[REPORT] NDC Degens November

Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the late report. I got a bit sick at the beginning of the month. November was very productive at NDC Degens! We accomplished a lot of work and achieved outstanding results. Our growth continues every month! In November, we once again surpassed the results of the previous months.

From the beginning, when we established NDC Degens, our goal was for most of the Degens from the main team to complete the month at TLS level 1:

1a Active on Twitter (>70k impressions, minimum number of posts 50) + 1 other direction.
1b Active on Twitter (>60k impressions, min number of posts 50) + performs KPIs in two directions.
1c Active on Twitter (>90k impressions, minimum number of posts 30)

In November, 80% of the NDC Degens team achieved TLS1 and closed this month with the maximum result! I’m sure we won’t stop there.

Also, from the positive news, we received approval from HoM and very much hope for the launch of NDC Degens X NDC v1.0 in the near future. In short, according to the plan, we are planning to expand the team to 15 people, as well to create Public Degens.

Our links:

Degens WG Link: Telegram: Join Group Chat


This is the main direction for each NDC Degens participant and it is mandatory in accordance with the minimum requirements set.

TLS (Tier LVL System)

(Twitter tab)

According to KPI’s, this month we have focused our work on interactions with developers, projects, ecosystems and other sources of attracting new users and attention from projects.

We were able to get attention to Near from:


We get a response from one of the projects that could potentially be onboarded in the Near Ecosystem.

We also received a Retweet from https://twitter.com/mihailobjelic (CO-Founder Polygon)

https://twitter.com/Awawat_Trades potentially interested in the ecosystem by learning about the features of NEAR in PM from one of our member.

There is also a huge amount of reactions and interactions from Illia, Alex Shevchenko and other influencers both in the Near Protocol ecosystem and beyond. You can see all the reactions below.

Screenshots of all reactions/quotes/reposts:

Statistics for October
Tweets: 996
Profile Visits: Err
Number of mentions: Err
Number of Impressions: 606 414

Statistics for November
Tweets: 1429 (+43.47%)
Profile Visits: Err
Number of mentions: Err
Number of Impressions: 887 344 (+46.33%)


Now Degens have concentrated mainly on subreddits about development.

From the provided report (Reddit tab)

Subreddits in which the information was posted:

r/AllCryptoBets, r/CryptoMarsShots, r/CryptoMars, r/devops, r/hackathon, r/blockchaindeveloper, r/altcoin, r/CryptoMoon, r/Crypto_Currency_News, r/CryptoMoonShots, r/nearprotocol, r/smartcontracts, r/developer, r/WallStreetBetsCrypto, r/BlockchainDev, r/defi, r/CryptoMars, r/developersIndia

Statistics for November

Posts: 25

Likes: 80

Comments: 30

Views: ~ 17500

In December, we will increase the amount of content and posts on Reddit. We have introduced a new Reddit Comments direction that will allow us to cover a large amount of content on Reddit in December.


This direction has undergone some changes. We considered only threads, infographics, articles and other content that is original and created exclusively by NDC Degens.

The quality and quantity of content has increased significantly. The participants of the direction try to improve their professional skills every month.

(Content Tab)

Likes Comments Views Postst
2962 757 125 337 108


The group currently consists of 6 people and is focused on popularizing the near ecosystem among crypto bloggers by influencing their communities (YT comments, Twitter comments, Twitter mentions).

Thanks to the Targeting subgroup, organic interest in the Near Ecosystem increases, because all comments and mentions are extremely informative and describe many positive technical and social points that can be used not only by bloggers for their videos (often our comments receive a response like “thanks for the detailed information, I will definitely do content in the near future"), as well as ordinary subscribers who often read comments under interesting videos.

The daily activity of this subgroup has brought excellent results.

This month, the subgroup worked to cover all the main news so that the video would be the most relevant depending on the information background inside Near Protocol

In November we received a record number of responses, reviews and reactions from bloggers. At the time of writing the report, you can familiarize yourself with the statistics and the amount of content, which is 100% likely made with our input:

YT comments - 163

Twitter posts - 35

YT Answers - 32

YT likes - 31

TW likes - 2

TW answers - 2

Content - 11 (+8)

Clinix crypto




Joe Parys Crypto

NoBSCryptO / Cheeky crypto

Over the past month he made 6 videos mentioning Near Protocol. This blogger is a frequent target of our subgroup and was responding to our advice to pay close attention to Near Protocol. We cannot say 100% that this is the merit of our subgroup, but clearly such interest on the part of the blogger was not caused without our participation.

Cheeky Crypto
The same situation with this blogger.


Detailed statistics for each Degens member:

TLS (Tier Lvl System)

The best degens of the November:




TLS DP Near Total Near Wallet Telegram
1 5 502.7 baxoff.near baxoffBeats
1 5 502.7 lolson.near LolSon_tg
2 3 301.6 paolo777.near paolo_lv8
1 5 502.7 rendal.near Rinat / @ARIrend
1 5 502.7 prikol.near @UsernamSerega
1 5 502.7 dixit.near @Dix_rao
1 5 502.7 bisharov.near Den / @Den1535
1 5 502.7 evangel.near ⋈ Evangel S.
1 5 502.7 escobarindo.near Aescobar7359
2.5 2 201 maks1mk_a.near 𝙼𝚊𝚔𝚜𝟷𝚖𝚔a
1 5 502.7 nkk89.near @naveenkandwal
4 0 0 Nadezda_near Planeta
1 5 502.7 moska.near @moskalenkoi
Total 55 100.54



In response to the Marketing DAO’s request, we aim to provide clearer metrics to showcase how effective NDC Degens is. It’s important to note that NDC Degens is a unique group that focuses only on the Near Protocol ecosystem. Comparing us to traditional influencers might not be fair, as they cover a wider range of ecosystems.

Let’s see NDC Degens as a unified mechanism, combining the metrics of each member. We recently added Twitter’s new “Link Clicks” metric, and in November, we recorded 1,794 clicks on links from NDC Degens’ pages. The cost per click comes out to be $5.57.

10 000 / 1794 = $5,57

For impressions, we had 887,344 on Twitter in November, resulting in a cost of $0.011 per impression. This metric is important for Twitter performance and shows the impact of each NDC Degens member.

10 000 / 887 344 = $0.011

Calculating the average impressions per post (887,344 / 1429) gives us 620 impressions per post. The cost of one post on Twitter from NDC Degens is approximately $6.9, considering a total of 1429 posts.

These average figures give us insights into the cost-effectiveness of a Twitter post by NDC Degens, which amounts to $6.9. This cost is expected to cover 1-2 click-throughs and ensure 620 impressions. It’s crucial to emphasize that these are average estimates. Some posts may reach 20k impressions, while others might achieve 1k. Additionally, it’s important to note that all the content revolves around the Near Ecosystem.

Our primary objective is to bring all NDC Degens members to TLS1, enhancing both the quantity and reach of content creation. Beyond that, our larger goal is the full-fledged launch of NDC Degens with NDC v1.0.