[Closed] NDC Degens August

Hey guys :grinning:

Degens is a structure that’s ready to adapt and change based on the tasks ahead. We’re excited to be directly involved in building a strong community that’s ready to vote and make important decisions.

Thanks to @Dacha , @blaze , and @MarcusNEAR for helping build the work of NDC Degens.

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Changing tasks for NDC Degens

NDC Degens has decided to shift its focus and redirect the efforts of the main working group towards supporting the needs of the ecosystem. Previously, NDC Degens encompassed a group of enthusiasts extending beyond the Near Protocol ecosystem. Starting from July 14 (Monday), the main working group will begin activities in accordance with this plan:

  • NDC Elections;
  • Active DEV’s;
  • BOS;
  • Aurora Partner Program;

NDC Elections

  1. Creating content about NDC Elections (articles, infographics, threads, memes).

The content will inform users about the importance of Elections, how to become a self-nominee, how to get OG SBT, and more.

  1. Sharing content in thematic subgroups and on Twitter.

Degens will share content within the ecosystem, to convey information to users familiar with the ecosystem.

  1. Creating educational content about NDC Elections.

Explaining the voting process.

  1. Targeting individual people (not influencers) on Twitter/social accounts to educate them about the initiative via comments/DMs on their posts.

Direct attention to Elections individually.

  1. Repurposing Degens Targeting towards Elections, Devs.

A user and influencer database has been created, who might find Elections and BOS topics interesting. This direction will involve direct and native integrations with the Elections and BOS topic.

  1. Reddit Direction - reaching beyond the Near Protocol ecosystem.

To attract additional attention from the crypto community, Degens plan to share educational content about Elections on popular subreddits.

  1. Creating a Degens Quiz to identify “Reliable Voters”.

Users will be invited to take a Quiz from Degens, consisting of 10 questions related to elections. Users who answer all questions correctly will be listed as “Reliable Voters” (quiz will be ready this week). Additionally, we’ve created an NFT that will be distributed in our content, and users can claim it by reading an articles or other content.

You can do it right now (only 1 NFT is available):


NDC Degens X Devs

  1. Educational Content.

In our view, there hasn’t been much content about BOS and how it can assist both novice and experienced developers. We will take care of this.

  1. Attracting New Developers.

As mentioned earlier, the entire Targeting Direction will focus on developers across various ecosystems, including influencers who cover topics like: Crypto Dev, RUST learning, Game Dev, and more.

  1. Personalized Content for Recognized Developers.

Mentions for developers on Twitter to draw their attention to BOS and its simplicity.

  1. Emphasis on Quick Start on NEAR.

NEAR documentation features an excellent QuickStart section that enables developers (RUST, JS) of intermediate level to understand the basics of Near.


  1. Unique System for Developers.

Degens task is to convey to developers of all levels that BOS is a very accessible entry point for coding enthusiasts.

  1. Explanation of BOS Components.

FastAuth, Browser IDE, DevTools.

  1. Social Widgets - Integration Example.

Explaining what a Widget on Near is and attracting new developers to this ecosystem.

Aurora Partner Program

  1. Sharing Content About the Partner Program
  1. Targeting WEB3 and Decentralized Apps

Mentions on Twitter and other social media of potential partners for the Aurora Partner Program.


For certain directions, we will use bit.ly tracking and measure the overall audience reach within our internal statistics during the process.

Degens Quiz will also be used for tracking.


Leader 1,2 remuneration $1200+$1200 $2,400.00
DEGENS DAO members rewards
TLS LVL 1-2-3 (10 members) $7,600.00
TOTAL $10,000.00

DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/ndc-degens.sputnik-dao.near


In this way, NDC Degens will fully immerse themselves in the agenda without the need for further updates and will focus on the set tasks. In fact, this approach has proven to be effective in the past.

Thanks! I hope that the community can come together and actively participate in the elections in September. At least Degens will put in all their efforts :heart:


Haha very fast)


Hi @Lolson_tg thanks for your proposal. Good to see the Degens focused on the forthcoming NDC elections!

Currently the Marketing DAO has a limited budget for this month so i am requesting that you resubmit your proposal in September when we are expecting an increased budget.
Thanks in advance for your understanding.