[GUIDE] How to submit a funding proposal to Creatives DAO

Creatives DAO is a community of communities made up of creators building on NEAR.

We support on-chain communities through the following process:

Become part of the Creatives DAO

  1. Introduction: Forum post where the Guild / on-chain community explains its purpose and presents its members.
  1. Filling the following form applying to be included in the Creatives DAO.

Propose a funding request

  1. Create a forum proposal within the first 7 days of the month you are applying

The proposal should include:

  • Funding breakdown,
  • If applicable - community members who will be engaged in the activity,
  • Metrics of success,
  • Value generation.

Funding & proposal structure

Please follow the guidelines when submitting your monthly report and proposal - keeping it clear, simple, and detailed so that it can be reviewed easily. Please create a separate forum post for each project of your DAO and link it to the monthly budget. Use USD values for the proposals.




In Post:

Project/Council Members:





Funding Scheme: Monthly/One-off

Total Requested Funding Amount:

Projects & Timelines:

[summary of all Guild/DAO ongoing or new creative projects and the breakdown of the funding requested per project; please link to previous Guild/DAO approved posts with additional project details as these projects must be already voted through the appropriate council before funding can be requested from the Creatives DAO]

Metrics to measure success:

Suggested Metrics for Creatives DAO grant proposals

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

  1. Filling the following form applying for funding from the Creatives DAO.

Final funding steps

If the proposal is approved, then you have the moderators as trusted backers that have given their approval using their specialized discretion in filtering the most appropriate proposals. If rejected by the moderators, you may still propose your proposal to the council for potential approval without the backup of the moderators but will need to recruit votes from 30% of the DAOs by validating your reasoning as to why your proposal should be approved even with its current rejected status.

  1. Create a poll in the Creatives DAO, linking to the forum link of the approved proposal within it:

  1. The Creatives DAO Council will approve or reject the poll.

  2. Once the poll has been voted on, please start the payout process by filling out this form. You will then receive an email to start your KYC (Know your customer) process and once confirmed, a “reward agreement” to receive the tokens.

Please note that this last step is not in the Creative’s hands, therefore we are not able to give an insight on timelines or delays.

For more details, please check [New Process] Community Payouts!

After receiving funding

  1. After funding is received, if received by an individual, the funding should be sent directly to the DAOs wallet for decentralized decision making around the allocation of funds. Once funds are distributed and proposals are realized, it is expected to receive a full report of the funding spent and achievements resulting.
  • NF has made it a requirement for receivers to take on the legal liability of funds received. At this moment, individuals are allowed to KYC and take on liability as representatives of their DAO. This is a great immediate solution but not a long term system we should maintain. As we move forward as an organization, Creatives DAO would like to reach a point where all DAOs being funded are legally wrapped to ensure systems of decentralization and protect Creatives DAO in the event that we transition into directly funding DAOs (rather than NF directly funding DAOs). Because of this, DAOs are advised to register for Legal Wrapper in the near future to prepare for these transitions.


  • Recently on-boarded Guilds can request up to $2000 USD per month. On receipt of a well-documented report of the first month of funding and clear intent, for the second month, the DAO can apply for up equivalent USD $3,000. After 2 months of funding with reports, having established itself in the community, the DAO can be considered for the $5,000 tier of funding and for a place on the Creatives DAO council with voting rights.

  • Council members can use 30% of total requested funds as a reward for their time and engagement in monthly DAO Management, 70% should go directly to the community or for building tools. If any activity is being managed by a community member (not one of the council) then a member has a right to request 30% (maximum) of the total requested amount for a particular project of the DAO.

  • Funding proposal should contain attached report for the previous month

  • Costs for social media should be requested directly to the Marketing DAO, or a DAO can use free marketing opportunities in the CreativesDAO ecosystem, presented below: [RESOURCES] Promote your project

  • Proposals shared or forms filled after the 7th of the month will not be considered

  • Monthly report should be submitted before the next funding request

  • DAO should respond to the provided metrics from the beginning of the month in order to show their progress

  • Councils of more than 2 DAOs will not receive council fee for the third DAO

  • Replies with approval or rejection can be expected before the 15th day of the month

Thank you very much for your input from all of us Creative Moderators. If you have any questions you can also reach us on telegram, or on our Discord server.

Provided guide shouldn’t be treated as a strict form of writing proposals and reporting, however, we strongly recommend sticking with the provided above the considerations.