for members to connect, discuss DAO activities, and ask questions.

  • Weekly Sync with NF Sr Community Moderator: Participated in all weekly syncs with the NF contact person to discuss progress, provide updates, and address any issues. (1/4 calls were cancelled due to schedule conflict)

  • Legal Document: Worked with The Walkers law firm to develop the Trust Instrument. This is expected to be done in 1-2 weeks ahead to prepare the CDAO for community treasury.

    • Took charge of email communication & schedule meetings
    • Reviewed drafts
    • Attended discussion calls
  • CreativesDAO Charter: Worked with the GWG to finalize CDAO charter. A weekly sync with the GWG was set up for further updates beyond the charter, starting from March 23, 2023. Extra calls were also set up in March to better prepare the DAO with required documents.

    • Participated in writing the first draft of the charter since Jan 2023
    • Reviewed and updated the charter
    • Attended all syncs with GWG (3 meetings in March)
  • Internal Meetings: The mods held 4-6 internal meetings weekly, syncing nearly every day with three different streams of work: CDAO internal community & proposals/Legal/NDC

Hours of contribution: 150+

What’s next?

  • April funding round is about to open from 1-7 of April, 2023
  • Call for community consent in the CDAO charter once done (we’re working with GWG to come up with a public version)
  • Public the Trust Instrument once done
  • New guidelines for DAOs regarding: KYC process & how to receive funding after the transition to Community Treasury
  • Weekly Community Calls to be conducted as usual
  • Office hours are constantly opened

Overall, I appreciate the hard work of all other members in @creativesdao-council team, March was a busy month and we expect to have April go with lots of updates to the community. Especially, I want to say big thanks for Creatives community who are actively engage with us to build up the DAO. There will be a lot to digest as we keep moving forward, we’ll do our best to make sure you’re kept in the loop, please attend our weekly sync.

Stay NEAR, stay Creatives!
William X


your work is amazing Will, what I can see you are very patient under pressure and very reasonable to explain in detail to the community, kudos :pray: