[REPORT] NDC Degens Dec

Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face:

The last month of this year was very productive for NDC Degens. We repeated the November record for achieving TLS, this really shows how stable and strong our community has become!

From the beginning, when we established NDC Degens, our goal was for most of the Degens from the main team to complete the month at TLS level 1:

1a Active on Twitter (>70k impressions, minimum number of posts 50) + 1 other direction.
1b Active on Twitter (>60k impressions, min number of posts 50) + performs KPIs in two directions.
1c Active on Twitter (>90k impressions, minimum number of posts 30)

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This is the main direction for each NDC Degens participant and it is mandatory in accordance with the minimum requirements set.

TLS (Tier LVL System) 1

According to KPI’s, this month we have focused our work on interactions with developers, projects, ecosystems and other sources of attracting new users and attention from projects.

Screenshots of all reactions/quotes/reposts:: Degens screenshots – Telegraph

Statistics for October
Tweets: 996
Profile Visits: Err
Number of mentions: Err
Number of Impressions: 606 414

Statistics for November
Tweets: 1429 (+43.47%)
Clicks: 1794
Profile Visits: Err
Number of mentions: Err
Number of Impressions: 887 344 (+46.33%)

Statistics for December
Tweets: 1231 (-16.08%%)
Clicks: 2713 (+51.23%)
Profile Visits: Err
Number of mentions: Err
Number of Impressions: 994 632 (+12.09%)

In December, we were close to 1 million impressions. But as you can see, we are growing every month. Despite the fact that fewer posts were made, we achieved more engagement from the audience.


Now Degens have concentrated mainly on subreddits about development.

From the provided report (Reddit tab)

Subreddits in which the information was posted:

r/AllCryptoBets, r/CryptoMarsShots, r/CryptoMars, r/devops, r/hackathon, r/blockchaindeveloper, r/altcoin, r/CryptoMoon, r/Crypto_Currency_News, r/CryptoMoonShots, r/nearprotocol, r/smartcontracts, r/developer, r/WallStreetBetsCrypto, r/BlockchainDev, r/defi, r/CryptoMars, r/developersIndia

Statistics for December

Posts: 28

Likes: 90

Comments: 39

Views: ~ 35752

We have achieved an increase in the views of our posts. The audience was more than 50% composed of subscribers of subreddits about the development.


This direction has undergone some changes. We considered only threads, infographics, articles and other content that is original and created exclusively by NDC Degens.

The quality and quantity of content has increased significantly. The participants of the direction try to improve their professional skills every month.

Likes Comments Views Postst
2973 1588 174 703 68


The group currently consists of 5 people and is focused on popularizing the near ecosystem among crypto bloggers by influencing their communities (YT comments, Twitter comments, Twitter mentions).

Thanks to the Targeting subgroup, organic interest in the Near Ecosystem increases, because all comments and mentions are extremely informative and describe many positive technical and social points that can be used not only by bloggers for their videos (often our comments receive a response like “thanks for the detailed information, I will definitely do content in the near future"), as well as ordinary subscribers who often read comments under interesting videos.

The daily activity of this subgroup has brought excellent results.

This month, our subgroup focused on news about the rise in the price of the Near Protocol token and the popularization of ecosystem tokens. We also continued to mention the technical potential for attracting new developers, talking about Near Social, BOS, etc.

In December we received a lot of positive feedback from new bloggers. They promised to study the Near Ecosystem better in the future and make informational videos

YT comments - 172

Twitter posts - 39

YT Answers - 22

YT likes - 19

TW likes - 1

TW answers - 1

Content - 11






Aaron Bremser:


Detailed statistics for each Degens member:




TLS DP Near Total Near Wallet Telegram
1 5 baxoff.near baxoffBeats
1 5 lolson.near LolSon_tg
1 5 paolo777.near paolo_lv8
1 5 rendal.near Rinat / @ARIrend
1 5 prikol.near @UsernamSerega
1 5 dixit.near @Dix_rao
1 5 bisharov.near Den / @Den1535
3 1.7 evangel.near ⋈ Evangel S.
1 5 escobarindo.near Aescobar7359
2 3 maks1mk_a.near 𝙼𝚊𝚔𝚜𝟷𝚖𝚔a
1 5 nkk89.near @naveenkandwal
2 3 moska.near @moskalenkoi