(CLOSED) Family DAO Artisan’s Show Your Crafts Bounty

Hi dear Family DAO
Im Katharine Bankole,
I Carve alongside with my 5 colleagues we made this, and im represnting, to show our works

Image 1 shows Carving of Monkeys saying Hear no evil, See no evil & Do no evil

we are not permitted to post more the 1 image cos we are new here

If we win this, we would be minting these, and we will be giving Family DAO the Physical Items.
thank you @DUCHESS1 @Jummyk



By night I am a web3 artiste on NEAR; by day, I am a Cordwainer/Cobbler/Shoemaker.

Artisan DAO is a great idea. A community of creative hardworking entrepreneurs.

Near wallet: johnwike.near


Hi guys, sorry, you can remove me from the store, I’m not in a position to produce and I won’t mint anytime soon, again, sorry for the inconveniencin


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Hello, i just listed my art.
Should i summit the link here too?

I am a web3 artiste by night and a Cordwainer/Cobbler/Shoemaker by day.

Here is an halfshoe that I made.

Artisan Family DAO is a great platform to support creative people with handwork.



@theli9htbulb on IG
@li9htbulb on twitter
Light thegisnine bulb on facebook

Gift perverse judgement so pls n pls admins or whoever is to to choose the winner should be fair when choosing the winner and I hope they don’t adjourn the date from tomorrow again also :relieved:




Oh, Okay. we hope everything is fine with you. :shamrock:

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We so much respect every Creators entries on this bounty as it all looks beautiful and awesome.

We wish we could select everyone.

Meanwhile to appreciate all, we are going to recreate this bounty for 8 creators to win equally by december.

But for this, We council members have internally made our votes on each entries
Which we have the Top 3 Winners from each councils opinions.

Congratulations to

  1. @elizabethramos (Bounty) Family DAO Artisan’s Show Your Crafts Bounty - #19 by elizabethramos

  2. @Oma1
    (Bounty) Family DAO Artisan’s Show Your Crafts Bounty - #56 by Oma1

  3. @Mailza
    (Bounty) Family DAO Artisan’s Show Your Crafts Bounty - #34 by Mailza

Top winning reasons: Quality,Originality, and Redeem-ability

Thank you so much for your participation.

We hope to see all participants in the next bounty by December which will ensure more entries to win.

Cheers :partying_face:


Oww! I cannot describe my happiness with this opportunity and recognition.

Thank you to everyone who voted and participated, many beautiful works.

It means a lot as an artisan to have spaces to share my work, processes and everything that involves this art of fire!



Congratulations to the winners.
And to all of us that participated, we all did great

I hope everyone is okay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a question about the payment, will it fall into my wallet or do I need to do some procedure?


Congrats @elizabethramos

Have you also tried to join our telegram yet?

Telegram: Contact @familydaoartisans Thank you

and yea, at the moment, we lost 15% of our AstroDAO balance to the dip,

Pls we only have an option to wait for it to pump back to balance, or you wait till December, when you can also request for transfer on our AstroDAO,

we’ve only seen & voted @Oma1’s request


Hello!! graciasss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I just applied to join the telegram group.

But I didn’t understand very well… If I don’t return to balance, will I lose the prize? Or if I wait until December, can I ask for the reward amount (200)?


You’ve won :heart:

you just have to wait to a time in December to receive the fund, because our balance in the astrodao at the momment is not enough to pay you, we lost 15% of it the the dip. I hope u understand now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Hello!!! How are you?

I just submitted my award proposal, converting dollars to near. That’s right, isn’t it?


Yes dear @elizabethramos you got it correctly, we are only saying our current balance is not enough to perform the transaction, so you have to wait a bit, you will be notified when to actually submit. Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You deleted your telegram account, how do we do it now?
I’ve been waiting for months, that sucks.

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hi dear @elizabethramos I cant access my telegram account at the moment but for sure, other council members are still in charge while i fix my telegram or maybe get another telegram account.

The problem we had with your payment was hoped to be paid as soon as CREATIVES DAO resume, you are the only one left to be paid. and we have always been discussing this on the telegram group.

we lost most of our fund to crypto dip, our only option is to wait till our next funding round, then get u payed from our personal moderator’s payment.

pls bear with us as Creatives DAO just announced the resumption date,

thank you for your patience, we got you!

@Jummyk pls attend to her on telegram, while i work on retrieving mine. thank you

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