[Introduction] FEMINU DAO



Hello Near Community!

In parallel with the FEMINU exhibition, which opened on March 8, 2022 at Museum.xyz at Cryptovoxels, we are starting our own DAO, FEMINU DAO.

FEMINU is being the first exhibition in the NFT world to give visibility to cis women, trans women, non-binary and transvestite Brazilian artists with idealization and curation by Ghini.

It is an exhibition that came to celebrate the feminine in all its diversity and now has a next goal which is to hold the " FEMINU International " covering artists from all over the world, giving visibility to those who have few opportunities to exhibit their work in the physical world as well as in the NFT universe.

FEMINU DAO intends to provide training for artists, sharing information, experiences with the community, promoting opportunities, learning and growth possibilities for artists.

Respecting the flow of creative experiences of each Dao member, and the participants of the trainings, activities and exhibitions. Committing to the deadlines and the community.

Social Counterpart: construction and realization of an edict of acquisition of goods (computers), for artists in social vulnerability, and who are without equipment to work.

Quadrimestral Plan:


Organization of the DAO and planning of the International FEMINU.

Introduce Dao on social media. (Instagram, Twitter and Discord), as well as, start the development of the official FEMINU website.

Creating the FEMINU store on Mintbase, where future artists can mint their artwork.

Planning of the FEMINU International Exhibition, establishing the registration parameters, setting dates and deadlines, defining the activities that will integrate the exhibition, such as: guided tours, live online events, educational videos, activities on social networks like Twitter and ClubHouse, etc., as well as contacting possible sponsors, preparing proposals and all the necessary pre-project for the realization of FEMINU International.

Planning and structuring of a call for proposals to acquire goods for artists in vulnerability (material offered: computers, which will be delivered via mail)


Official launch of the website.

Beginning of the national and international Onboarding for Mintbase in the FEMINU Store.

Disclose the rules for submissions (05/10/2022 to 05/30/2022), open the submissions (05/30/2022 to 06/12/2022) and start receiving the submissions (05/30/2022 to 06/12/2022) and selection.

Disclosure of the public notice of acquisition of material goods for artists in vulnerability.

All disclosures will be made from the social networks and on the official website of FEMINU.


Finalize the Onboarding process on 06/05/2022.

Publish the list of selected artists for the exhibition (forecast 06/19/2022) on social networks and FEMINU’s official website.

Publish the list of selected artists for the acquisition tender (forecast 06/19/2022) on FEMINU’s official website.

Prepare the curatorship and start the assembly of the exhibition.

Official launch of the Exhibition (publicity, marketing, date and time, attractions)


Opening of FEMINU International on July 10, 2022. Party/vernissage with live DJ performances.

Exhibition Closing (July 25, 2022)

Post-launch begins the last week of July.



Ghini is a traditional, digital and NFT artist, metacurator, metaarchitect and poet.

NFT exhibitions: New York (NFT.NYC 21), Art Basel Miami Week 21; Cryptovoxels Metaverse Exhibitions: BrazucasNFT, Las Roccas by Ghini, Ghini’s Warriors FEMINU Exhibition;

Physical artworks exhibited in Museums in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Lithuania.

Curated: BrazucasNFT, which exhibited over 120 Brazilian NFT artists and FEMINU, which exhibited 60 cis women, trans women, non-binary and transvestite Brazilian artists, both at Museum.xyz in Cryptovoxels.

This year she will publish her first book of poems.


Natasha Cremonese, is an Art teacher/Art Educator, by training, graduated by UNINTER, studying Post-Graduation in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture.

Cultural Producer. She teaches in public and private schools, as well as in social projects, had proposals approved in Near in Marketing Dao, and Daos which is also part of Gambiarra Dao 1 and Metaverse Dao 1.



Thais de Almeida Prado is a filmmaker, multidisciplinary artist and actress; she holds an MA in Film Studies (2014) and a BA in Theatre Direction (2004), both at the University of SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil.

Thais’ work permeates the interdisciplinary boundaries between film, performance, dance, theater, visual arts, music and literature, often working in collaboration with other artists.

During the pandemic, Thais’ also participated in several online projects with her audiovisual works. She was part of several artistic residencies in different countries, making individual or collective creations, highlighting her performance in Greenaway’s Tulse Luper Suitcases exhibition.


This is for sure one of the most important moments of my life as an artist and professor, woman and peripheral. I am very grateful! You are amazing.


congrats, I am really happy for you all! <3
keep doing this amazing work <3


Congrats, @Ghini, @Natashacremonese and @filmesdeinfiltracao! Feminu was an wonderful and super successful exhibition and has everything to be an awesome DAO! :smiley:
Hope hearing more about it.


Dear friend @Natashacremonese, surely this is also for me one of the most important and significant moments of my life. Immense gratitude for being together. Thank you dear <3




@pinkalsky thank you very much for your support my friend!


:heart: i liked this is !!! thank you Ghinii! My friend i love u​:heart:


@thephilosopher very grateful for all the learning and everything we have done together my friend and your support at this moment means a lot to me.


Always, my friend. Very glad with this development.
<3 This is a DAO that is missing.


Congrats @Ghini @Natashacremonese @filmesdeinfiltracao


Thank you soo much!!


This is a great moment! Feminu BR is really an important event, that gathered amazing artists and created a real community! As part of it, I celebrate this DAO and am sure that the next steps will empower more and more artists and also make history!!
sending the best vibes!!


I love FEMINU <3

I was just thinking, maybe it makes more sense to associate with the INADAO instead of creating a very very similar one? @tabear wdyt???


Contrats @ghini @Natashacremonese You’re changing our world. You all deserve honors. Thank you for making things happen and help me with my process and all of artists.


thank you soo much!!!


Awesome idea, @Ghini feel free to connect with INA DAO, TG handle is here Telegram: Contact @inadao :slight_smile:


@Ghini has told me she believes Feminu needs its own dao… Might be interesting to make a meeting - because to my understanding it is about the same idea: supporting women of every kind to enter the ecosystem and learn together. learning by doing


And it is not just learning, but also to build creative projects together. Brazilian artists women need a DAO to look for them and help them build creative projects together. The fact they are also building educational projects means not they are educational, but that they are fulfilling a request at the tiering system soon before this is requested from them. To have an educational role within itself is essential for ALL Creative DAOs in order for them to progress on the tiering system.


Thank you, Your support will be awesome!!!