[REPORT] - First Funding FEMINU DAO


DAO/Council Members


*Target: [CONCLUDE] First Founding FEMINU DAO [[APPROVED] First Founding FEMINU DAO]

*Total Requested Funding Amount: 2.000 USD in NEAR

Our Introduction: [Introduction] FEMINU DAO

As the opening of FEMINU DAO we have had an amazing month!


We started the organization of the DAO and the planning of the International FEMINU.

We also introduced FEMINU Dao on social media. (Instagram, Twitter and Discord), as well as, started the development of the official FEMINU website, which will be released next month!!! It’s been a great time for us!

We also created the FEMINU store on Mintbase, where future artists are invited to mint their artwork.

In addition, as planned, we started the planning of the FEMINU International Exhibition, establishing the registration parameters, setting dates and deadlines, defining the activities that will integrate the exhibition, such as: guided tours, live online events, educational videos, activities on social networks like Twitter and ClubHouse, etc., as well as contacting possible sponsors, preparing proposals and all the necessary pre-project for the realization of FEMINU International.

For more details see below what we have accomplished in APRIL:

1 - FEMINU DAO - Visual Map, Visual Presentation of the Feminu Dao Manifesto, Material that will be used for presentation and will also be minted in the FEMINU DAO store in the future - 416,66 USD in Near/DAI.

2 - Video Pills FEMINU DAO - 566.66 USD in Near/DAI

3 - FEMINU MANIFEST 416,66 in Near/DAI

4 - Council work 600 USD.

Each of our council members will receive the amount of 200 USD making a total of 600 USD in Near/DAI

Financial Movements

This month we had some problems receiving the funds. Part of the learning process, but we could manage to make all the proposals perfectly well.


We had an amazing Marketing Work, where all the artists of past FEMINU started to integrate our instagram page, as well as 3 videos by/about three artists were made spreading the words of FEMINU.


We learned a lot about how a DAO can work, also learning about the possibilities of sharing functions, and learning from each other.

Next Steps

We are really happy to announce the release of the FEMINU website this month, and present the new projects to the coming months!

We are planning to integrate more with other DAOs, so that our FEMINU International Exhibition can have partnerships.

For May, we have 8 new proposals coming up to integrate the Near community.

Get ready because FEMINU is definitely coming!