[Proposal] VN Artists DAO x Writer’s Guild Collaboration: Themed: Bookmarks

This is part of VN Artists Dao June Funding Request (Overview)


  • Create a broader activity for not only VAD members but also #writers-guild members & whole NEAR members in general
  • Create a collab to strengthen the bonding between DAOs/Guilds in the NEAR ecosystem

Method to implement:

Theme of collaboration: Bookmarks, consists of 2 parts:

  • About Writer’s Guild side: The Writer’s Guild will create a bounty: "Quote a sentence that you love and write your thoughts about it" - Max 500 words

    • The bounty will runs for 7 days before 17 June (TBD between 2 DAOs after getting fund)

    • VAD councils & Writer’s guild councils will choose 10 winners, each receive $25

  • About VN Artists DAO: we will conduct an offline workshop to do bookmarks that contains chosen sentences on the bounty and mint them on our Mint-base store, to create an art collection of June.

    • Expected number of participants: 20
    • Venue: Ha Noi, Vietnam (Capital city) After the successful workshop in HCMC, we expected this to be hosted in Ha Noi because we have active DAO members in Hanoi & to expan the coverage of our image in the North of Vietnam.
    • Expecte time: 3 hours - June 18, 2022

Travel expenses for councils will be deducted in the council works and should not be proposed seperately here.

Metrics to measure success:

  • Writing entries in bounty

  • Bookmarks in workshop

  • New artworks to be minted on VAD’s Store

  • New number of members to Join VAD TG

  • Social media impact for VAD and Writer’s Guild


No. Name Budget ($)
1 - Rewards for bounty: $25 * 10 = $250 250
2 - Guest judges from Writer’s Guild 100
3 - Workshop venue for 3 hours 100
4 - Materials for participants including papers, water colors, dried flowers, equipments & instructors - $20/person: $20 * 20 = $400 400
5 - Publications & posters 100
6 - Onboarding cards with VAD logo & Linkdrop QR to be used in workshop: $5/cards*20 = $100 100
Total 1050

Cc: @Dedeukwu @Oblakofficialss @AshleyC @bagadefente @gabrielaabreu @beet93 @pinkalsky @gabrielfelipejacomel

Link to the whole (Overview Proposals): [Proposal] VN Artists Dao – June- 2022 Funding Request (Overview)