[Approved] Test Month Report NDC Degens

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

I would like to express my gratitude to the Near Protocol ecosystem, NDC, and Aurora for the opportunity to showcase our skills and demonstrate the activities of Degens.

Firstly, I want to extend a special thank you to @Dacha @MarcusNEAR @blaze @RussLive215 @baxoff for their support and collaboration. Degens has accomplished significant work this month, and we are excited to share it with the community.

What was done?

Degens WG Creation
Degens WG is a hub for everyone who wants to join the Degens team and show their skills and creativity. In the future, Degens WG will be transformed into Public Degens, which will take a direct part in the ecosystem (details in our Degens Charter v2.0 Degens Charter v.2 - Google Docs).

At the moment, Degens WG has 148 participants.

Degens WG Link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Creation of Degens Charter V1.0

This document was created for a brief explanation of the activities of Degens, as well as for the classification of activities

Link to Degens Charter v1.0:

The recruitment to the Main Degens Team was announced
We have collected applications from those who want to join the core team and work for the benefit of the ecosystem

Link: https://forms.gle/iw6uHZqzRpLab7mQ8

More than 30 interviews were conducted.

We conducted a series of interviews with the best candidates in which we took part (dacha, blaze, russ, baxoff). Candidates answered questions about the ecosystem and their previous work experience.


The consuls and leaders of Degens voted for the best candidates, thus we chose the main team. The voting was held in closed mode, taking into experience, portfolio, examples of successful work.

The main group Degens was created, which included 11 participants

This is the main group of active members

Degens Workspace was created

The main work and planning is here

KPI’s was created

KPIs have been created, but will be changed in the future, depending on the number of active members.

TLS (Tier Lvl System)

An indicator that reflects the activity of each member.

Communication with community leaders, creating an agenda.

With the support of @MarcusNEAR , @Dacha , @blaze , an agenda was compiled weekly for the members of the main group of Degens


A pool of apps was created

Near, Aurora, NDC ecosystem for direct support

Degens Charter 2.0 was created with the support of @Dacha

The main version of the document

An announcement was created on the forum

An announcement in which we shared the main ideas of Degens.

Statistics of all members of the main group of Degens were collected.

Statistics for each member were collected either individually or manually.

The opportunity to join the main group was reopened

At the moment there are more than 50 candidates

Lists of projects have been created for monitoring

Main directions activities for the month


It is a mandatory direction for all members of the main group of Degens. Based on the agenda, each participant formed their own strategy on Twitter. Based on this, great creative opportunities open up for members to implement their ideas on the social network, helping to saturate the information field around Near Ecosystem with high-quality content of various levels, ranging from important announcements of ecosystem news, ending with analytical and highly professional reviews of existing projects and technical advantages.


Tweets: 622
Profile Visits: 39 496
Number of mentions: 2300
Number of Impressions: 321 514


One of the largest social networks focused on the crypto audience. NDC Degens participants can prove themselves in this direction by increasing audience engagement on related subreddits by filling it with high-quality content about the Near Ecosystem, which significantly increases interest and excitement among the live audience, which, thanks to open tools, is easy to track.


Posts: 40

Likes: 144

Comments: 113

Views: ~30 000


The direction related to the production of content. Any Degens participant could choose several areas of their creativity: memes, articles, videos, infographics. Participants independently selected topics based on the agenda for the week and month. The content is educational and informative in nature.


Number of content: 23

Likes: 270

Views: 10 232


The group currently consists of 6 people and is focused on popularizing the near ecosystem among crypto bloggers by influencing their communities (YT comments, Twitter comments, Twitter mentions).

Thanks to the Targeting subgroup, organic interest in the Near Ecosystem increases, because all comments and mentions are extremely informative and describe many positive technical and social points that can be used not only by bloggers for their videos (often our comments receive a response like “thanks for the detailed information, I will definitely do content in the near future"), as well as ordinary subscribers who often read comments under interesting videos.

The daily activity of this subgroup has brought excellent results.

During the month of work, about 350 unique comments were written under the video by more than 50 bloggers of different directions (DeFi, Analysis, Ecosystem research, etc)

Not all reactions and responses to our comments are positive, but still, there are many more positive feedback from influencers about Near Protocol due to our activities.


Comments: 350

Tweets: 120

Number of reactions/responses: 27

Number of videos/mentions: 4 for now



Detailed statistics for each Degens participant:

TLS (Tier Lvl System)

The best degens of the test month:
⋈ Evangel S., Den, Dix Rao, Vu Hung, Aescobar, Max Kott

Detailed TLS here: Degens Test Month Form - Google Sheets


It is important to remember that this was a test month and according to our estimates, with sufficient motivation and coordinated work of 15 active participants, we will be able to increase the metrics by 100-150%.

We hope for support from the community! And we really hope that we have met your expectations. We remain dedicated to the growth and success of the Near Protocol, NDC and Aurora ecosystem and look forward to contributing to its continued advancement.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Degens.


Great job! Thank you!


Really appreciate the contributions of the DEGENS to shine a light and amplify the NDC! :sparkles:


Thank you for your job!

But I have a few questions:

  1. Should be rewarded those degens who participated in Test Month? Were there any initial agreements about that?
  2. If they should, how the remuneration for each degen is determined? Who approves these remunerations? Did the degens go through the KYC procedure before starting work?
  3. If they shouldn’t, what are the next steps? Who should decide on the further launch of this program and the list of its participants who will be rewarded for their work?

Hey Garik :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. We are currently in discussions regarding payment for the test month. However, all participants were informed beforehand that there might not be compensation for their work.

  2. The KYC procedure has not been completed by the leaders and members of Degens. Once we finalize any rewards, all participants will pass KYC in compliance with the requirements of NDC and NF. Regarding the remuneration for each participant, we have outlined the details in our charter.

Leader - 1500$
Tier 1 - 1500$
Tier 2 - 1000$
Tier 3 - 500$
Public Degens - 1450$ for top 10 participants (1-500$, 2-300$, 3-200$, 4-150$, 5-100$. 6-10 - 50$)

  1. The future of Degens is being discussed directly with NDC and Marketing DAO. Our charter also outlines our vision for the future direction of Degens.
    Currently, there are no plans to expand the team beyond 10 members for the first 3 months. Ideally, we aim to have 5-7 TLS 1 and 3-4 TLS 2 members (according to the Tier LVL System *paragraph 7 Degens Charter v2.0). Achieving this will require time, teamwork, and motivation!

Thank you for your questions, much appreciated :heart: