[Approved] filipino artist guild - funding proposal for may - 2023

• DAO introduction
The Filipino Artist Guild is a DAO that focuses on web3 creatives who focus on helping Filipino artists, technologists, and enthusiasts who are interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology for creative expression. Our members have a diverse range of skills and backgrounds but they share a common vision of building on Near.

Overall, our community is going to focus on web3 arts to create a supportive and collaborative ecosystem that empowers artists and creatives to explore the potential of decentralized apps (dAps) for creative expression. By leveraging the power of blockchain networks, the community can promote greater transparency, fairness, and inclusivity in the creative economy, while also creating new opportunities for innovation and experimentation in the arts.

• Why team is best for the funds

Team members:
SG (guaschingmachines.near) is a self taught pixel artist who’s been in the Near ecosystem for over a year, before I have been a council member, He have handled the moderation of the guild and has been contributing in different projects before as a social media manager, community moderator, and admin team. Aside from developing new initiatives for the guild in both irl and virtual space, he also host the twitter spaces for our AMA and community initiatives.

Quiapogi (quiapogi.near) is an artist, one of the social media manager/community managers. Been here in the ecosystem for almost a year now, started as an active community before getting elected as a council. Helps on creating and organizing an initiative for the community.

Mido (mido4bs.near) is a researcher and moderator in the guild before becoming a council member. She helps in accommodation of new artists from zero to hero (onboarding) on Near. Hosts twitter spaces to help our artists to have more confidence in shilling their NFT projects. Also the go-to person when partnering with different NFT projects for whitelists, giveaways, and cross-dao collaborations.

Mary (maryrazel.near) is one of the councils that helps in managing the DAO’s social media account, specifically in Facebook, and also helps in proposal and report writing. Started as an NFT artist, who has been on Near ecosystem for a year. Along with Mido, she’s also the go-to person for NFT partnerships and cross-dao collaborations.

Saii (saii.near)
Saii is an artist who also manages social media and contributes to planning. Saii has been active in the NEAR community for almost two years as a member, NFT artist, collector, and moderator. Possesses marketing and advertising experience and has been making an effort to introduce members and artists to the NEAR community.

The Filipino Artist Guild has been in the ecosystem for a year and we have been creating value beyond our means as a community in Near. We have established deep connections with our members and have collaborated with different DAO’s, NFT projects, organized virtual and IRL events under Creatives and Near.

As a creative guild, we have developed ways on how we can create engagement in the community to promote adoption and creativity through different events that we had in the past that have helped countless members promote their arts and know more about the beauty of web3 especially in Near. We have also presented them different kinds of opportunities to showcase their talent and help them be connected through different DAO’s under Near that further served them opportunities to nourish their careers.

To sum it up, we believe that we are worthy of funding as we always ensure that we bring value, creativity, and decentralization every step of the way in our Near journey.

• Achievement information about the DAO
What has your DAO achieved till now as a community? Quantitative and qualitative information.
• Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only)
Share the content links of youtube Instagram with numbers of engagement, website etc, events done IRL
1.1 Facebook
○ 1 506 followers
○ Our post about Fil. Artist Guild’s first offline event, that is meant to promote NEAR to local artists, has the most interaction; reaching 7 150 users on the platform.
1.2 Twitter
○ 1 606 followers
1.3 Instagram
1.4 IRL Events
○ Filipino Artist Guild Art Jam with Local Visual Artists
Day 1
Day 2
Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse
2.1 Eight (8) proposals under the Creatives DAO
February 2022
March 2022
April 2022
May 2022
June 2022
July 2022
August 2022
September 2022
2.2 One (1) proposal under the Marketing DAO
June 2022
2.3 351 proposals on Astro DAO
2.4 Number of councils
○ Seven (7) on-chain council members
2.5 Community Size
○769 members on Telegram
○ 1 506 followers on Facebook
○ 1 606 followers on Twitter
**2.6 Onboarded Wallet

List of Onboarded Wallet
alfredd.near Zynaery.near lagnat.near
Jamilaa.near Hevxn.near chaboy.near
Jayrome.near Butterflychelly.near jomanuel.near
Keann.near Pusart.near joseash.near
Limar.near Whosee.near soul1219.near
Yvanillart.near Eyesore.near wonderingcreator.near
Swilart.near Senon15.near marlontaylo77.near
Starlightexo_13.near Jrawsarts.near rentwentyone.near
Roselley.near Arcie.near finn_art.near
Ironoxide.near Psalms.near bellyjoy.near
Redne.near Brgrsn.near abeee123.near
Frenzic.near Agosto_blue.near starve.near
Unicohijo.near Mdsignco.near Artkyvee.near
Genvergara.near Oneiro.near Exintrovert.near
h_aruo.near Klode_bhe.near Killuaarts.near
Vanz_30.near Jp.near Princess.near
Ashiya.near Paulmadali16.near frankiee.near
Mhiemhie.near Haruo.near biancamaedejuan.near
Yvonnneeee.near Chinichi.near Cessy.near
Sev7.near Anthonynuevas.near Zyechotic.near
Rayber.near Vemarts.near Marv021.near
Saigahjem.near Tonetcyx.near arte_han.near
Cjaneartz.near kingrhou.near mochii_desu35.near
Sans14.near gwyne.near tsukk1.near
Horhe.near lourencepestanas.near
Total Number of Onboarded Wallets 74

2.6 Number of NFTs
○ 77 NFTs on Mintbase
○ 175 NFTs on Paras

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

    Art and Culture

  • Impact
    We are on track to make more impact through virtual and IRL events, DAO to DAO collaborations, as we aim to be a self-sustaining guild that represents Near’s growth in the Philippines.

  • Roadmap

Every phase is 6 months.

Phase 1: Foundation Funding and Community Building

  • Establish the NFT art community with a clear mission and vision statement
  • Identify and invite artists to join the community and mint their NFT art pieces through Near dApps.
  • Develop and launch a website for the community to showcase the NFT art pieces and provide information about the artists
  • Host virtual events such as exhibitions, auctions, and meetups to engage the community and attract new members
  • Secure funding from the foundation to cover operational costs and support the community’s growth

Phase 2: Self-Sustainability and Merchandise Development

  • Analyze the community’s financial needs and explore revenue-generating opportunities
  • Develop a strategy for selling merchandise such as NFT art prints, t-shirts, and other collectibles
  • Launch an online store to sell merchandise and provide a new source of income for the community
  • Establish partnerships with other NFT art communities, galleries, and marketplaces to increase exposure and reach new audiences
  • Organize offline events such as exhibitions, workshops, and talks to connect with the local art community and gain more visibility

Phase 3: Expansion and Long-Term Sustainability

  • Evaluate the community’s performance and set new goals for growth and sustainability
  • Consider expanding the community by adding new members, introducing new art genres, or exploring new NFT use cases
  • Explore alternative funding sources such as, sponsorships, or collaborations with brands and institutions
  • Continuously improve the website and online store to provide a better user experience and increase sales
  • Establish a governance structure to ensure the community’s long-term sustainability and accountability to its members.



The Filipino Artist Guild is a DAO that supports Filipino artists and helps them explore the potential of blockchain for creative expression. In line with this, we would like to collaborate with the Fine Arts students of the University of Rizal System, Philippines. Specifically, this project aims to:

  • onboard non-NEAR creatives to the ecosystem;
  • introduce Near to the participants; and
  • showcase their artworks through virtual and in-real-life exhibits.

Expected outcome:
Introduction of Near to non-Near NFT artists, and non-NFT artists among the participants.

  • Raise awareness on how a blockchain can be beneficial for creatives.
  • 70% of the participants will be onboarded on Near.
  • 70% of the participants will be knowledgeable about Near, and how NFT and blockchain works.
  • Successfully held a virtual exhibit through 3xr and Mintbase.

Activities & timelines:
In this project, we will be collaborating with a local state university in the Philippines. The Filipino artists that will be participating in the event will showcase Filipino culture, such as its folksongs and games, hence the name A LA WI RO. The event will happen in the month of May, 2023.

Venue: University of Rizal System
Date: May 4, 2023
Participants: Fine Arts Students of University of Rizal System, Philippines
Council-in-charge: quiapogi.near and mido4bs.near

The event will start on the 4th of May with a talk about "Introduction of the Filipino Artist Guild and NEAR ‘’ that will be led by mido4bs.near, a council member of the Filipino Artist Guild. They will discuss topics that are not limited to: what is Near; what are NFTs, the onboarding process; and how Near, and the blockchain as a whole, help traditional artists. This will then be followed by a ribbon cutting for the opening of the exhibition, photo ops, and the onboarding of new users to Near. The art exhibit will run for 2 weeks.

Sponsored Material (Printing on Sintra); as the artworks will be in a digital form, we will be printing the works on sintra board for the exhibit. – $270
Food; will accommodate 30 to 40 people. This will be for the artists, and visitors such as the city mayor, council member of F.A.G, other local artists.$200
For Collection of Physical Arts; we will be collecting the some of the art piece from the exhibit that will be added on the guild’s portfolio, and will be used for future DAO exhibit$100
For Wallet Creation; we will be onboarding atleast 70% of the participants or 26. But we will try to onboard more people in Near through this event as we’re expecting outside visitors visiting the exhibit. (as of 04.07, 20 usd = 10N; will be needing 0.2N per wallet creation)$20

Total: $590

Target Wallet: filipino-artist-dao.sputnik-dao.near > quiapogi.near

Project 2 (24-HR ART RUSH)

The Filipino Artist Guild is a community of Filipino artists who work together to promote their artwork and support each other’s creative endeavors. In line with this, we are having an art contest entitled “24-hr Art Rush”. This event aims to:
provide an opportunity for artists to challenge themselves, express their creativity, and get recognition for their work;

  • uplift the Filipino art scene in the blockchain, specifically in Near and make it more accessible to people both locally and globally; and
  • encourage artistic expression and creativity among Filipino artists.

Expected outcome:

  • Onboard ≥5 new members to Near on a weekly basis.
  • Near DApps interaction; we will be incorporating astroDAO on the voting system, we will be using Near Social as one of the platforms where the participants must post their entry — this will lead to more users in Near Social, DApps such as Paras will be used to mint the winning entries, and we will also be using Mintbase and 3xr for a virtual exhibit.

Activities & timelines:

  • This event will be held on a weekly basis.
  • Every Monday the Filipino Artist Guild’s council will announce the theme of the challenge.
  • Participants must finish and submit their entries within 24 hours.
  • Official entries will be posted by Wednesday.
  • The voting process will start every Wednesday.
  • The winners will then be announced within Friday to Saturday.

Prizes per week (13 weeks from May to July)
1st - $50
2nd - $30
3rd - $20
Total - $100

Total Budget: $100 * 13 weeks= $1,300
Target Wallet: filipino-artist-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Project 3 (Collaboration with XOVOX Labs for and IRL event)

The Filipino Artist Guild aims to promote and support the work of Filipino artists. To further achieve this goal, the guild plans to collaborate with XOVOX Labs, a Filipino metaverse game development studio, to organize an interactive artist workshop for artists and game developers. The objectives of this project are as follows:

  • To introduce NEAR to a wider audience and encourage adoption
  • To attract game developers and more artists to NEAR
  • To provide a unique and authentic gaming experience to players in the metaverse.

Expected outcome:

  • ≥ 30 participants from Filipino Artist Guild and XOVOX Labs.
  • 60% of non-Near participants will be onboarded to Near.
  • 80% of the participants will express their interest towards Near, and its dapps: specifically NFT marketplaces such as Paras, Few and Far, and Mintbase.
  • Increase of Near adoption and awareness among Filipino artists, and game developers.

Activities & timelines:
Venue: TBD
Date: TBA; we plan on starting this by July
Participants: Artists and game developers from the Filipino Artist Guild and XOVOX Labs.
Council-in-charge: The council members of the Filipino Artist Guild and XOVOX Labs.

The event will be structured with interactive sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities. Participants will be able to learn about game development and voxel asset creation, as well as the benefits of using NEAR for these purposes. The event will also provide opportunities for participants to network and collaborate with other artists and game developers.

Venue – $300
Food; will accomodate atleast 30 people – $180 (snacks)
Materials – $530

  • Giclee print $35-36 usd each estimated (14-15 participants)

Total - $1,010

Target Wallet: filipino-artist-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Project 4 (Artist of the Month)

The Filipino Artist Guild is a DAO that seeks to support and promote the work of Filipino artists. As part of the DAO’s initiatives, we proposed the “Artist of the Month” program, which aims to:

  • recognize and incentivize active participation in the DAO;
  • support the development of Filipino art; and
  • showcase the diversity and talent of Filipino artists, wherein it can raise awareness about Filipino art, and promote the DAO 's values of inclusivity and creativity.

Expected outcome:

  • Growth of Filipino Artist Guild; the initiative could help attract new members to the Filipino Artist Guild and contribute to its growth as a community of Filipino artists.
  • Increased exposure for Filipino artists; through this event, we will be able to help the artists’ to showcase their works that could lead to their works reaching a wider audience.
  • ≥ 5 community members are actively interacting with Near dapps; minting NFT works through Near dapps, and actively voting on astroDao among others.
    ◦ Near DApps such as NFT marketplaces that are not limited to Paras, Few and Far, Mintbase; and DeFi dapps that are not limited to Ref Finance, Trisolaris.

Activities & timelines:
The AOTM initiative aims to showcase the talent and diversity of Filipino artists within the F.A.G community and other DAOs on the Near Forum. The initiative will recognize one Filipino artist each month who has demonstrated an exceptional level of participation in various activities within the FAG and other DAOs. To determine the AOTM, a pointing system will be used, which is based on the artist’s participation in various activities. Each artist will accumulate points based on their participation in activities such as Bounty participation, 24-HR Art Rush, Community Call, and Twitter Space Attendance. The points system is designed to encourage active participation and engagement within the FAG and other DAOs in Near blockchain.

At the end of each month, the points accumulated by each artist will be tallied, and the artist with the highest points will be declared the AOTM.

Budget: 200 * 3 months (May, June, and July)
Total Budget: 600
Target Wallet: filipino-artist-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Herewith is the criteria for choosing the Artist of the Month.

Criteria 3 5 10
Onboarded Wallet Onboarded ≤ 2 wallets, different entity, to Near Onboarded 3 wallets, different entity, to Near Onboarded > 3 wallets, different entity, to Near
dApps Interaction Uses 1 Near dapps Uses 2 to 3 Near dapps Uses > 3 Near dapps
Interaction with the Community Has joined both community call and twiter space once Joined community call and twitter space 2 to 3 times Joined all community calls and Twitter spaces
Bounty Participation Participated on any bounties from other Near DAOs once Participated on any bounties from other Near DAOs twice Participated on any bounties from other Near DAOs thrice or more
24-hr Art Rush participation Rank 3rd on 24hr Art Rush Rank 2nd on 24hr Art Rush Rank 1st on 24hr Art Rush

Other Budget:
Council Rewards: $1 500

  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

To be able to propagate Near to a wider Filipino audience, onboard new people into the NEAR community, and support the community with knowledge sharing, collaboration and events.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal
  1. Host and organize more IRL and virtual events that can introduce Near to community outside the ecosystem.
  2. Onboard new artists to Near by having different art contests/challenges.
  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?
  1. With the help of weekly art events, we’ll be able to aid and support artists in having more exposure to the Near ecosystem.
  2. With the help of DAO to DAO Collaborations, we’ll be able to open more avenues and stronger relationship towards the different DAOs in the community
  3. IRL events will help us be exposed more in the Philippine community and encourage more adoption for Near
  4. To be able to attract developers to build on Near
  5. With the legalities created, we’ll be able to get protected by legal wrapper and take necessary action for people who will take advantage of the guild.
  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

Participants, Contributor, Judge

Total request number: $5000
DAO on-chain address (target wallet): filipino-artist-guild.sputnik-dao.near


What the heck is going on here? You already got 6.3 points in April and are not eligible for funding (need 9+ points). Why have you created the proposal?

@creativesdao-council @blaze @marketingdao-council

@hairen @blaze take a look at it. Why not eligible applicants create proposals again and again?

Hi @Roizlive,

First, please mind the language, there’s no offense needed when asking a question. To answer your question, Creatives guidelines clearly stated:

To read full CDAO guidelines and procedure, please visit: [Guide] CreativesDAO Guidelines and Procedures

Thank you!


All proposals must score at least 9 (nine) points to be eligible for funding. Filipino artists got 6,375. Take a look at the Creative DAO charter. Will you change Creative DAO rules and revise voting whenever you need to support friendly council DAOs? @blaze !!!

OK, to dive in a bit further, let me break down 2 things: A Proposal and DAO/guild itself. If a proposal get <9 points, it’s not eligible for funding. However, having a closed proposal doesn’t mean that DAO/guild is not eligible for funding anymore. => A DAO can have more than 1 proposal, and each proposal is treated independently.

It’s true that “All proposals must score at least 9 (nine) points to be eligible for funding”

And because FAG’s March proposal got 6,375 point, it wasn’t eligible to get fund. However, that’s the case of March proposal itself, they still can submit another proposal for April.

That’s all I can do to explain, if the language barrier is the problem here :wink:


Hi @The_darrk , I understand your concern, but if you go through the guidelines made by the creatives it was explained better. If a proposal gets rejected because a dao does not meet the 9 points criteria, a dao can engage in activities during the time the proposal was rejected and work on submitting another proposal that would reach the point. I hope I’m able to clarify this


It will be fun to see how mods use to push this proposal and draw extra 3 points. @blaze, take popcorn. You still don’t trust your true community and are focused on people who manipulate you. For over one year, we have been looking at the game in Creative DAO. You were our hope to change anything.

The proposal was granted approval on April 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details: