[REPORT] NDC Degens October

Hey guys, I hope you are having a good time this NearCon week.

It was an amazing month for Degens, we made sure that October turned out to be our best month as NDC Degens. We were able to overcome important points in our metrics and concentrate on the key areas of the Near Ecosystem.

Thanks @dacha and @johanga for help in creating our agenda, understanding new kpi’s and other innovations. We are very grateful to you for your help.

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This is the main direction for each NDC Degens participant and it is mandatory in accordance with the minimum requirements set.

(Twitter tab)

According to KPI’s, this month we have focused our work on interactions with developers, projects, ecosystems and other sources of attracting new users and attention from projects.

We were able to get attention to Near from:









Yes, these are likes, sometimes reposts, but we can notice the confident presence of a mention of Near Protocol in social networks.

Screenshots of all reactions/quotes/reposts:

I think the work on Twitter and improving quality of content has been done perfectly. In November, we want to work on Small/Medium blockchains and offer them BoS. I think it should work great.

We have also achieved a significant increase in Twitter metrics.

Statistics for September
Tweets: 768
Profile Visits: Err
Number of mentions: Err
Number of Impressions: 454 254

Statistics for October
Tweets: 996 (29,68%)
Profile Visits: Err
Number of mentions: Err
Number of Impressions: 606 414 (+33,5%)


Now Degens have concentrated mainly on subreddits about development.

From the provided report (Reddit tab):

We can calculate that 60% of all posts were created about development and were published on the specialized subreddits. In the future, we want to increase this to 70%.

Subreddits in which the information was posted:

r/AllCryptoBets, r/CryptoMarsShots, r/CryptoMars, r/devops, r/hackathon, r/blockchaindeveloper, r/altcoin, r/CryptoMoon, r/Crypto_Currency_News, r/CryptoMoonShots, r/nearprotocol, r/smartcontracts, r/developer, r/WallStreetBetsCrypto, r/BlockchainDev, r/defi, r/CryptoMars, r/developersIndia

Statistics for October

Posts: 36

Likes: 110

Comments: 25

Views: ~ 40 851 (39.22%)

Despite the fact that we created less posts compared to September, we managed to achieve more views on thematic subreddits. The decrease in the number of posts is related to the specifics of the information provided. In the coming months we will work on increasing the volume of content.


This direction has undergone some changes compared to September, we considered only threads, infographics, articles and other content that is original and created exclusively by NDC Degens.

Despite the fact that the amount of content has become significantly less, we were able to achieve an increase in the number of interactions with content from NDC Degens.

(Content Tab)

Number of content: 95

Likes: 2679

Views: 88 009

BoS + Dev’s directions

Twitter Reddit Near.Social
Views Likes Views Likes + Comm Views Repost
59 391 1660 13497 180 + 13 36 9


The group currently consists of 4 people and is focused on popularizing the near ecosystem among crypto bloggers by influencing their communities (YT comments, Twitter comments, Twitter mentions).

Thanks to the Targeting subgroup, organic interest in the Near Ecosystem increases, because all comments and mentions are extremely informative and describe many positive technical and social points that can be used not only by bloggers for their videos (often our comments receive a response like “thanks for the detailed information, I will definitely do content in the near future"), as well as ordinary subscribers who often read comments under interesting videos.

The daily activity of this subgroup has brought excellent results.

This month the vector of our activities has changed a little, we are trying to mention Near in the key to switching to web3 as the best tool for this

In October we received a record number of responses, reviews and reactions from bloggers. At the time of writing the report, you can familiarize yourself with the statistics and the amount of content, which is 100% likely made with our input:

YT comments - 130
Twitter direct posts - 36
Answers - 18
YT likes - 17
TW likes - 5
Content - 7


Added Near Logo to the preview

13,300 views a huge number of positive comments about Near under the video

This blogger has already done a large number of price updates at our request


Answers, no content yet:

Detailed statistics for each Degens member:

TLS (Tier Lvl System)

The best degens of the October:

Serega, Den, Naveen, Ihor.

TLS DP Near Total Near Wallet Telegram
1 5 796,4 baxoff.near baxoffBeats
1 5 796,4 lolson.near LolSon_tg
4 0 0 trendheo.near @hungstock1
2.5 2 318,4 rendal.near Rinat / @ARIrend
1 5 796,4 prikol.near @UsernamSerega
1.5 4 636,8 dixit.near @Dix_rao
1 5 796,4 bisharov.near Den / @Den1535
3 1.7 270,6 evangel.near ⋈ Evangel S.
2 3 477,6 escobarindo.near Aescobar7359
3.5 1 159,2 maks1mk_a.near 𝙼𝚊𝚔𝚜𝟷𝚖𝚔a
1 5 796,4 nkk89.near @naveenkandwal
1 5 796,4 moska.near @moskalenkoi
Total 41,7 159,2


Other Work


We also launched our Twitter, where we plan to do a lot of work in November. At the moment, we have announced Public Degens, which will be launched when NDC is fully launched.


We have a plan for Degens to become a more public organization and understandable for most users of the Near Ecosystem.

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Thanks for the report

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