[Approved] NDC Degens October

Hey guys! :slightly_smiling_face:

This month is really important for NDC Degens. We’re all set to join NDC and contribute in a significant manner. Thanks to @Dacha @johanga @MarcusNEAR @RussLive215 for helping us out in this effort. We really appreciate your support.

Our links:

Degens WG Link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Near Digital Collective Core Values:

  1. Empowering the ecosystem (for people by people)

Degens initiative was originally thought of as an open, competitive community where any user with good social and content creation skills can show themselves and be part of developing the whole Near Protocol ecosystem.

  1. Respected by the ecosystem (fair, accountable, transparent, and reliable)

Degens has always believed and will keep believing in the fundamental principles that guide our community: being open, honest and transparent. Throughout our work, we have never strayed from these principles.

  1. Dedicated to ideas of decentralization (antifragile, scalable, with collective decision-making)

Degens’ structure is unique, with clear rules for staying in the main group. Everyone has their own tasks and responsibilities that leaders oversee. The community can scale well due to its effective working mechanism, which helps in quickly training new participants.

  1. Efficient operation (don’t be a burden; instead, help the Community to be more efficient)

Our community’s work plan always focuses on the basic needs of the entire ecosystem to ensure that Degens’ activities are highly effective.

  1. Continuous improvement via weekly iterations (plan, measure results, and adjust continuously)

The agenda and work plan are based on the primary and core objectives. Our KPIs are always precise and predictable.

Regarding the new important metrics from MDAO, here’s how we’re planning to carry them out.

Since June, we’ve been getting ready to present our plan for transitioning Degens into a complete Grassroot DAO. We’re excited that our ideas align with the NDC’s vision for a project that could be integrated into the NDC.

Here is our document that explains our concept:

Video about public Degens:

Right now, we can only do 1 of the 5 MDAO things. But we think it’s really important. We’ll do the other 4 things when Degens DAO joins NDC. If you read our documents, you can see we’re all set for that.

  1. Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks — the percentage of accounts who continue interacting on the chain over a given time period (higher is better)

Right now, the main NDC Degens members are trusted members who have been part of the ecosystem for over a year. They know the features, dApps, Near Social, and everything else in the ecosystem very well. We want to increase the number of experienced users with Public Degens, which will start after Degens DAO gets funding as Grassroot.

  1. Account acquisition cost — budget divided by the number of accounts interacting through the funded initiative (lower is better)

Right now that metric is not counted, but with future initiatives, we will be able to track every user that we’ve been able to onboard into the ecosystem

  1. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week (higher is better)

Also like the second point, we do not consider this indicator at this time, but will in the future.

  1. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps (higher is better)

We’ll think about how to solve this in the future when we move to full Grassroot.

  1. Social engagement score — some compound metric of the number of posts, likes, and followers/views in social media produced by the users.

This is the primary focus for Degens. Our KPIs largely depend on the social media performance of each Degens member. Every month, our team aims to improve audience engagement. Adaptations to the primary tasks within the Near Ecosystem enable us to dynamically adjust our efforts, ensuring that the content created by Degens has a greater impact on the wider crypto community beyond the Near information sphere.

Therefore, we propose to organize our workflow for October as follows.

Objectives → Setting Goals → Agenda (Monthly, Weekly) → Working on Tasks → Reporting

Objectives for October:

  • Creation high-quality content for the Near Ecosystem (such as articles, posts, and Reddit content for specific subreddits like /r/rust, r/devops, /r/java, and others)
  • Supporting projects in the ecosystem (24/7 monitoring of all events in the ecosystem and support from Main Degens Team)
  • Creating content to attract developers to the ecosystem (easy entry into development on Near, publishing on specialized subreddits, creating threads on development topics, BOS)
  • Direct targeting of developers from different ecosystems and development languages (targeting/raids team, mentions on Twitter)
  • Influencer targeting (Rust, Blockchain, Solidity, JSX, etc.)
  • WEB2.0 project that could theoretically be interested in collaborating with NEAR (targeting, mentions, etc.)

Based on point 5 of the new requirements from MDAO, we see our KPI’s as follows:

  • ~500,000 impressions on Twitter;
  • At least 10 reactions from famous crypto influencers to our content;
  • 5 pieces of content created by Influencers using targeting;
  • At least 100 posts and content about development on Near;
  • Increase in total subscribers of NDC Main Degens Team members (250 new subscribers);
  • 100 YT targeting comments
  • 30 direct twitter targeting posts
  • At least 50 new posts in specialized subreddits (/r/rust/, r/devops/, /r/java/ and other)
  • At least 200 posts about Near Ecosystem;


Leader 1,2 remuneration $1000+$1000 $2,000.00
DEGENS DAO members rewards
TLS LVL 1-2-3 (10 members) $8,000.00
TOTAL $10,000.00

https://app.astrodao.com/dao/ndc-degens.sputnik-dao.near 4


So, the main focus of the NDC Degens Main Team will be to expand outreach to users and developers interested in joining the Near Ecosystem. We are optimistic about NDC Degens passing the approval stages and becoming a part of NDC, which will boost our engagement, ecosystem impact, and the onboarding of new users.

Thank you!


Hello guys! I am looking forward to seeing you in V1. A lot of work should be done. The first important task is to amplify VB election.

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Dear Marketing (Eco) DAO contributor, your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO. The approved proposal included in October’s request to NDC Trust.

Please advise that during this transition period (NDC v0-v1), the following applications’ approval procedure:

  1. :green_circle: October 21 - 25th time for proposals from the Community, updates accordingly to NDC Metrics;
  2. :green_circle: October 26 reviewing by MDAO councils, approval on governance forum, and creation post-request to NDC (House of Merit , CoA, NDC trust);
  3. :yellow_circle: October 27-31st, House of Merit (HOM) will review your proposal;
  4. :red_circle: October 31 – HOM will vote for your proposal on-chain;
  5. :red_circle: November 1, in case of successful approval by HOM, HOM will pass the request to COA to vote on-chain;
  6. :red_circle: November 2nd-6th – CoA will review your proposal and vote on-chain (can veto);
  7. Once the CoA gives its approval, the NDC Trustees will carry out the transaction, provided that the expenses align with the Trust’s objectives;

So, during this time, please

  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC KYC Request Form (if not yet)
  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.
  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing
  4. Please get in touch with me on telegram @kmotiv 24/7 if you have any questions.