[PROPOSAL] Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residency # 3rd Edition

Council members:
Steven MacKay | @stevenrice.near
Catia Ciriaco | @catia.near
Lourenço Sampaio | @lvgs759.near

Planting A.I.R. is a DAO whose main goal is the homonymous artistic residency program Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence that shelters Lisbon-based artists and creatives from less-privileged backgrounds, providing studio and mentorship to collaborate and freely express themselves through projects that integrate them into the non-boundary universe of crypto-art.

Created by Arroz Estúdios, a non-profit cultural association based in Lisbon, represented in the NEAR ecosystem as Arroz-Criativo-Dao), Planting A.I.R distinguishes two resident artists every two-month edition. The two-months residency guarantees:

  • Free studio space at Arroz Estúdios
  • Integration with an artistic community to develop their work & practice
  • A monthly budget to stipends
  • Mentorship
  • Bi-weekly onboarding workshops on the NEAR ecosystem – from creating a wallet and trading to minting and NFTs
  • Exhibitions/gigs opportunities

The Planting A.I.R DAO is a sprout of Arroz Criativo DAO, that have been actively connected with the NEAR community since 2021, focusing on different successful projects. This proposal aims to develop the 3rd edition of this residency program with the active work of:

@CatiaCiriaco | Studio & Residence Manager at Arroz Estúdios, with a post-graduation in Programming and Cultural Management and a master in Curatorial Studies, Cátia worked in Portugal with different cultural organizations and as an assistant curator at Carpe Diem - Arte & Pesquisa. In Amsterdam for 10 years, she had the opportunity to work for an international art gallery - C&H Art Space, while developing my career in the corporate world. Back in Portugal since 2021, Cátia is responsible for different national and international projects and for the funding opportunities at Arroz Estúdios.

@StevenR | With over 10 years of experience in the music industry and in cultural events across Europe, Steven is currently president of Arroz Estúdios. Passionate about Portugal, he moved to Lisbon in 2018 due to the opportunity of cultural development in this city. At Arroz Estúdios, Steven manages all the administration and music curation operations. Enthusiastic of new blockchain technologies, he has been involved in the crypto & web3.0 sector since 2020, having participated in the first NFT exhibitions in Europe, including Rare Effect, in Lisbon. Since then, he has collaborated as a project manager, educator and speaker in this area.

@lvgs759 | Lourenço is a naval engineer, but it was in music that he found his passion. At Arroz Estúdios, he works as the association’s music programmer and financial manager. He also has several projects in the musical area, which include his music label Vilamar Records and music production, and he is also a DJ.

Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence was launched in 2021 and so far has accommodated 11 artists in residency, which have all have been able to move to a more digital approach on their work and contribute to the Near community, not only by creating a collection of NFT’s that are in the network, but also because some of the artists continue to work on the blockchain sphere and promote Near Protocol within their circuits.

Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residency gain its recognition in the Lisbon artistic scene and it’s now a reference for young artists who want to explore the possibilities about blockchain in their work.

For the 1st edition the program proudly welcomed residents David Arranhado, Haverton Harieno, Jô Kalagary and Dj Riky. In the 2nd edition, the Planting A.I.R residents were Nkaka Sessa, Tomás Santos, Dora Cruz & Karen da Silva, Pedro Queirós, Vicente Ramos and Filipa Bossuet.

Planting A.I.R uses Arroz Estúdios’ platforms built on NEAR, such as Astro and Mintbase, but also Arroz Estúdios’ website, Telegram group, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Planting A.I.R also has a digital presence at the NEAR Governance Forum. It is to be noted that the artists in residence also multiply relevant information about the project and the NEAR ecosystem.

Website | arrozestudios.pt

Twitter | 1006 followers

IG | 21,9k followers

Telegram | 250 members

Facebook | 11k followers

Astro Dao


NEAR Forum

Proposals created | 5 • Council Members | 3 • Community manager | 1 • Size of Community | 3 members on Astro, 250 members on Telegram • Number of NFTs on Mintbase | 14 • Onboarding workshops | 24 • Wallets created | 25

Exhibitions | 2 • Concerts | 2 • Performances | 2 • Publications | 1 • Websites | 1 • Stores | 2 • I Other I 1 •

Art, Music, Culture, Mixed-Media, Community.

The Planting A.I.R programme brings great young artists and creatives together within the NEAR community through original and uniquely created art projects during the residency. Since 2021, 11 artists have benefited from the residency, also becoming multipliers of the NEAR ecosystem in their own communities and social media. Not to mention the important spin-off in the form of partnerships with other DAOs.

Projects from last edition:

Nkaka Sessa I Link to project I Link to project

Tomás Jones I Link to project

Karen da Silva | Link to project

Dora Cruz I Link to project

Pedro Queirós I Link to project

Filipa Bossuet I Link to project

Vicente Ramos I Link to project

Linha Coletivo I Link to project

More info on the residencies and reports for previous editions here


  • Project management
  • Open call and artist selection
  • Creation of own Instagram account to share the project
  • 1st residency cycle
  • 4 workshops in blockchain, crypto art, web.3, NFT’s and integration on the Near ecosystem for the artists and local community
  • Report
  • 2nd residency cycle
  • 4 workshops in blockchain, crypto art, web.3, NFT’s and integration on the Near ecosystem for the artists and local community
  • Report

PA - 3rd Edition Roadmap

:page_facing_up: PROPOSAL

Description: Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residency - 3rd Edition

Expected outcome:

  • Artists development and educational program on blockchain
  • New wallets
  • NFT creation and minting
  • Integration in the Near ecosystem


  • 2 residency periods of 2 months each: May & June / September & October
  • Mentoring program with the resident artists from Arroz Estúdios
  • 8 workshops on blockchain, Web.3, NFT’s and integration in the NEAR ecosystem throughout the residency period
  • Final project presentation


  • Total amount for the full project:
    Request for May: US$2000
    [On the following months, we’ll request the additional US$3000 & US$5000]

PA - 3rd Edition Roadmap & Budget

The main goal of Planting A.I.R DAO, through the Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence program, is to make art practice accessible for everyone and provide an opportunity for artists to freely express themselves, by continuously providing a space for artists from a less privileged background, having as Web3 and crypto-art as allies. The program also wants to establish and make use of its own social media profiles to showcase the artistic projects of current and former residents.

In 2023, Planting A.I.R DAO aims to strengthen the already established partnership with the creative community of the NEAR ecosystem in order to continue to provide ongoing support to at least 6 artists annually; while continuing to open up the possibilities of Web 3 to artists from less privileged backgrounds.

Cátia Ciríaco I Project management
Cátia is the project manager for Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence. She manages the project since its preparation to the report and is an unconditional fan of this project. With a curational perspective that supports artists during their residency period, but also with a very pragmatic approach on new technologies, Cátia makes sure artists deep dive in the educational program on NFTs and blockchain technology (Web3) and smoothly integrate in the Near ecosystem to expand the network.

Steven Rice | Project oversight
Steven is overseeing the full operation of the project and provides guidance especially in the educational program of the residence. With an extended experience in the music industry and also on blockchain, Steven is responsible for the platform Autonomies, a community owned marketplace empowering artists, collectors and labels and also for Rare Effect, the first NFT festival in Portugal.

@mette | Project support
Former council member of both Arroz Criativo DAO and INA DAO, Mette is Danish producer based between Lisbon and London and cultural researcher, she is creative resident at Arroz Estúdios. She currently works in organizing and programming cultural events, coordinating live music performances and promoting artists. Mette supports this project along with Sam, by participating in the open call and artists selection process.

@lamour | Project support
Samantha Hill is an English artist and has a background in both Fine Art and Fashion, where she provides design research to independent and high street brands. She is now extending her practice into Print Design, taking inspiration from fashion trends and the natural world, especially the nearby ocean. As Mette, Sam supports the open call and artists selection process.

@raquelareia | Community manager
Former community manager and current council member of Arroz Criativo DAO, Raquel Lima is a journalist with 15 years of experience in international coverage of both technology and culture. Based in Lisbon for almost 8 years, she was a reporter for Noticias Ao Minuto, and then producer and community manager at the cultural centre Fabrica Braço de Prata. Raquel then began working as a press agent for artists, authors and musicians, as well as for events such as Rare Effect vol 3, Folio Festival (Óbidos) and the Brazilian Film Festival in Lisbon. Raquel has also created successful strategies for brands such as Wine Concept, Vazconstrói and Cicero Bistrot. For Raquel, communication is “building bridges with words”.

Marina Mole I Social Media Manager
With a degree in Journalism from Mackenzie Presbyterian University (São Paulo/BR), Marina has ten years of experience in communication, mostly in the cultural field. Among some of her experiences: she has worked as a culture reporter for vehicles such as Vogue (BR) and Marie Claire (BR); worked at the Municipal Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo; was communications assistant for Flip (Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty), the largest literary event in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America. Marina is managing Arroz Estúdios social media channels and will be managing the Planting A.I.R page as well.

@DanieleG | Photography & Film
Daniele Grosso is an Italian filmmaker based in Lisbon. He works mainly in documentaries, focusing on social, historical and environmental themes but he also directed several experimental short films. He holds a Master Degree in Arts and Literature, with a thesis in History of Cinema Animation, and a Master Course in Video Post-Production. For this project, Daniele will be registering the residency moments.

5.000 Dai in May
(The program will be applying for remaining amounts in June & July)
DAO on-chain address (target wallet): plantingair.sputnik-dao.near

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Hello everyone,

We’re super excited to be doing a new proposal to give continuity to our residency program Planting A.I.R - Artists in Residence. :raised_hands:t2:

Please feel to reach out for any clarification about the proposal.



Great, @CatiaCiriaco!
Planting A.I.R. is a beautiful and fruitful project and I cannot wait to see it in another edition. :crossed_fingers:t3:


Hey @CatiaCiriaco
Has Planting A.I.R DAO applied for CreativesDAO funding before? If so, could you please provide links to reports and proposals affiliated only with Planting A.I.R?

If Planting A.I.R DAO has never applied before, please reduce your request to $2k and provide proof of your previous work done in Web3 or Web2 with the Planting A.I.R DAO brand.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @Paul

Our 1st proposal to kick-off with this residency program was done in March 2021 via the Arroz Estúdios DAO. Planting A.I.R DAO was created a couple of months later, in August 2021.

The 2nd edition was supported by the Near grants, as we developed an extended edition, with a stronger focus on the educational program and also in its longevity.

We enclose all links below, as well as our website where you can see the work developed and reports from both editions.

Taking in consideration the recent funding reorganizations on Near, we’re applying to bring forward the 3rd edition of this residency program via the Creatives Dao.

From Planting A.I.R DAO side, this is indeed the first funding application we’re doing to Creatives DAO, you’re absolutely right. We’ve only noticed upon your comment. Apologies for that. The $10K is the the minimum funding necessary to develop this project. We’ll adjust the budget and roadmap to $2K this May and request the additional amounts of $3K and $5K in subsequent proposals.

Let us know if you have any additional question. We’re happy to clarify :slightly_smiling_face:

Reports: Planting AIR - Arroz Estúdios


Thanks, @CatiaCiriaco

Please note that, according to our guidelines, you are not eligible to apply for further funding until June. You will be able to submit a new application at that time:


Proposal adjusted accordingly, @Paul
Thank you for your feedback. It has been a while since we applied here :wink:
Open to any additional questions and will be on the call later today.