[Approved] Blaqk Stereo April - May Budget [2023]

Creatives new proposal structure:

Blaqk Stereo proposal April / May -

Project/Council Members:

@Hawwal hawwal.near
@cotmusic cotmusic.near
@Sholaspark sholaspark.near
@BennyB blaqkstereo.near

Target: blaqkstereo.sputnik-dao.near
Total Requested Funding Amount: $5000 in DAI

Projects & Timelines:

No. Activity Budget ($)
1. - Guinness Certificate and NFT Drop 3,000
2. - Guinness music NFT drop & Community Incentives for Near dapp interactions 500
3. - Council work 1,500
Total - 5,000


April:may:june 2023

The Link to the full project proposal (In line with the new creatives proposal format) is available via the google link above.

We continue to thank the creatives Dao for their tremendous support in carrying out these activities, We are off to a great start this April / May and we would appreciate the continuous support from the creatives Dao.
Thank you. cc @creativesdao-council


The proposal was granted approval on April 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:


Thanks so much Mods, we really appreciate the trust and we will deliver as promised :hugs:. @creativesdao-council

Congratulations guys

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