Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO Report - October 2023

We are excited to share the Marketing DAO report for October 2023.

During the October 2023 submission period, the Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO team received (including proposals postponed from the previous month):

  • 45 proposals received
  • Total amount requested: $233,225
  • 15 Marketing (Eco) DAO grants from ecosystem projects funded
  • 3 Marketing (Eco) DAO Constellation grants
  • Total funding allocated: $99,949.00
MARKETING DAO request October 2023
Description Link on Proposal Amount Link on Report
Marketing (Eco) DAO grants
[PROPOSAL] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - September [Approved] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - October $3,000.00 NEAR Korea October Report
[Proposal] Wild User Interviews Podcast October 2023 [Approved] Wild User Interviews Podcast October 2023 $6,000.00
[Proposal] Near Insider - Social Media, Content Creation, AMA, NDC (October) [Approved -$2000] Near Insider - Social Media, Content Creation, AMA, NDC (October) $2,000.00 Near Insider October Report
[Proposal] NEAR at NIGHT NEARCON 23’ (Nov 7-10th) Live Coverage and Content Creation [Approved] NEAR at NIGHT NEARCON 23’ (Nov 7-10th) Live Coverage and Content Creation $5,000.00 Last Near@Night Report for September & October
[Approved] DiscoverbOS The B.O.S reference from resources to marketing - Q4 [Approved] DiscoverbOS The B.O.S reference from resources to marketing - Q4 $9,949.00 DiscoverbOS Report
[Proposal] NEAR Media & News - October, 2023 [Approved] NEAR Media & News - October, 2023 $1,900.00 Near Media October Report
[Proposal] Nearity - October, 2023 [Approved] Nearity - October, 2023 - [Updated for new October’s funding round] $2,800.00 Nearity October Report
[Proposal] - Chill&Shill Budget October [Approved] - Chill&Shill Budget October $5,900.00 Chill&Shill October Report
[Proposal] NEAR China Community October Proposal [Approved] NEAR China Community October Proposal $3,000.00 NEAR China October Report
[Proposal] Boneyard Gaming Oct 2023 Podcast/Social Media/Content creation budget [Approved] Boneyard Gaming Oct 2023 Podcast/Social Media/Content creation budget $2,800.00 Boneyard Gaming October Report
[Proposal] NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request October [Approved] NEKO Morning Show Podcast-Monthly Funding Request October [Edited 10/22/23] $3,000.00 NEKO Morning Show October Report
[Proposal] Engage-a-thon at NEARCON w/ ShardDog: A Grant Proposal for CDAO & MDAO [APPROVED] Engage-a-thon at NEARCON w/ ShardDog: A Grant Proposal for CDAO & MDAO $4,250.00 ShardDog October Report
[Proposal] Near Hausa October funding request [Approved] Near Hausa October funding request $2,500.00 NEAR Hausa October Report
[PROPOSAL] Near Indonesia - October [Approved] Near Indonesia - October $2,500.00 NEAR Indonesia September & October Report
[PROPOSAL] NEAR Türkiye October 2023 [Approved] NEAR Türkiye October 2023 $2,000.00 NEAR Turkey October Report
Marketing (Eco) DAO grants Constellation grants
[Proposal] NDC Nearcon Takeover [Approved] NDC Nearcon Takeover $13,600.00 Report
NDC Degens team [Approved] NDC Degens October $10,000.00 NDC Degens October Report
Reimbursement for Blaze $5,250.00
MDAO operations
Remumeration (3) see below
Total: $99,949.00

Individual council members and advisors submitted the following reports:
So608 October Report
Cryptocredit October Report
Bakaka October Report
El M October report

You can view the complete list of proposals, requests and funding allocated in the Marketing DAO October Funding Request post.

Additionally, Marketing DAO social media lead @johanga submitted the following Marketing DAO Social Media Report:
Near.Social, Twitter and Marketing DAO HUB Telegram channel , which was reorganized after receiving community feedback by creating separate topics within the group to distinguish news and announcements from general discussions, Ecosystem, and NDC news.

During October it was published significant achievements and announcements:
– 100+ projects under the Marketing DAO umbrella on Twitter |
- MDAO page on BOS is Live on Twitter |
- #NEARCON2023 funding invitation on Twitter |
– Marketing (Eco) DAO October’s funding procedure on Twitter |
- Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO constellation: October’s funding round 1 announcement of supported projects on Twitter |

To date, we have received the following additional reports in October from Ecosystem grant recipients:
Mental Maze Report for Activities Proposed in September
NEAR Ukraine October Report
Aurora ES NEAR Community September-October Report

During NEARCON, ShardDog hosted the Engage-a-thon with support from the Marketing DAO. The results included:

Review of reports based on two key MDAO metrics in October:

  1. clarity of goals and target audience of the project/contributor,
  2. the impact on CoA/NDC metrics.

Overall, the reports from various NEAR Protocol community initiatives demonstrate a mix of successes and areas for improvement in aligning with the CoA metrics and Near Digital Collective Core Values.

  1. Most reports demonstrate clear goals related to community engagement, content creation, partnerships, and community building. The target audience is generally well-defined by everyone.

  2. Many reports show improvements in CoA metrics, including community growth, engagement, and collaborations. Reports are generally informative, but some lacked specific quantitative metrics.

Positive aspects across reports:

  1. Community engagement: many initiatives actively engaged with the NEAR community through social media, events, collaborations, and educational initiatives.
  2. Strategic collaborations with other projects and entities within the NEAR ecosystem were highlighted as strategic moves for growth and awareness.
  3. Innovative content creation: several reports emphasized the creation of original and high-quality content to engage the community.
  4. Structural development: some reports showcased the development of structured community groups, such as the Degens Working Group, to streamline tasks and priorities.

Recommendations across all reports:

1. Clear goals:
– Explicitly define specific, measurable goals for community growth, engagement, and content dissemination.
– Emphasize the need for clear and quantifiable objectives related to community initiatives.

2. Target audience:
– Specify the primary target audience for each platform and tailor engagement strategies accordingly.
– Focus on demographics, interests, and location for effective content and engagement strategies.

3. Impact on CoA/NDC metrics:

  1. Accounts retention:
    – Include data on account retention after specific periods (1/2/4/8 weeks) to assess sustained impact.
    – Highlight the significance of understanding the long-term effects of community initiatives.
  1. Account acquisition cost:
    – Emphasize the inclusion of specific data on the budget allocated and the number of accounts acquired.
    – Evaluate efficiency in terms of account acquisition cost.

  2. Median number of dApps used:
    – Stress the importance of providing data on the median number of dApps used by P95 accounts.
    – Consider insights into user interaction diversity.

  3. Number of accounts retained using dApps:
    – Call for specific metrics regarding the number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps.
    – Highlight the importance of showcasing ecosystem engagement diversity.

  4. Social engagement score:
    – Suggest developing a composite metric for the social engagement score.
    – Encourage presenting data on its evolution over time for a holistic view of social engagement.

Individual Report Insights:

  • NEAR Korea DAO: need for explicit metrics related to community growth, engagement, and content dissemination.
  • Near Insider: the need for specific objectives related to community growth, awareness, and engagement.
  • Near at Night (N@N): call for explicit, measurable objectives related to community growth and engagement for N@N initiatives.
  • DiscoverBOS: suggest explicitly stating specific, measurable OKRs for each objective to provide a more quantifiable view of progress.
  • NEAR Media & News: call for the inclusion of data on account retention to demonstrate the sustained impact of initiatives.
  • Nearity: the need to provide data on account retention after specific periods to demonstrate sustained impact.
  • Boneyard Gaming: notable growth across various platforms and a recommendation to provide specific data on a Google Sheet for a more detailed breakdown of metrics.
  • NEKO Morning Show: demonstrated exceptional growth and engagement across platforms, with a proactive approach to content creation and community building.
  • ShardDog Engage-A-Thon: successfully fostered engagement with impressive on-chain and social media metrics. Recommended as a successful model for future events.
  • NEAR Hausa: showcased successes in onboarding and engagement but lacked specific metrics. Clear future plans outlined for continued growth.
  • NEAR Indonesia: highlighted achievements in widget development, Telegram growth, collaborations, and community engagement. Lacked detailed metrics for impact assessment.
  • NEAR Turkey: demonstrated growth in social media and Telegram, but the report could benefit from more specific metrics and insights into the impact of budget allocation.
  • NDC Degens: successfully engaged with influencers and bloggers, structured community development, but recommended providing more specific metrics for a thorough assessment.

Looking ahead, the Marketing DAO is preparing to share a number of updates as we work to launch a new approach to funding content creation, ecosystem bounties for marketing initiatives and a comprehensive framework for aligning marketing and social media activities with NDC vision and objectives.

New approach/strategy of MDAO

→ New guidances for proposals and reports since NDC v1 (December) - under development

It’s going to include:

  1. Metrics clarity:
    – Enhance all reports by providing specific and quantifiable metrics for each achievement, facilitating a more quantitative assessment.

  2. Impact assessment:
    – Emphasize the outcomes or impact of community engagement activities, events, and collaborations for a more detailed report.
    – Include qualitative outcomes to deliver a full understanding of proposed activities’ performance.

  3. Budget transparency:
    – Share insights into the pricing logic (e.g., market rate benchmarks) and effectiveness of budget allocation for various community engagement initiatives.

  4. KPIs definition:
    – Clearly define and communicate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for initiatives to assess success against objectives comprehensively.

  5. Feedback integration:
    – Incorporate testimonials or feedback from influencers, bloggers, and community members to add credibility to the reports.

  6. Performance statement:
    – Share a clear statement on what improved from the previous funding period (if applicable) and what did not improve.

  7. Support request:
    – Include any key challenges or current needs in the report to allow visibility into actionable areas where the ecosystem and community members may offer collaboration and support.

  8. Weekly Updates:
    – Encourage a consistent practice of weekly updates to maintain a steady flow of information to the community.

  9. Correlation of metrics:
    – Correlate impression performance with specific engagement metrics to assess the quality of impressions.

  10. Timely fund delivery:
    – Ensure timely fund delivery to cover key performance indicators.

As always, we encourage community members to reach out to us via Telegram or email marketingdao [at] proton [dot] me.


Thanks, @marketingdao-council team, and all the grantees, for the awesome work done, for the NEAR Ecosystem! :pray: