[REPORT] MAY Monthly Report - VN Artists DAO

Project Name: VN Artists DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Project members:




Balance: Current account balance: 29.94N

Astrodao: vn-artists-dao.sputnik-dao.near


1. VAD Workshop: Experience creating NFT through making scented candles

Original post:

The workshop went successfully with amazing bonding between members. In the frame of 3 hours, we introduced VAD and its activities, made scented candles with participants & showed the way to mint an NFT.

The workshop has been sponsored to be promoted for free on Ybox.vn - a high-quality opportunity channel for youth in Vietnam.

And among participants, we’re delighted to welcome Miss Eco Vietnam 2022 H’Cuc Eban to join us as an honored guest.

About her:

Due to the restrictions on the publication of her image, she joined the event privately & in a personal manner, so we don’t have any news being promoted. However, we believe this is a very good sign for us to continue creating events to connect people from different backgrounds.

Actual number of participants: 16

Event time: 14:00 GMT+7 21 May 2022

Venue: 65 Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, TP.HCM

Some images of the workshop:

2. VN Artists DAO X Filipino Artist Guild Cross Culture Activity

Original post:

The activity went successfully with the participation of members of both DAOs.

FAG’s post:

VAD’s post:

Result: 10 artworks from both sides have been cross-voted by FAG & VAD councils:

From Filipino Artist Guild: @Jrbemint @cedrick.near @Nardart @Jlord06 @louietism

From VN Artists DAO: @nambnart @QiRen @agnesba @Amee_fan @Roxy

The event created mutual understanding of culture between Vietnam and The Philippines, we were amazed by how detailed it is in the eyes of artists when you reflect them into artworks. Thank you everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners of the event!

Astro payment for the winners:

3. Vietnamese Artist DAO May featuring collection

Original post

There were 240 NFTs minted on our Mintbase Store since establishment. Among those minted during May activities, 3 featuring artworks of the month were voted by DAO members who completed simple verification.

Link to the Store: VN Artists DAO on Mintbase

First Prize: Philippines Festival on Mintbase (qirenn.near)

Second Prize: Filipinos Dance on Mintbase (agnesba.near)

Third Prize: Relaxation on Mintbase (thanhtuyen95.near)

Rewards sent:


  • 51 members on Telegram for the first month

  • 240 NFTs minted/27 minters on Mintbase store

  • 4 community calls made with the strong bond of 4-8 members

  • 1 offline workshop successfully organized

  • 1 cross-culture event with Filipino Artist Guild made successfully


  • Should propose activities & rewards in USD (instead of NEAR) to avoid price loss

  • Simple verification for members is needed for activities

  • We can reduce the number of community calls from 4 calls to 2 calls/month as the content of each call is not heavy.

  • We have tested to swap and transfer $USN via cfc, however, the process is not smooth & quite hard to control errors, so we decided to use an external DAO wallet to swap and transfer back to DAO treasury in June.

Accounting (Still to be paid out):

  • Council work 300$ (WilliamX)

Next Steps:

  • This month, we expand cross DAO/Guilds collaboration in Vietnam by cooperating with NFT NEAR Việt Nam, a group of nearly 1000 members to activate Vietnamese creative activities inside NEAR Ecosystem.

  • Continue to expand community interaction through workshops & themed activities

  • Continue working to spread the words though medias & activities

  • Focus on cross DAOs/Guilds collaboration to introduce Vietnamese Artists to the space and onboard new members

  • Aim for 75 members on TG and 30% of conversion rate to active members on every activity


hey! ) great report! so now i have much better understanding of VN Artists DAO :slight_smile:

could you share your experience of mechanics here, how is it performing?



Hi @johanga, thank you so much. This is a simple form we use as an example of community DAO to get to know our members.

There’s also more professional process adopted by KYCDAO here that I have learned form Community DAO: Google Forms: Sign-in

Context: Telegram: Contact @communityDAO