[REPORT] NDC Degens Sept 👩‍🚀

Hey guys :slight_smile:

We’re sorry for the slight delay in our report. We’ve been busy reviewing how Degens works and creating lots of new documents for NDC Degens’ future work. We’ll share these documents soon.

Last month, we had some fantastic growth, and community members has provided feedback about our work.

We’re all about being open, transparent, and honest. If you have any comments or suggestions about our work, feel free to ask here or message me at Telegram: Contact @LolSon_tg.

Unfortunately, one of our participants couldn’t fulfill their duties this month and had to leave. So now, the main group of degens has only 9 members.


Degens WG Link: Telegram: Join Group Chat


This is the main direction for each NDC Degens participant and it is mandatory in accordance with the minimum requirements set.

This month, we primarily focused on ecosystem news, attracting the attention of developers, creating content for developers and other KPI’s set for September.

Unfortunately, our performance didn’t improve from the last month because one of our key team members left. However, we’ve reached a point where our work is staying consistent and not going up or down.

Statistics for August

Tweets: 906 (31,35%)
Profile Visits: Err :frowning:
Number of mentions: Err :frowning:
Number of Impressions: 478 500 (+32,81%)

Statistics for September

Tweets: 768 (17,97%)
Profile Visits: Err :frowning:
Number of mentions: Err :frowning:
Number of Impressions: 454 254 (- 5,34%)

Yes, we notice a small decrease in our results, but, as I mentioned earlier, this is because our group currently has only 9 members, not 10 as we did last month.


We made some changes in this directions. Starting in October, our main Degens team will focus on improving the quality of content by sharing more detailed technical information on popular subreddits. We’ve also updated our moderation system to ensure that we can post on these subreddits without our content being removed

Statistics for September

Posts: 45

Likes: 122

Comments: 34

Views: ~ 29 342 (-15,83%)


We made significant changes to this direction while preparing this report. We have decided not to include low-quality content, infographics, and memes in our evaluation anymore. We plan to improve this aspect in the October.

All high-quality content now exclusively includes threads, high-quality infographics, articles, and videos. You can find this in the ‘content’ tab in this spreadsheet.

Our work on BOS and the Dev’s direction

This work is aimed at improving the interaction between the Near Protocol ecosystem and developers of different levels. It was a test approach, which at the moment looks like this, but in the future we will rework this structure with the help of Public Degens, information about this initiative will be published a little later.

At the moment we have (BOS and Dev’s Tab):

And we have several direct interactions with developers from different ecosystems:







The group currently consists of 6 people and is focused on popularizing the near ecosystem among crypto bloggers by influencing their communities (YT comments, Twitter comments, Twitter mentions).

Thanks to the Targeting subgroup, organic interest in the Near Ecosystem increases, because all comments and mentions are extremely informative and describe many positive technical and social points that can be used not only by bloggers for their videos (often our comments receive a response like “thanks for the detailed information, I will definitely do content in the near future"), as well as ordinary subscribers who often read comments under interesting videos.

The daily activity of this subgroup has brought excellent results.

This month, the group’s targeting tasks changed along with the entire agenda. Our goal was to involve the community and attract the attention of development-oriented bloggers. (Solidity, rust, web3 devs and more)

Due to the specifics and narrow focus of the task, at the moment the maximum plan was not achieved, namely a separate unit of content in the field of development on Near blockchain (BOS), but we received many positive reactions from the developers.


Comments: 85

Tweets: 30

Number of reactions/responses: 12

Number of videos/mentions: 0 for now

Numbers of bloggers: 34

Financial report

When calculating the rewards for September, we considered the metrics of two months (August + September). We are achieving our goal, with about 50% of our Main Degens Group meeting the TLS 1, and as a result, our variance is gradually decreasing.

Aug + Sept
TLS 2 Month TLS NOW DP Near Total Near Wallet Telegram
1+1 1 5 991.5 baxoff.near baxoffBeats
1+1 1 5 991.5 lolson.near LolSon_tg
4 + 3 3.5 1 198.3 trendheo.near @hungstock1
3 + 2 2 3 594.9 rendal.near Rinat / @ARIrend
1 + 2 1 5 991.5 prikol.near @UsernamSerega
2 + 1 1 5 991.5 dixit.near @Dix_rao
2 + 1 1 5 991.5 bisharov.near Den / @Den1535
2 + 1 1 5 991.5 evangel.near ⋈ Evangel S.
3 + 2 2 3 594.9 escobarindo.near Aescobar7359
0 + 3 0 0 0 maxxam.near Max Kott
1 + 1 1 5 991.5 nkk89.near @naveenkandwal
2 2 3 594.9 moska.near @moskalenkoi
Total 45 8924
DP Cost: 198,3



How can one become a degen ?


Thanks for you ongoing work and detailed report.

I am still struggling to see the value of Degens. The content from the report is of average quality at best and it never comes up on my twitter even though I spend a substantial amount of time on twitter.

I believe that for Degens to survive, it needs a fundamental change to way it is structured. Rather than having a chosen(?) group of people split NEAR rewards among them for whatever content they post, why don’t we instead create a Open Incentive: a pool of nEAR to be distributed among the most influential content creators (authentic content).


As it stands, I can’t help but feel like this is an insiders game - same people continuing to access rewards from community while the opportunity is not clear to others and people who are objectively having much more influence do not get anything.

I believe having the Open Incentives program would be a much fairer way to invite everyone to represent NEAR the best way they can and to be rewarded when they do create something special.

Would love your feedback on this proposed structure.

@Dacha @marketingdao-council


FDAO is already working on this model.
We provide stage to everyone to build there name and invite them to represent NEAR by the best way they can, open for everyone and every month we give opportunity to new people as well.

We also hold regular spaces and also educate them is different aspects. And Recently FDAO also organized an IRL Event in India to educate future Computer engineers about blockchain : [REPORT]-FDAO Blockchain Event

Feel free to join our community


Hey @satojandro

I share your point of view and we will definitely follow this direction. We already have a lot of documentation ready to create something more than Degens. Understand me now, at the moment our direction is not working in full force and we are experimenting.

We will publish this soon, the main task for the coming months will be a more open community where every enthusiast can show their skills in creating content, creating applications, widgets, and so on.

Just a little patience and you will see everything :heart:

What the FDAO does is a good example. But we are working in different directions, as you have stated more than once, FDAO and Degens are absolutely not similar.

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