[CLOSED] feminu dao funding request july / 2022

DAO/Board Members

*Target: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/feminu-dao.sputnik-dao.near
*Total requested funding amount: 4,300 USD in Near
Our Introduction: [Introduction] FEMINU DAO
To put on great exhibitions, and trainings targeting the community that participates and has affinity with our causes. CIS WOMEN, TRANS PEOPLE, NON-BINARY PEOPLE, AND TRANSVESTITES.
We built the new FEMINU DAO Gallery headquarters in two parcels for free rent, and moved the FEMINU Aquarium in time for the opening on July 10th.
This month we will have a bounty with a total prize pool of 300USD, a course to learn about fundraising that will even benefit other DAOs on the road to sustainability. We will also have 4 exhibitions of Near’s NFTs, all open on July 10th, the date of the building’s inauguration, and whose NFTs, for the most part, will be minted especially for these exhibitions, implying a high number of mintages, a minimum total of 60 Near’s NFTs and a minimum of .
We point out that on the first floor of the Gallery there will be two solo exhibitions by councils Natasha Cremonese and Ghini, to be opened on the opening date of the building on July 10, in a voluntary initiative.

Plan the use of the building with a view to the sustainability of the DAO.

Justification (benefits):

The possibility of having a space that can be up to eight times larger than the previous exhibition space will enable us to create events that can link with private enterprise in order to raise more funds for our project, possibly making our DAO self-sustainable in the medium term.
Exhibitions are the main form of dissemination of art. When it comes to NFTs, we need to keep in mind that they will soon represent one of the most important vehicles for the art trade.
It is estimated that in a few years every person on the planet will have at least one work of art on NFTs, representing an extremely significant trading volume within blockchains.
Therefore, NFTs art is a market that is only likely to grow.

We highlight the Essences and Origins exhibition for promoting the development of a network that makes members feel supported and represented, especially black artists. By creating this network and providing support, the likelihood of these members becoming future assets in NEAR and even small investors becomes high.
Another very important highlight of this month is the release of the FEMINU DAO brand sharing what DAO is, how it came about and its mission,having a concern for fundraising being the first step towards our self-sustainability.
The DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are independent communities that have proliferated in the virtual universe. However, as virtual social organizations, fundraising is still a challenge. With this in mind we will conduct a course on fundraising.








Board Activities:
Meet weekly to build and organize the DAO.
Write, correct, evaluate proposals, and submit to the forum.
Respond to questions, and comments on the forum, as well as calls to the inbox.
Re(organize) the INTERNATIONAL FEMINU EXHIBITION, as well as contacting possible partners.
To look for and plan movements that bring self-sustainability to the DAO.

Timeline: 7 - 30 JULY



USD 200 in NEAR to be paid to najunft.near
USD 200 in NEAR to be paid to mayramendes.near
USD 100 in NEAR to be paid to 5 artists ( USD 20 each)



USD 100 in NEAR payable to macieira.near for bounty organization
USD 100 in NEAR payable to ghini.near for design and exhibition assembly

USD 50 in Near - popular vote
USD 250 in Near - curator’s choice (150 + 100)
PS1: The prize amount is already budgeted within the project value and will be the responsibility of the producers to make the payments between July 26 to 30th.
PS2: HASH OF PAYMENT: Near (price of the day the money enters the DAO)

FUNDRAISING WORKSHOP - 500 usd in near

450 usd in near giogoretti.near Ministrant
50 usd in near natashacremoneseartista.near introduction of the lecturer and help with writing the application and report
ghini.near introduction of the lecturer and help with writing the application and report at no cost

CURATORSHIP: 500USD in Near to ghini.near for the curation

Meta architectural work of the 1000m2 building: volunteer


USD 100 in NEAR payable to micheltavares.near
Call the attendees (Twitter, Instagram and Discord, on the bidders’ personal profiles).
Research the songs and record set for event.
Set up the recording set.

USD 150 in NEAR payable to isadanoninho.near
Make poster for exhibition.
Call participants (Twitter, Instagram and Discord, on the proponents’ personal profile).
Edit video of the set.
Set up the space at the Feminu Aquarium.
Technical support at the event.


Ghini 430 USD
Nathi 430 USD
Mayra 430 USD


Estimate at least 10 people participating in the Fundraising course
There will be more than 60 nfts minted in our store.
We already have more than 787 views on the inauguration bounty, which leads us to believe that we will have the bounty topic with at least 1000 views by the end of the month.
On social media we estimate more than 2000 people reached
More than 5 posts on instagram and facebook
Hold more than 3 exhibitions during the month, having more than 100 visitors.



Hi @Ghini, thank you for the proposal

To make sure the community can easily follow the proposal, can you please include the budget proposed for each small proposals so that the information can be organized in one place?


Thank you so much @williamx for letting me know . It was a copy paste error. I will edit it right now. Have a nice day.


Hi there @Ghini, thank you for the proposal.

Right now in the proposal, funds are not distributing to community but many goes to council’s wallet (which I raised the concern from last month proposal). And some other tasks below that I believe it should belong to council work, not charged separatedly:

For this:

It’s also part of council work to get the T-shirts done if you propose this as part of monthly proposal. $400/$700 (>57%) for the proposers’s work to get T-shirt done in a proposal solely for T-shirt is not reasonable, too.

Another thing is:

This also a duplication for me.

To sum up, your proposal is heavily focus on paying work for a team of council without fairly distribution to community. Could you please revise the proposal so that it is more align with the guideline?

Thank you!

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Boy, since where?
Besides having to go to post office, create the artwork for the productions, put it on sale?

Either we are not speaking the same language, or I don’t know.


Giovana can’t write proposal, we will be with her writing the proposal of her project, organizing the dates of the event, I didn’t understand her implication with this part of the project.


Here is the description of the councils’ work. I believe it is possible that you have learned about.
I have read it and I believe that maybe you are making a mistake, could you correct me with a post like this one, that proves your questioning, which in the face of my work seems very unfair.

I would sincerely appreciate it if you could enlighten me here so that in the future I too will not make the same mistake.


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Did you read the proposal or did you just take the total amount and put it here ?
Alias Fran is not council

  • Planning/writing meeting 9pm to 9:35pm

Project execution meetings and planning for advertising and selling the products / pricing/ text/ sharing

Budget with several companies until you find the most cost effective place for t-shirt production

Advertising/ insta publicity/ whatsapp groups

Feasibility/Budgets of Stickers and Flyers in different printers to complement as gifts in the final package of the post office

See cost Final packaging + Shipping for all over Brazil.

Time and displacement to the cities post offices.

Commercial Logistics

Estimate 40 to 50 T-shirts, define according to the best budget presented

Estimate 500 stickers /500 flyers + product shipping

Sales price formation for each product, profit margin, reserve margin

Formatting the logo file as requested by the printer

Sizes S M G

around 28 USD the sales price + freight abroad

In Brazil 150 reais each shirt.

Thank you soo much,


Hey @williamx thank you for your comments. I think we can come to a consensus, but please, first, can you tell me:

  • How many hours of work a council should work for the community?

  • Please link a council that made all the answers in a bounty with 150 replies, 1,1k views, 676 likes as I did, which is neither council nor curator’s work. (about 8 hours of work) You may check my replies there, but probably it will take at least half an hour of reading.

  • Please link a council or curator that has made the promotion on his personal instagram as I did together with @macieira that posted on Twitter (marketing is neither a curator nor a council job). I send 50 whatsapp and have noticed my 1278 followers in instagram (about 3 hours of work, or more in total), and we managed to get more than 300 people (only on Sunday) to visit Near’s 80 NFTs in 3 exhibitions in the Inauguration of the FEMINU DAO Gallery. The success of the event already shows its numbers.

  • How many proposals have you already approved that reached this number of visibility to the Near NFTs and the name of Near, in one month? Please link bellow.

  • Please show me a council or a curator that has done that in one single month and I will gladly give up my payment as a council of FEMINU DAO for July.

  • Please link a curator who has exhibited 80 Near NFTs in one month, in one big event (Inauguration of the FEMINU DAO Gallery)? (meet some of the artists, organize, create the design and finally assembly the exhibition - took not less then 20 hours of work)

  • Please link a council or curator that has done a meta architectural job that worths around thousands of dolars, receiving nothing for it? That beautiful building with almost 1000m2 was done by me and took me about 20 hours and this is also not curatorial or council work.

  • I worked in the first 10 days of the month around 50 hours for the community because I did not receive any payment for that until now and had no confirmation that I was going to receive when I did all that, so I have done for the community. Can you please tell the community how many hours have you worked as a moderator in the same period and how much do you receive for doing that number of hours of work/day?

All these metrics will go to my report but as you are questioning the amount of my payments withou knowing the amount of my work considering a third part of the month and making kind of a misunderstanding about the role of a council, I came gladly tell you that what I have proposed and already done wich is amost 80% of my proposals is not the work of a council, but I can list what I have done as a council if you consider it necessary to do that before the report time.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! I am looking forward to receive at least one of the links requested above and if these links exist within this forum, I will give up all my requests for payment in FEMINU DAO for July and “distribute” it as you suggest, although I don’t think this is the intention of the Near Foundation.



Hi @Natashacremonese, thanks for the response. I would like to invite you joining this discussion with mutual respect. Don’t take it personal by using such language

Yes, I have

You believe I didn’t read the proposal?

I didn’t say Alias Fran is a council. What I stated is the budget for the proposers, which mean the one will carry the work.

You didn’t quote the full sentence. And this causes confusion.

I know that it’s hard to receive opinion that doesn’t support you at the moment, however please do focus on the proposal and what are being discussed. Please don’t take it personal.


This is already the info from this proposal, why did you copy and paste it here? Please focus what being raised

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Hi Natasha,

The concerns raised by William are to

  1. understand the distribution of funding
  2. To understand why the activities that are a part of council work to be charged separately.

It’ll be better to answer the questions and not take things personally.

Everyone is working hard here. Some of the mods are taking calls at 3am just to ensure they are in the loop of information.

Just like you guys most of the memebrs we speak to and know personally do a 12+ hour work day to ensure their community is running well.

Reading and replying to 70+ proposals is not easy specially with language highlighted. It’s condescending and shouldn’t be used to solve issues.


Boy, since where?
Besides having to go to post office, create the artwork for the productions, put it on sale?

Either we are not speaking the same language, or I don’t know.

Please understand that these things are asked so the whole community is on the same page.

Please be respectful in your approach just as other mods are being with you :pray:


Peace @Natashacremonese

Just wanted to jump in here to add that I don’t believe researching the pricing details to create t-shirts or formatting your logo for printing is worth more than the costs of creating the products themselves, especially if you are planning on making a profit off of them.

It also seems a bit unclear as to how much funding is actually needed to make these products and how many products will be produced.

I can see a project management fee, preferably given to folks who are not council, coming along with this if there will be labor of shipping but, again, it doesn’t seem to add up that planning the products costs more than the actual creation of the products.


@williamx, I am sorry about this. It should not have happened. I apologize on behalf of @Natashacremonese

@cryptonaut @adrianseneca

I would like to make a few points.
What happened reinforces my idea that it is not healthy to have the same moderator evaluating the same DAO in consecutive months. It often leads to a certain amount of stress, which in no way justifies taking things personally, but it is possible to avoid major confrontations.
It is clear that apparently you understand that councils should not make proposals, however, this is a decision that is up to each DAO and the amount of councils with proposals in the system is infinitely significant. Why is only FEMINU being questioned?
What worries us the most, however, is the need for consistency in the moderators’ evaluation, which doesn’t seem to be happening as the FEMINU DAO is questioned about the distribution of funds and also about who exactly does what work (@naju´s proposal) and yet, for two months in a row the VN Artists DAO has made proposals without specifying not only who does what, but mainly, to which wallets the fund will be allocated. This seems to me totally against the fundamental principle that governs our ecosystem, which is transparency. One can’t see in the proposals of this DAO any of the questionings that are made to FEMINU by @williamx, council of the VN Artists DAO, who in our opinion could not demand what he himself doesn’t do in his DAO, as well as the other moderators who approved such proposals without any questioning. About this issue we are waiting for a position and, if it is the case, to revert the approval of the July proposal, or condition it to the information that should be included there so that we know who is doing what work and to which portfolios the incentive is being destined.
What is also making us curious is the fact that we are receiving questions about the concentration of funds for councils and at the same time seeing the following payments in Astro for the wallets williamxx.near:
300USD - accounting work (council work)

200USD - for hosting community call (May) (council work)

100USD - Conducting community calls (July) (council work)

The above items clearly refer to work to be done by councils. Very different from a work of organization and production of assets that would be destined to the sustainability of the DAO, with extra transport costs and considerable execution time, for example. Still, regarding the T-shirt proposal, we will elaborate in more details and return next month when we expect it to be approved. Therefore, we will readjust the amounts above and the total budget will now be 4,300USD, and we wait for your support so that FEMINU can continue to do the significant work in the community that it has been done.



Hi @Ghini, happy to answer your concern.

As you can see our proposals are mainly competitions and bounties, so the target wallet can’t be determined before, that’s why we include that in the monthly report:

Great that you bring it here so I can invite you to do the same:

In may & july, we did charge for 50$/call, however after seeing the new guidelines, we dismissed it in July proposal, I also learn that and have canceled the proposal for that, but still hosting community call as usual :beers:

Totally agree here, so that’s why we changed it. And for this month, we also host private calls to help artists mint NFT without asking for rewards:

And hosting an online workshop: From Binance to NEAR, also, there’s no charge for instructor, too, do you think that’s also considerable execution time?

And for this:

Last month we conduct a workshop in Hanoi, which is 1150km far from Ho Chi Minh city (we all councils of VAD there). And we also don’t ask for any transportation/hotel/extra cost for that, because we believe if we bring up a proposal and really want to do that for the DAO, so our responsibility is trying to save resource and try to complete the proposal that we brought:

So, I’m also happy to deliver some clarification. So basically every extra stuff related to council work (hosting call, instruct artists, curation of bounties, competition…) we all changed that and never ask for extra fee in July to make sure it follow the guidelines, hosting online workshop with no costs (no instructor fee), conduct offline workshop in other city with no cost (No travel ticket, no hotel, no gas, no fee to find a suitable place to host, all those thing we deduct directly to the council work: flight ticket, accommodation, etc.). Yah, thing is much easy now so I can invite you to do the same, to follow the updated guidelines, which was published at the end of June here: [GUIDE] How to submit a funding proposal to Creatives DAO


About this:

Just want to note that all moderators participate in the reviewing process of all DAOs, so don’t worry, your proposal is being review by all creatives mod, not only me.


@williamx very grateful for your explanations . I am happy to know that there was this change in your proposals for the next month. We at FEMINU never charge for these services.
We would like, then, to request a new appreciation considering that the proposal has been modified no longer presenting any reason for its rejection. Thank you all @creativesdao-council for your support in advance and we look forward to your approval.


Hi Ghini,

Majority of the mods have voted against this months proposals for various reasons.

  1. Funds distribution being unclear

  2. Unfair distribution to black artists in the proposals

  3. Fees being charged separately for activities which are council responsibilities.

We’d request you to please change the next months proposal in line with the feedback shared and we’d be more than happy to review it again.


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Hey Sahil! Could you please clear up to me:

  1. wich proposal has unclear funds distribuition?
  2. Why the learning is not considered a value for the black artists proposal?
  3. What fees are you refering?
    Thank you ,
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@adrianseneca Hey Adrian!
I’m here trying to understand why even withdrawing the proposal that was considered outside the Creatives guidelines, our overall proposal was still refused, as it presents important achievements for the community as well as for the FEMINU DAO, such as the course on fundraising to be taught by an internationally renowned researcher (Giovana Goretti), the bounty (Brazilian Colors) that was one of the most popular of the last few weeks in the Forum, featuring almost forty NFTs exhibited in a wonderful exhibition that took Near’s name and minted arts to over three hundred people at Voxels, as well as another exhibition that was the Essences and Origins proposal one of the few to give visibility to black artists in this ecosystem. All this is not being considered and I can’t understand exactly why. Could you please review our proposal and give us your opinion?
I would also like to understand why proposals are not specifically vetoed without harming a whole collective work. Maybe it could be a little fairer and more respectful to DAOs that, like FEMINU, have only brought gains to the entire ecosystem.
Thank you very much for your attention.

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General Report

Project Name: FEMINU DAO Founding Request July 22

Project Status: Concluded but not approved





Members that left the DAO:


Member Added: biancavictal.near

Loja: FEMINU on Mintbase

Astrodao: feminu-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Success metrics achieved in July:

- New mints in the Mintbase Near blockchain - 71 new NFTs
- Newcomers - 7 onboardings
- Engagement in the Forum: Bounty with 1.2k views, almost 700 likes and over 150 replies
- Visibility to the Near blockchain - 311 people at the opening

Store Metrics:

Date: July 3rd July 27th % increased
Minted: 1789 2293 28%
Owners: 45 75 66,6%
Minters: 53 87 64%

Regardless of the non-approval of July, the inauguration of the FEMINU DAO Gallery and the proposals that were part of this event were all successfully performed on schedule, contributing to the metrics achieved.


1 - [Proposal] - Essences and Origins - concluded but not approved

Essences and Origins

Success metrics achieved:

Production of 4 flyers (en and port) and one video to publicize the Near blockchain through the exhibition.

Onborded Artists: 4 new near wallets

Karen - tupypindo.near

Kevelyn - kelveira.near

Rafael - raffagomes.near

Silvania - silvaniacosta.near

2 - Bounty: inauguration of the new FEMINU Gallery building

Report: The bounty went very well. There were some onboardings, lots of interaction among the community, and we received some amazing art. The inauguration of the FEMINU DAO building and party was a success and more than 300 people attended.

Success metrics achieved:

- New mints: 35 NFTs (all of them exhibited in the Brazilian Colors Exhibition)
- Engagement in the Forum: Bounty with 1.2k views, almost 700 likes and over 150 replies

3 - [Proposal] Festa Junina - Brazilian Culture - voluntary work

Original Post: Report

Success metrics achieved:

- Production of 1 flyer to publicize the Near blockchain through the exhibition.
- Number of new mints: 16 NFTs

4 - Curating proposal for FEMINU DAO art events in July 22


Curatorial work is a great way of increasing the visibility and providing new minted NFTs on the Near network and encouraging engagement and sales on the blockchain. This is proved in the success metrics as follows:

Success metrics achieved:

- New mints exhibited in the 3 exhibitions - 71NFTs
- Visibility to the Near blockchain - 311 people at the opening of the Inauguration event

Next steps:

- to do more 3XR exhibitions concurrently with the Voxels Exhibitions
- continue to bring more nearcomers to interact with the DAO and help them with their proposals and engage in the community
- establish at least one solo exhibition by a non-binary, trans or cis artist prominent in the community
- to keep our community united by our purposes and values, which will lead the direction of our bylaws