[introduction] Degens WG Charter

Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m Lolson, a long-time supporter and enthusiast of the Near Protocol ecosystem.

Some of you may remember me as the leader of the Degens Army and the Kitchen Guild.
If you’re unfamiliar with my previous activities, you can check out our old reports here:

The Degens Army was an incredible initiative that, together with other leaders, we built from a chaotic, unstructured group of enthusiasts into a well-coordinated mechanism aimed at promoting the Near Protocol ecosystem. After a year of hard work, due to some disagreements with the management and the prolonged bearish trend, we had to temporarily halt our activities.

However, we are ready to rise again, showcase our skills, and welcome new talents to join our team. That’s why we’ve launched Degens within the NDC ecosystem.

You can check our draft here:

Currently, we are in a testing phase where former Degens members and new talents from the ecosystem have decided to participate. Test month will run May 31, 2023 - June 30, 2023.

At the moment done:

1st stage
  • Team formation:

a) Determination of NDC Degens leaders; :white_check_mark:

b) Publication of job vacancies; :white_check_mark:

c) Collection of suitable candidates; :white_check_mark:

d) Conducting interviews;:white_check_mark:

e) Formation of the main team members; :white_check_mark:

d) Addition of NDC Degens documentation; :white_check_mark:

f) Active work in Notion; :white_check_mark:

  • Setting KPI’s:

a) Determination of directions;:white_check_mark:

b) Distribution of directions among NDC Degens participants;:white_check_mark:

c) Setting KPI’s for each direction;:white_check_mark:

d) Compilation of an agenda for the entire Near Protocol ecosystem;:white_check_mark:

e) Planning content release;:white_check_mark:

  • Control:

a) Quality control of content;:white_check_mark:

b) Training of participants;:white_check_mark:

c) Weekly collection of metrics;:white_check_mark:

d) Assignment of TLS (Tier LVL System) to each participant;:white_check_mark:

In early July, we will publish a report detailing our achievements during the testing period and the strategies we’ve employed. Once the test phase concludes, we’ll be prepared to move on to the next stage and work tirelessly for the improvement of Near, Aurora, and NDC ecosystem.

Our main working group currently consists of 10 participants, but after the testing period, it will be reviewed based on the TLS level of each member and expanded to include 15 members.

Our official links:

Public Degens WG - Telegram: Join Group Chat
Workspace - https://degens.super.site/

We cordially invite all of you to become part of the Degens family by filling out the form:

The selection of new candidates will be conducted in early July through an interview system. If you happen to be rejected, don’t lose hope!

You can still participate in Public Degens, which will be launched in the second phase. I have developed a prototype called the Content Content Campaign, which is currently undergoing testing within the IaH onboarding program (https://iamhuman.super.site/)

We anticipate the approximate launch of the Public Degens program in August 2023.

I would like to express a special thank you to @Dacha , @baxoff for their tremendous help in creating this initiative and preparing the necessary documentation. Your contributions have been invaluable, and I am truly grateful for your support.

Also thanks @blaze @MarcusNEAR @johanga @RussLive215 for your help in creating the agenda and supporting of Degens.

I also want to extend my gratitude to everyone involved. You are all heroes and dedicated enthusiasts who consistently strive to improve and advance our ecosystem.

We will be happy to respond to any suggestion and criticism regarding Degens. Thank you for your attention :heart:


Hi Lolson,

I took time to read and analyze through the Degen Charter and iove it.

I like the fact that the Council/Advisory role is a Non Payment role.

However, The Council/Advisory should be a representative board instead of an elective one. They are non paid roles anyways so why not take advantage to onboard leaders in all veriticals on your board. You can have 9 council seats

A representation that includes a member from:
• Near Protocol Core
• Aurora
• Top Grassroots dao In V1.( Marketing, Creative, Regional Communities, Gaming etc)

This representation from all these mentioned groups will not just help Degen WG with Ecosystem leaders with diverse insight to help with , it will also help with building a a seamless collaborative group with all major verticals in the Near ecosystem.


Hey Ola! Yes, that’s a good idea. But we may face delays in making a decision in the DAO. We need to think about it :thinking:


According to your charter, the Leaders are the ones that run the day to day so i dont see delays anywhere except for those that needs input of council…

While there is selective council representation there also has to be willing representation from the representative.

E.g. MarketingDao will have to present a council member that is willing to also be involved with DegenWG. In most case it will be the person thats primarily involved with Marketing plans of the Dao.

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I’m excited to be a part of Degens! Let’s do it, guys!


Thanks, everyone for the great work done and your Contribution to amplifying the $NEAR, Aurora, and NDC activities!

#NEARisNOW #AuroraOneLove :green_heart:


Excited and super motivated to be a part of this community again. Let’s go!!


I am one of the degen, no intention to shill who lead this. But the lead are very good, strict and on time also fast on decision making. Like to see further how we can get a great activity. The result of the degen activity has been awesome.